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Re :   Wow! this place is still open...Hello and good wishes to any old friends

 I'm surprised it's still up on the web; is someone paying the hosting fees?

06/22/2017 10:36:23


10/06/2014 22:18:21

Topic :   Wow! this place is still open...Hello and good wishes to any old friends

hello and good wishes to any odd bod who passes through this old haunt

11/09/2013 01:47:30

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07/16/2012 00:18:22

Topic :   Lowest Price Plus Free Shipping for Discount Ping K15 Irons! Only$359.99

New Arrivals! Best Sellers! Discount Ping K15 Irons 3-9PS Graphite and Steel Shaft, Regular and Stiff Flex for Sale! Price$359.99! Vast of golf clubs for sale with top brands and top quality!  When it comes to Ping K15 iron, golfers will show their thumb. If you are a golf lover, this is great news for you, because they are in stock now. Great numbers of discount golf clubs in stock. Enjoy them at … larger K15 iron combines a lightweight face with a stainless-steel body to optimize forgiveness and launch conditions. Discount Ping K15 Irons, cheap golf club sets for sale, at lowest price online for you. Buy Discount Ping K15 Irons and enjoy big saving. The Ping K15 Iron Set is a blended set comprised of multi-metal irons and higher launching hybrids.PROSPLAYABILITY: Cuts through the rough well and performs nicely from a variety of lies; gentle draws and fades are possible, but better suited for high, straight shots.ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Very good spin correction across the face on mis-hits, particularly on potential slices; consistently straight on all types of contact.DISTANCE CONTROL: Not overwhelmingly long, but length is consistent throughout the set.FEEL: Provides subtle feedback on mis-hits but is never unpleasant; crisp sensation when struck in the middle of the face; outstanding stability on all shots.LOOK: At address, the sizable back cavity and large sole are well hidden; classic Ping style that many testers like.CONSSome testers feel its trajectory is higher than optimal; a few testers find that overall distance isn't quite as long as they'd like.Discount Ping K15 Irons Reviews: Excellent purchase! The last set I made and have been using for the past several years were said to be Ping knock offs with a titanium face. the K15s have the same face and this is why I chose them. Best choice I ever made. These are the most forgiving irons I have ever hit. My infamous "snap-hook" on par 3 tee shots, have become a slight controllable draw.I can't find anything wrong with these clubs.I had other clubs and used other clubs but these are the best.

07/14/2012 01:30:02

Topic :   'Swing movement Treatments Regarding Extraordinary

Swing movement Treatments Regarding Extraordinary

Trying to find swing movement treatments regarding extraordinary can be a huge a single for some beginner  TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood and also large handicap players. This place brings about the particular dreadful cut, which usually robs an individual regarding length and also accuracy and reliability. Players planning to struck making use of their higher body result in this kind of extraordinary shift.

It could be extremely tough to correct, because the normal behavioral instinct is always to struck the particular basketball along with your chest muscles, in fact, the reduced physique should go initial inside the downswing. That is tough to  Mizuno MP 59 Irons master with out assistance from a training support.

We have encounter a single not too long ago that basically operates! Rather than simply can it treatment the extraordinary swing movement, yet develop durability inside the playing golf muscle groups in which inspire any swing action in which arises from  Mizuno JPX 800 Driver the within, causing a attract, that may boost the length together with each golf club.

When you have a great support that may immediately set the golf club about the right path coming down, it'll be Mizuno MP 63 Irons  difficult ahead straight down coming from extraordinary. Which is just what this kind of education support can. That offers you the proper sense of your appropriate downswing.

07/13/2012 23:30:55

Topic :   Biceps and triceps Inside the Swing movement

Biceps and triceps Inside the Swing movement

A very important factor Now i'm actually experiencing about excursion, and also feel professionally Taylormade Burner Superlaunch Irons  taking care of will be studying the way to utilize the biceps and triceps inside the swing movement. This indicates the present day swing action can be a extremely related, biceps and triceps and also upper body with each other form of swing movement. I've found this kind of helps it be much simpler being steady, and also move with that since tough when you need, rather than struck that "off the particular planet" such as an arms-only swing action would certainly.

