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Title: Don't hesitate for Mizuno MP 59 irons
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From: USA
Registered: 02/23/2012
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(Date Posted:05/18/2012 00:13:10)
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If you asked a room full of golfers "Who makes the best irons?", Mizuno would be one of the most frequent answers. The company has developed a strong reputation in the industry and among golfers for making great mizuno mp 59 irons because of its patented Grain Flow Forged process. And if you've ever hit a Mizuno before, you've felt the difference.

Few things in the golf equipment world puzzle me more than the reality that Mizuno isn’t the single biggest name in irons. Don’t get me wrong, we have seen some positively brilliant irons over the last couple of seasons from Titleist, Adams, and several others, but if you want to talk absolute class across an entire lineup, with enough unique designs to satisfy all ability levels and “suits your eye” preferences, nobody…and I mean nobody else in the industry delivers like Mizuno.

While the mizuno mp-59 is made from steel, 12 grams of titanium are forged into a pocket behind the face of each club. (It's the slightly darker material in the photo above.) Mizuno says the titanium allows the clubs to maintain the ideal amount of thickness behind the impact area for solid feel while automatically redistributing the weight to the heel, toe and sole of the club.

The Mizuno MP-59 Iron features a lightweight Titanium insert forged directly into the back of the clubhead. The thicker Ti Muscle material behind impact ensures that the centre of gravity is located closer to the clubface, which allows better players the ability to work shots whilst still offering the forgiveness of the cavity-back design.

Beautifully finished, the mp59 performed extremely well. The flight was consistent and the initial launch was high through the set. Headshape was excellent although this design was slightly ‘toe deep’ giving it a bulkier look. The blade was quite long, but this is ideal for the majority of players looking for a muscle-back with forgiveness. 
mizuno mx300
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From: USA
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RE:Don't hesitate for Mizuno MP 59 irons
(Date Posted:05/18/2012 00:13:53)

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