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▪ Christm replied to More unidentified non-Christmas music ( 05/31/2018 20:12)
Will they not download for you?

EDITED ----  Nevermind, it says that they are in violation of their rules or something.  It doesn't make sense because all they are only a few seconds of a song it's not anything someone would want to keep.

I guess I'll have to put them into a single file as a zip file and put the files inside it. I will also password protect a file so MediaFire can't try and figure out what is in the file.

I would just upload them to our message board but you can only upload videos or pictures not MP3 files and so on.

▪ Christm replied to More unidentified non-Christmas music ( 05/31/2018 17:25)

Unfortunately, I can't access these songs.

▪ Christm created a topic: More unidentified non-Christmas music ( 05/31/2018 12:33)
I often hear songs on the radio while I am driving, and if it is something I may have only heard a couple of times growing up, I can't always identify the song title or artist, but I will use my camera on my smartphone to capture part of that song.
I then will play it back and use the microphone on my computer to get just an audio file of that song.  It isn't the best quality being it isn't a line out line in, so it picks up outside noises.  Also sometimes I may be turning and it will pick up the clicking of my directional signals or even my hands sliding across the steering wheel.

These songs may only be a few seconds, but some are a bit longer.

They are all in m4a format as I had to reformat my computer once again and haven't installed a converter program to get them into mp3 format.

If anyone can identify these songs and the year, it would greatly be appreciated.  They don't play them much on the radio anymore on the oldies stations I listen too, just once in awhile.  Also this one station I listen to doesn't do many live broadcasts but instead plays recorded music, so no disc jockey.  Probably syndicated, but when I call the radio station, they can't help me identify the songs.

These on MediaFire, and should be a quick download

Number 1

Number 2  to me, it sounds a bit like the Original Jay Black (Jan and the Americans) but isn't a song I recognize by them

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5 this one sounds like maybe The Rip Chords

Number 6 

<EDITED> June 1, 2018.  I moved the files to Dropbox and renamed them 01 unidentified 02 unidentified.  Etc.  Please add the extension ".m4a" to each file and they should work with most media players.  Thank you

▪ Christm replied to It's Christmas Time In May In Phoenix, A... ( 05/30/2018 18:58)

Glad to hear you got through on their business line; for some reason, all I get is a busy signal.

▪ rsteven replied to It's Christmas Time In May In Phoenix, A... ( 05/29/2018 17:42)

Hello Chip,

I have a call in to KEZ program director Paul Kelly. I mentioned the YuleLog.com is talking about his station and what happened last Thursday with Christmas music being played continuously for several hours. I left a message on his line after someone answered the business line and I asked for Paul Kelly after briefly telling her the story.

I googled his name and the radio station and found a funny article with a provocative headline about a radio station playing non-stop Christmas music in early November last year in a tie in with a credit union. They have been going all Christmas around Thanksgiving for almost 20 years and they say the ad revenue has been tremendous and other stations have followed.

I will let you know if he returns my call, but I am sure the program director would be more likely to return your call than mine, Chip, so have at it if your so inclined. The article about KEZ is from the Digital Music News dated November 16, 2017.

I will let everyone know if I find out anything further. What a great stunt and a sheer thrill. Wow, it was nearly 100 degrees and the Christmas music was flowing like a faucet. 

▪ Christm replied to It's Christmas Time In May In Phoenix, A... ( 05/29/2018 11:55)

Tried to call the station's business number today and unfortunately only get a fast busy signal.

▪ RayClau replied to It's Christmas Time In May In Phoenix, A... ( 05/29/2018 10:13)
I looked online and it shows 99.9 KEZ as the Holiday Station. I don't know if it is 24 -7 365 days a year holiday music but it is interesting!


▪ rsteven replied to It's Christmas Time In May In Phoenix, A... ( 05/26/2018 21:22)

Hello Chip,

Oh, I did make sure I wrote down the station call letters as I could not believe my ears when that Christmas music came on and did not stop for so long. I did try to call myself to find out on their request line last night and this morning, but it was busy the whole time. Maybe you could try their business line. Sorry I forget to mention the station call letters. Its 99.9 KEZ in Phoenix, Arizona and their phrase is "The Valley's 80's to Now Variety."