Once you consider swing movement relationship, it really is a lot more with the direct, or perhaps still TaylorMade R7 CGB max driver  left provide to get a right-handed playing golf. Nevertheless the proper provide absolutely will come in on the physique (cool) inside the downswing.

I am aware for me personally, my own still left provide lefts my own higher torso straight away inside the takeaway, plus it has to sense comfortable through a lot of the swing movement. The sole area it will not could be at the very top of one's backswing, according TaylorMade Burner SuperFast driver  to when you have an increased provide aircraft, or perhaps more shapely just like Hogan acquired.

When you can consider moving the biceps and triceps will be in the event the certainly are a product along with your physique, not necessarily self-sufficient, you will end up astonished simply how much strength and also uniformity you might have. This indicates counter-intuitive, yet it is not. Test hurling any impact together with merely the provide, next set your system engrossed. What type will be better.

07/13/2012 23:26:08

Topic :   'Playing golf Physical fitness Goods

Playing golf Physical fitness Goods

A really well-known expression about excursion will be playing golf physical fitness and also  TaylorMade R11S Driver once and for all purpose. PGA participants are usually knowing just how crucial it really is to help keep their particular physique inside the finest condition achievable to be able to previous some intense spherical regarding nerve-racking playing golf to produce a dwelling. To keep up a top amount of emphasis, you need to become in good shape. Any time has been the past moment an individual observed a great over weight player profitable about Saturday?

The particular negative factor will be many beginner players will not acquire their particular  Taylormade R11S Fairway Wood video game significant adequate to be able to set about any playing golf fitness routine. Several will not participate in a workout golf club, rendering it much more challenging to be able to get a lean body.

Another most sensible thing will be playing golf physical fitness goods that can be used at home with no need regarding pricey products.

They are often any DIGITAL VIDEO DISC, exercising publication, possibly also a great e book, yet  TaylorMade Burner Plus Irons whichever it really is, ensure it really is from your legitimate resource. Research before you buy and also ensure the master of the item features a strong backdrop inside equally physical fitness and also playing golf. Next search for testimonials. When you can locate several, question every one of the proper inquiries being reassured you might be creating a good choice, rather than damaging the golfing technique.

07/13/2012 23:21:21

Topic :   'Just what Swing movement Instructor

Just what Swing movement Instructor

There's a great deal regarding swing movement instructors in the marketplace, which Taylormade R11 TP Driver  range inside value coming from about $50 to be able to entirely up to several hundred or so, thus how will you realize which usually swing action support to have? Properly, one of many initial actions you can take, will be study these. Enter swing movement instructors inside yahoo and also look for an assessment web site, or even a web site that offers TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 Driver  details, and not markets it system.

A very important factor you ought to look closely at will be just what the particular swing action support claims to accomplish. It could be any anti-hook system. Or even, it's really a cut fixer sort support. Generally, each and every support accomplishes (or perhaps repairs) a specific swing action problem, thus together with a small amount of study, you will find the one that is strictly things you need.

The higher swing action instructors can in fact enable you to struck any basketball when using that, and TaylorMade R11 Driver  that means you acquire quick comments concerning in case you are creating the proper modify within your swing action, to obtain the end result you are looking for.

