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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Title: Naples , Fla. thong beach?
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(Date Posted:11/27/2003 16:40)

Does anyone know a good beach in the Naples area for wearing a thong?  We're planning a trip down there soon.  I know all about South Beach and the Keys but not about Naples.  We're planning on hitting South Beach too.  I've seen some reports on of topless sunbathing in Naples but don't know where exactly.  The past times I've been there it seems to be a quiet, conservative place without any European or Latin influence.  I've seen only one or two women in thongs there about ten years ago on the beach not far from the pier.

From: USA

(Date Posted:11/27/2003 20:02)

I have thonged in Naples.  Town is still a little conservitive.  Was very conservitive a dozen years years ago when I first started to go there. 

Beach access from a lot of little parking lots along the road by the beach.  Unfortunatly the locals have passed silly parking laws where most of the spaces are reserved for locals.  (One day some one will chalange that based on the fact that some of them are made from the ends of streets that once ran right out onto the beach.  As such the land under some of the paring lots is still public right of way.  Since they use state funds for roads I dont see how they can legaly exclude state resedents.) 

You will probably be the only male thonger you see but you should not have much problem.  Self confidence helps.


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(Date Posted:11/30/2003 04:41)

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(Date Posted:12/01/2003 14:26)

About these "beach patrols":  Are they there to watch for drowning swimmers?  Are they going to hassle those wearing thongs?   I've heard about some toplessness on the Naples beaches, is this their response to make people behave?
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(Date Posted:12/03/2003 00:49)

Reply to : sailor250

About these "beach patrols": Are they there to watch for drowning swimmers? Are they going to hassle those wearing thongs? I've heard about some toplessness on the Naples beaches, is thistheir response to make people behave?

A few months ago I was planning a Florida vacation. Like you I was going to go to Naples for the first time. I did a little research by searching the municipal code web site. All the beaches in Naples are County beaches except De Lnor Wiggins Pass a State Park.

I didn't see any restrictions from searching through the Municipal Code web site so I thought I would be absolutely sure, so I e-mailed the County. I received an immediate reply stating that there was a ban on thongs.


Yes there is an ordinance that that does not allow thong swimwear at public beaches.


I sent a reply stating that I had searched Municipal Code web site and could find no restrictions.

Where can I find it? I have looked for it.

I have been to the municipal code web sight under Collier Co Ordinances and there is no mention it.

Can you send me a link to it. Wherever it may be. Or if you have it cut and past it into a e mail back to me.



A few days later I received another e-mail with an apology that the first e-mail I received was totally incorrect. I have enclosed a copy of this e-mail for your examination here.


I apologize for my first response ( I was mis informed), The state park system at one time had a statue that required there be 1 inch of material on the rear of swimsuits. I do not know if this still applies?

The County does not have this statue. We do however have a policy at the public pools "no thongs allowed'.

I have been informed that our beaches are not regulated under this policy. I hope this answers your question.


Annie Pappalardo Alvarez


I went to Vanderbilt Beach on a beautiful midweek day just before Halloween. The place was packed. There must have been at least 500 people there. I really gave the old ladies something to talk about because I could see out of the corner of my eye, every time I went to take a swim, they were just going nuts. No one said a word and there were plenty of lifeguards around. I had a copy of the e-mail I received from the county with me just in case. I didn't need it, and had a wonderful afternoon. Go and enjoy yourself

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(Date Posted:12/03/2003 01:36)


I did the same thing a couple of years ago with Velusia County (New Smyrna Beach).


I had a letter in hand and never needed it.


Make this effort before you travel anywhere and ENJOY YOUR THONGS!!!



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(Date Posted:01/20/2004 23:30)

Well after going there I'd say that Naples is much more conservative than the east coast of FLA.


We stayed at the Vanderbilt Inn on Vanderbilt beach, north of Naples beach.  I wore thongs on the public beach without a problem, but didn't see another woman or man with one on.  My wife didn't want to wear one out there.  I wore several different thongs and g strings in the pool and hot tub without a problem.  I got lots of looks and curiosity however.   I got more attention it seemed from a suit that I recently bought, that isn't a thong at all.  Its a skin tight shorts type suit which I'll admit leaves little to the imagination.  It seems some teenage girls, less than about 10 years my senior seemed to giggle and laugh at it.  It would look obsurd if I were out of shape, or didn't have flat abs.


Overall I'd have to say Naples is "thong tolerant"...unlike South Beach which is "thong common".

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From: USA

(Date Posted:03/16/2004 21:46)

Reply to : sailor250

Thong-tolerant is better than thong-hostile!

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(Date Posted:03/04/2005 01:05)

Got another chance to wear thongs on Naples beaches this year. 


I was the only thong I saw, no other women or guys.  I was surprised to see a couple sitting in beach chairs amongst others and he had his suit unclipped on the sides. It didn't seem to be a thong.

I wore conservative thongs down to a low cut Dore thong.  I had no hassles, quite a few looks, and a few comments.  I didn't walk up and down the beach, but got up to swim and stood.

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RE:Naples , Fla. thong beach?
(Date Posted:07/26/2008 05:13)


I am heading to Naples, FL for a week at end August. Will be staying south of naples.
Any advice on thong friendly beaches near Naples?
I may also have a chance to visit Keewaydin Beach -- so any info. on thong friendly/allowed here will be appreciated.

