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Title: golf clubs
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(Date Posted:10/03/2010 21:13:31)
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There is a conception of golf among people that golf is a game involves gentlemen with glimmering golf equipment hitting their white balls into the small hole to make the most scores and win. If you think so, I can tell you that this is the main reason that leads to many amateur golfers’ injuries which could have been prevented. The matter of fact is that a golfer should understand how his or her own body reacts to every move or swing, and they should also know how to perform these moves correctly. A golfer has to condition themselves before playing a game and understand the right body mechanics and the right way to every move that he or she will be performing. Or else, he or she will certainly suffer the pain of different types of injuries during the game. Sometimes, the using of the wrong equipment or that with poor quality also could lead to a serious injury. That means not that the discount golf equipment is a wrong choice. Even with a set of Callaway X-24 Hot irons, you also could hurt for you have picked up the wrong one. In golf there are different types of injuries that any golfer can experience in their career; knowing these injuries could somehow help you prevent them in the future. Thus, it is good to have a brief understanding about some common golf injuries: Back Injuries: There are different types of back injuries in golf: sprain, strain, lower back pain, herniated disks, backaches and stress. Again, all of these can be prevented with proper body mechanics, proper body conditioning and observance of proper execution of every move. Shoulder Injuries: Shoulder tendinitis, bursitis and impingement syndrome (which are similar and often occur together) are just some of the common shoulder injuries that a golfer can experience if they won't be careful in playing with the golf clubs. Moreover, other injuries are glenohumeral arthritis, shoulder separation, rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder instability, torn rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). Elbow injuries: Golfer's elbow or medial epicondylitis and the bursitis of the elbow are the most common among all the elbow injuries in golf. These injuries can happen because of repeated use of the muscles of the arm and the forearm. Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis can also occur to any golfer for the same reason of overusing of the said muscle groups. Wrist and Hand Injuries: There are still other injuries caused by overuse of certain body parts, or due to accidents or falls during the game; it can also be due to the usage of poor equipment. Wrist sprains, finger fractures, wrist tendinitis, trigger finger and tenosynovitis are examples of these injuries. Other Pain and Injuries: Aside from what was mentioned above, a golfer can also suffer the pain caused by injuries like delayed-onset-muscle-soreness, knee pain, plantar fasciculitis, sprains, strains, stress fractures and blisters on the hands or feet. Finally, most injuries sustained during playing golf are due to overuse of certain muscle groups or body parts; due to poor body posture and body mechanics; and also due to improper swings and the use of wrong golf equipment. And if you don’t want to make it worse, go to your doctor and follow his advice.
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