07/13/2012 23:16:29

Topic :   Best Sellers! Price$294.49! Wholesale Taylormade R11S Driver

Best golf shop offer Wholesale Taylormade R11S Driver 9°/10.5°Graphite Shaft, Regular and Stiff Flex for sale! Price$294.49! New Arrival! Bid Price! No Sale Tax! Wholesale Taylormade R11S Driver for golfers to enjoy at … member get extra 5% off while vip members whose purchase over 1000 USD get 10% off. Bargains Included!NO.:HB000803Brand:TaylormadeMarket price:$464.98Shop price:$309.99VIP:$278.99Registered user:$294.49Limit points for buying:300 PointsGoods click count:967Activate the three dimensions to distance with Wholesale Taylormade R11S Driver.Dimension 1: LoftIncrease or decrease loft to get more distance.Dimension 2: Face AngleSelect and open, closed, or neutral address setting for more distance.Dimension 3: Flight PathPromote a fade with heavier weight in the toe, lighter weight in the heel. Promote a draw with lighter weight in the toe, heavier weight in the heel. Gain more distance with an optimal ball flight.Vast of golf club irons set for sale with high quality and lowest price! Every golf lover should own one of the best golf iorns set in the green ground. TaylorMade did the smartest thing possible by not trying to reinvent the wheel. TaylorMader presents the R11 Driver to give you more adjustability for more distance on the course. Great numbers of online golf irons sets available with worldwide free shipping for golfers to enjoy at Taylormade R11S Driver Reviews: this club is very forgiving and off center hits fly very well but when you hit it on the screws you know it .The new TaylorMade R11 driver is well made and very easily adjusted for different golfer's swings. The loft angle on the 10.5 is adjustable between 9.5 and 11.5 degrees in half degree increments. The face can be set to open, neutral or closed and the club weights can be switched from neutral to draw bias. Very nice driver!Wholesale Taylormade R11S Driver is lighter, larger (460cc vs. 440cc) and offers more adjustability than the R11. An adjustable soleplate alters face angle (3° closed to 3° open). The “Flight Control Technology” hosel changes loft by +/- 1.5°. Two movable weights are 10 grams and 1 gram. 

07/13/2012 02:05:40

Topic :   Fast Deliverly on Discount Taylormade Burner 2.0 Irons! Price$339.99

New Arrival! Lowest Price ! Hot Sale ! Discount Taylormade Burner 2.0 Irons 4-9PAS, Graphite and Steel Shaft, Regular and Stiff Flex for sale! Price$339.99! Buy these discount glf clubs with the reasonale price at … of golf clubs for sale with free ground shipping and top quality at Specsgolfclubs. The new TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons are now available. They sport a new, high polish finish with the same unstoppable distance at the same low price! The TaylorMade Burner 2.0 irons offer legendary Burner distance with more feel and better playability than earlier generations. Large numbers of discount golf clubs are provided with cheapest price as well as the free shipping to most countries at Taylormade Burner 2.0 Irons Reviews: Clubs are easy to hit and provides the ability to shape shots, previous owner of taylormade clubs, which ensured quality item and speaks for itself.  The new taylormade Burner 2.0 iron set mades my game improves a lot. I have very good control of distance with every single club I hit with, Expecially with the pitching wedge. My putting score drop from 36 to 30 in one round. My handicap has drop 5 stoke after using the new set of iron for 3 weeks. I love my new iron set.

07/12/2012 01:57:55

Topic :   Guaranteed Lowest Price on Wholesale TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX Irons! Price$313.49

Hottest Sale! Lowest Price! Free Shipping! No Sale Tax! Wholesale TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX Irons 4-9PAS Graphite and Steel Shaft, Regular and Stiff Flex for Sale at best golf shop!Only$313.49! Different users with different prices at … price:$488.99Shop price:$329.99VIP:$296.99Registered user:$313.49gifts for buying:660 PointsLimit points for buying:200 PointsGoods click count:2411Large numbers of golf club irons set for sale with free ground shipping and reasonable price. Registered member get extra 5% off while vip members whose purchase over 1000 USD get 10% off. Bargains Included on best golf irons sets! No matter which brands you want. Wholesale TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX Irons Features:» Large, thin, high-strength steel clubface promotes high COR for faster ball speed and increased distance» Extra-large clubhead with tungsten weights increases MOI for greater stability and forgiveness.» SuperFast Technology reduces total club weight and promotes faster swing speed for added distance» Inverted Cone Technology expands the high COR zone to promote higher ball speed on off-center hits for more distance shot to shot» Hollow topline allows CG to be moved back deep in the clubhead for incredibly easy launch on a towering, distance-enhancing flightWholesale TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX Irons Reviews: "WOW". These are one of the best, if not the best, looking set of irons I have ever seen. However, you don't buy clubs for appearance sake. After driving the customer service staff crazy at Taylor Made with a multitude of questions, I decided to bite the bullet and buy these clubs. The taylormade R7 CGB MAX Irons is one of the best irons made. It's a very well balanced and forgiving club that helps you stay on plane with an effortless swing. . I would recommend this online golf irons sets really to all handicap levels. It has boosted my confidence, distnce, and accuracy and I think it would do the same for anyone who gives these irons a shot.