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Re:Naples , Fla. thong beach?
(Date Posted:11/27/2010 13:09)

Well in 2010 I'll have to say I was pleasantly surprised about Naples beaches.

Recently was able to spend several days there and tried out a few beaches.

North 9th St one day fed the parking meter with tons of quarters and headed out.  I wore a boy shorts type thong which is very low riding and small in the back.  I found a spot and took off my shorts and no problem the whole afternoon.  Even walked a few blocks in just the thong later in the day on the way back to the car.  Got a few cell phone snaps from some young girls.

South 12 th St south of the pier.  Wore a white thong bikini from Nu Parr, rather transparent while wet.  Again no problems at all. 

Gulf Shore Blvd North Beach access not far from the Villages shopping center was told about it by a local.  I went there three days. There were always several hot young girls around to watch and even saw some other thongs..  One day a woman about 40 was wearing a modern looking thong suit shired horizontally ( so it was sort of a double diamond shaped V in the back).  Nearby a couple of Latin early 20's girls were imp thonging- pulling up there already small backs into improvised thong.  Wore G string bikinis with no issues (look like tiny bikini from the front but G string back- Dubio Viper-one mesh one solid).  This place always surprised me- the first day with the women in thongs
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From: USA

Re:Naples , Fla. thong beach?
(Date Posted:11/27/2010 14:36)

Sailor250 - Good to hear you had a good experience visiting Naples.
One of the better places to go in Naples and be able to take a decent walk with no problem is from 18th street & 21st street and further South from the Naples Pier. Meters are limited but I would suggest you trying that end of Naples next time. It's doubtful that the Millionaire homes that you'll be passing by will even have anyone laying out in front of them.
The other decent beach to go to is "Barefoot Beach" in North Naples. Without a resident sticker you can park all day for either $6 or $8 bucks. Best area to lay out is the Very South end of the beach (about a mile walk) close to where Wiggins Pass is located. There's a lot of down trees near the water... but gives a good place to be out of the sun if you want.
Thongers can be found at either of these two locations - enjoy on your next visit to Naples.
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Re:Naples , Fla. thong beach?
(Date Posted:11/27/2010 20:17)

I did visit Barefoot Beach, and I'll post on that thread.It never ceases to amaze me how old the population is in Naples but did see younger people at the beach and at the mall.

At Gulfshore I was surprised to see a very hot 20's chick in a brazilian backed bikini wading and fishing on that beach.  Next time I went I was looking up at the highrises which are right on the beach and was surprised to see on the 11th floor penthouse wraparound balcony on this one building a guy maybe 70 completely tanned and nude in the sun, sometimes walking around talking on his phone and leaning on the railing which was only aluminum tubing so didn't shield him, and this building is maybe 100 feet from the water, and he's 140 feet up, so he's less than 250 feet from many beachgoers- I guess no one looks up- or down because the building nextdoor was taller. The last time in a mesh suit I was laying on my back reading a book with one leg crossed at the knee and this 70 year old woman walking with her 40 year old daughter was staring at me as they walked and talked, she said as they just passed me "Looks like it's King Size"

The six times I was on these beaches never saw a "beach patrol" or ranger, at some locations no tracks even.

I decided to go on the low end on the lodging but my criteria included a 24 hr pool access.  I stayed at the Le mon Tree Inn and found it was full of europeans- mostly German and Dutch, and no problems with thongs.  Wore G strings there to swim, or less late at night, it's a sleepy place,  in Naples the sidewalks roll up about 9 pm.

So all in all I'd say quite thong tolerant- no negative comments or looks.  I think the key is just act naturally like you belong, and not like you're worried.
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From: USA

Re:Naples , Fla. thong beach?
(Date Posted:03/10/2011 22:03)

Just back from South Florida, two nights in Naples at the Lemon Tree Inn, old and quaint, I'd say.  Worked out fine.  No time for beach sunning (visiting relatives, etc.), but watched the sunset from the beach just south of the pier, and next morning at 3rd Avenue S ran in shorts and swam in a thong.  Before eight am, the meters needn't be fed.  The vibes I got match Sailor250's experience, sunning in thongs would have been fine, wish I'd had the chance.
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RE:Naples , Fla. thong beach?
(Date Posted:03/20/2011 13:02)

I will be visiting Keewyadin Island in 2 weeks. Any reports on thong tolerance/things allowed here?
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RE:Naples , Fla. thong beach?
(Date Posted:03/26/2011 05:32)

Spent a day at Keewaydin Island. Great beach. Very quiet. Saw maybe 10 people in total. Was able to wear a Dore VLC with no bother at all. Weather was great. 82-85.
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From: USA

RE:Naples , Fla. thong beach?
(Date Posted:01/09/2012 13:40)

Nice to read your posting Sliding G about spending January in family settled there in the late 60's when it was a very small town, so I have a long history of visiting there - which perhaps is why now I rarely do!!  I have worn my skimpy attire on Naples beaches but, for some reason, have never really felt very comfortable doing so as on the East Coast Florida beaches.  But you are correct in noting that they are perfectly legal and the beach patrol will not hassle you.  I found that north of the pier (around Central) the beach is wider and provided more room which I like at all beaches. 

Enjoy your month - this is my first year in ages NOT coming down to Florida in January......bought myself a new adult toy (Audi) instead and busy sitting for artists in Rhode Island and Boston...:)

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