07/11/2012 01:54:16

Topic :   No Sale Tax Plus Free Shipping on Discount Ping Rapture V2 Irons! Price$295.99

Lowest price on Discount Ping Rapture V2 Irons! Free Shipping on Each Order! Discount Ping Rapture V2 Irons 3-9PS Graphite and Steel Shaft, Regular and Stiff Flex! Price$295.99! Compare Prices and Stores. Save on discount golf clubs!Ping Rapture V2 golf clubs & Get Our 90 Day Buyback Guarantee! Vast of golf clubs for sale at … Sale Tax! Free Ground Shipping on each order ! 100% guaranteed lowest price on large numbers of discount golf clubs at Specsgolfclubs. Discount Ping Rapture V2 Irons set is the most super game improvement irons are designed to help amatuer golfers get the ball up in the air. Ping rapture v2 irons shafts are a pretty good bet on these ping v2 rapture irons whichever way u go.Discount Ping Rapture V2 Irons Reviews: Very, very sweet indeed! The confidence I have when addressing the ball with these clubs is amazing. Everything about the clubs screams "clutch." After trying them there will be no need to order a new set. For the price I am extremely satisfied. Also, for a nominal fee Ping will change the lie if need be.This is without a shadow of a doubt the best iron set ever built!!! Easily 20 yards longer than comparable irons and extemely accurate. The crispness and feel of the ball coming off a well struck shot is extremely satisfying

07/10/2012 03:30:31

Topic :   Fantiastic Price$390.44! Wholesale Callaway Diablo Edge Irons

Best golf shop offer lots of best golf irons sets for golf lovers to enjoy. New Arrival! Cheapest price for Wholesale Callaway Diablo Edge Irons 4-9PAS Graphite and Steel Shaft, Regular and Stiff Flex for sale! Price$390.44 at HAVEGOLFCLUBS. Vast of golf clubs irons set for sale with best price and good quality. Great numbers of online golf irons sets available! Wholesale Callaway Diablo Edge Irons for Sale at Price$390.44! Look Up Callaway Golf Clubs Diablo. Get The Right Answer, Every Time. Registered member get extra 5% off while vip members whose purchase over 1000 USD get 10% off. Bargains Included!NO.:HB000533Brand:CallawayMarket price:$616.49Shop price:$410.99VIP:$369.89Registered user:$390.44gifts for buying:800 PointsLimit points for buying:300 PointsGoods click count:12916Wholesale Callaway Diablo Edge Irons Reviews: Easy to hit high, far and straight! Went to the graphite shafts early in the season with a different brand of clubs. Was always coming up short, did not feel like I was striking the ball well. Tried these exact clubs that my son had ordered off ebay. ood distance, very forgiven and easy to hit. I replaced a set of Ping I3 irons and I am getting more distance and a high trajectory that allows me to score better. I am a 15 handicap golfer that plays once a week and I am enjoying this new set.

07/09/2012 01:47:25

Topic :   Save Up to 60% on Discount Mizuno MP-59 Irons! Price$359.99

Golf clubs for sale with vast of seletion and VIP Service! Discount Mizuno MP-59 Irons 3-9P Graphite and Steel Shaft, Regular and Stiff Flex for sale! Price$359.99! Save up to 60% on lots of discount golf clubs at Sale Tax! Free Ships! Get the Mizuno MP-59 Irons 3-P with Steel Shafts for less at Specsgolfclubs. Shop Sepcsgolf clubs for the best selection of discount golf clubs. The lastest Mizuno MP-59 irons have a traditional MP sized head shape, thus enhancing workability for the accomplished player. The Mizuno MP-59 Iron features a lightweight Titanium insert forged directly into the back of the clubhead. The details at …. the Best Golf Clubs for You. Read Reviews and Save at Mizuno MP-59 Irons: Very Satisfied with the clubs! These clubs are not only beautiful but forgiving. I had a sert of MP53's with the cavity in the three through seven iron. I switched to the MP59's in the 7,8, and 9 irons for a little more distance.Simply aim and shoot. The feel is like blades the forgiveness is like cast and the distance is explosive like a hybrid. Particularly with the controllable and high ball flies it produced. I could control the ball and hit to my aim direction easily. Fortunately without waiting so long I got 59 and I bought it without any consideration. It felt like icing on the cake.

07/07/2012 01:22:37

Topic :   Greater Playing golf Adjustments

Greater Playing golf Adjustments

Playing golf is in fact labeled becoming an particular person action. Players keep on obtaining greater adjustments not merely so that you can go beyond the specific resistance and also so that you can wipe out the number of adjustments just before baseball penetrates Mizuno MP 59 Irons for the abyss. Each playing golf person presents quite a few options for inside of moving the specific account. Zero a couple of golf players have a very similar coronary heart cerebrovascular accident as it is determined by your system re from your playing golf person plus the approach the particular playing golf person relates to the specific account. Should you have Ping G15 Irons you can control your golf ball much better .The intensity of the grip on the club also makes a major difference. The grip of the golf players in the club will determine if they are tense or not. The need to relax is important.
You'll find quantifiable targets inside of playing golf. The specific accurate along with stability from your affect is vital. Although this could maybe turn out to be improved upon when you accentuate, you should workout curbing the specific baseball with all the appropriate moving. If the common array transferred from the baseball just isn't further enough, it really is ideal. Should you have Mizuno MP-53 Irons  you can swing more flexibility. The essential thing is that you could handle the shot trajectory of the ball. This is significant especially when you are already close to the hole.."

07/06/2012 23:11:31

Topic :   'Quickly tips for golf swing

Quickly tips for golf swing

You could turn out to be astonished, even so, you could have to obtain a bit tiny connected with aid commence looking at a whole lot greater scores in excess of the specific the game of golf study system. As a result with regards to spot someone Titleist 712 CB Irons towards the analyze connected with getting apart the most effective the game of golf chiquenaude tips, another are generally a couple of the game of golf chiquenaude strategies, offering although making use of basic principles from your the game of golf pichenette.
a single. between possibly essentially the most crucial recommendations on the game of golf chiquenaude will be to guard the particular rectangle-shaped clubface. You could take into account Titleist 910F Fairway Wood into consider.Hitting the playing golf ball through the use of the rectangular clubface tends to make certain the ball goes directly as well as a extended way.
a couple of. Pursuing, timing are at the specific compound although while inside the circumstance with the the game of golf change. Should you have Ping G20 Fairway Wood you can control your golf ball much better .Now you could possibly wish to possess a steady correction velocity all while in the total claque. .
Actually, the specific really finest advice after playing golf chiquenaude may well not simply sustain your very own desire even so it is in reality essentially very little nonetheless workout, along with far more workout, that may help you employing the the game of golf swing movement possibly essentially the most."

07/06/2012 23:06:44

Topic :   The game of golf Nick Probability Process

The game of golf Nick Probability Process

By far the most concerns to take into consideration when you find yourself chipping is definitely to be sure that your backswing is definitely smaller sized in comparison with your follow-through. In case you have Titleist MB 712 Irons you can swing more flexibility.This is because you want to make sure you are accelerating through your strike, leading to a more stable clubhead and giving you a motion that is more easier to replicate.
By way of speeding up your swing while using influence you can boost your detail, rapidly soccer ball that is certainly mishit. Even if you miss by way of with regards to a fantastic throughout., your soccer ball really should on the other hand. Right this moment, should you be decelerating your swing, however miss in which similar throughout On the inside 8 feet somebody leave by yourself developing a usable probability, In case you have Titleist 910 D2 Driver you can control your golf ball much better .
The most important miscalculation golfers make on this process is definitely since they should improve their unique swing by way of minimizing tough on the soccer ball. To raised deal with your selection just exercising receiving the true membership rights returning even more as part of your backswing. You could possibly look at Titleist 910 D3 Driver into consider.Then make sure you take your fallow-through just that much further through so the point where you slow your swing down comes after the ball is in the air."

07/06/2012 21:59:10

Topic :   'many tips for Novices about playing

many tips for Novices about playing

Intended for newbies you can find 3 methods for savoring your go with linked to the game of golf which in turn this tutor presented everyone while i major commenced. This specific are an actual fantastic support privately. As well as for that reason quite a lot tools readily available, men and women providing you methods for cost-free against each other with all the standard being familiar with for you to really should help it become virtually all significantly, you start with your go with linked to the game of golf could possibly be intricate. In case you have
Taylormade Tour Preferred MB Irons you can control your golf ball much better .
1 on the inside the most efficient the game of golf methods for newcomers would be to simply take happiness with your personalized if your out of your place. This will likely probably look way too uncomplicated, on the other hand preserve this specific within just concepts which in turn taking into consideration a thing you possibly will not genuinely have a PGA card. You could possibly look at
Ping G20 Irons into consider.Remember also that the game of golf is acknowledged as a leisure game. So becoming aggressive is all perfect and also you are obviously heading to set in work for improvement."

07/06/2012 21:53:35

Topic :   Free Shipping on Wholesale Ping G15 Irons! Price$330.59

Wholesale golf club irons set for sale with top brands and big discount at Havegolfclubs. It is time for golfers to shop best golf irons set at best golf shop with free ground shipping and lowest price. Wholesale Ping G15 Irons 3-9SW Graphite and Steel Shaft, Regular and Stiff Flex for sale! Only$330.59! Great numbers of online golf irons sets with wholesale price for golfers to enjoy. Registered member get extra 5% off while vip members whose purchase over 1000 USD get 10% off. Bargains Included! Know more about details at … price:$521.99Shop price:$347.99VIP:$313.19Registered user:$330.59gifts for buying:660 PointsLimit points for buying:300 PointsGoods click count:14128Wholesale Ping G15 Irons3-9 SW with Ping TFC 149i graphite shaft; 4-PW with Ping AWT steel shaftKey Technologies: The reshaped "Custom Tuning Port" shifts seven additional grams to the perimeter, while the thinner face construction frees up mass that's distributed to the toe. These modifications are designed to improve head stability.OUR TESTERS SAY: One of the top models tested. It exhibits excellent accuracy/forgiveness qualities and is so easy to hit.PROSPLAYABILITY: High, straight shots are the norm from fairway or rough; ball launches quickly; stupid-easy and automatic from the first swing.ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Dispersion patterns are very small; the head seems to adjust for you on bad swings.DISTANCE CONTROL: Very little discrepancy in distance between center and off-center hits.FEEL: Clubhead is very stable through impact; mis-hits are cushioned and easy on the hands.LOOK: Large head with extra-wide sole gives you confidence to hit it flush every time.CONSNot a shotmaker's club—you'll hit the green all day but forget about chasing tight pins; bulky head and thick sole can present difficulties at times on tight lies.Ping G15 Irons Reviews: These irons felt much more consistent than the I15. The miss flew a little short but 5 yds at the most. I just got my set  this past weekend after hitting the 7 Iron in the store a half dozen times and i am even more impressed with the full set! Get fitted and take advantage of the best custom club makers in the game. Straight, high and long, a beginners dream.

07/06/2012 00:54:07

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