Please let us know what you find out. I do think it was some sort of special marketing promotion and I do agree with you a rather brilliant one at that. I bet they got a ton of calls. The sort of thing radio stations use to do back in the "good old days" of radio broadcasting.


▪ Christm replied to It's Christmas Time In May In Phoenix, A... ( 05/26/2018 13:50)

My guess, Steve, is that it was either part of some kind of sales promotion, or perhaps just a publicity stunt to garner attention from the public and media for the station. If indeed it was a publicity stunt, it was a brilliant move, as I'm sure it created a lot of talk around town. Too bad you don't remember the station; I would have liked to call them to find out.

And for this Memorial Day weekend, I'll share here a little Christmas music in May for everyone to get into the spirit and enjoy from two sets of great singing brothers: Mills and Ames.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ED3fRDLyjbI?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/FRbs2AaOuHw?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

▪ rsteven created a topic: It's Christmas Time In May In Phoenix, A... ( 05/25/2018 23:46)

Hello Chip,

I have recently traveled to Mesa, Arizona to attend my youngest daughter's wedding this weekend and while driving around in my rent a car I thought I was listening to a top 40 radio station on the FM dial that had been playing a variety of current top 40 hits, when suddenly it seemed to flip to an all Christmas format for several uninterrupted hours. I mean everything from Bing Crosby's White Christmas to Perry Como's There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays and Burl Ives among so many others.

My middle age daughter was in the car with my gal and I and her mouth just about dropped to the floor. I have been referred to as Mr. Christmas around my loved ones on more than one occasion due to my love of Christmas music and the season in general, but this switch to all Christmas music in the middle of the Mesa, Arizona dessert with temperatures hovering near 100 was a fantastic and splendid surprise to say the least. My daughter remarked, "Dad I have never heard Christmas music played this time of year on the radio, leave it to you to bring Christmas music with your arrival in town. I don't know how you did it, but you managed to do it somehow!"

I mean this was not a satellite radio station, but a regular top 40 pop station. We drove around for nearly two hours as we went to eat at a restaurant and visited the local Barnes & Noble book store and each time the very vintage Christmas music remained on the radio station air waves until we came back to the car for the last time. We heard no explanation other than some talk of a "Christmas promotion" or something that seemed taped ahead of time.

Now there was one time a year or two ago I heard a country radio station play one Christmas song in July as a sort of joke because of the hot weather or something, but it was one song only and they quickly returned to playing the hit singles of the time, and I believe the song was Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. It was definitely a one off so to speak.

Chip, I know you know my family has been involved in the ownership and management of several television and radio stations over the years, but I have never heard of or witnessed such a splendid and dedicated effort towards the continuous playing of Christmas music by a major market radio station this early in the year.

My question for you Chip as the greatest authority in the world on the popular Christmas music from the Golden Age and beyond is the following; Have you ever heard of such a planned and continuous display of Christmas music this early in the year or do you think someone "fell Asleep at the controls" so to speak and this was some sort of pre-taped mistake where an engineer hit the wrong switch or playlist by mistake? Either way, it just wetted my appetite for your impending announcement of the Real Gone Music Christmas releases for this year that I am sure is not too many months or even weeks away from being released on this great forum.

Best regards.


▪ Christm replied to 2017 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local ... ( 04/19/2018 06:56)
Thank you Chip,
From what I was told, Tribune is no longer offering the Superstation package to Cable, Satellite or Fiber Optic Television providers.  I have read several complaints that say something that even if Charlie Ergen, the President of Dish Network had changed his equipment or services, that he couldn't get the Superstation Package back either. (Yeah Right) lol

I can't get a distant CW network because we have a local CW network station.

It isn't right, even if I go to one of those Pick and Choose Streaming Channel Services, I can't get WPIX, unless it was in my Direct Marketing area.  So why even offer a Pick and Choose Service?  If I am willing to pay for a specific channel, it shouldn't matter where I am located.

As you know, I love the Classic Television Movies and Programs, and yes we get some shows like I've Got A Secret and What's My Line, but our Local station that gives us Retro TV or MeTV, Get TV, Grit TV etc, they don't give us all the programs that the actual Networks are, and they fill in with a local talk show or a local bowling show.  So even it I were watching, Hazel and then they advertises that Leave It To Beaver is "coming up next on most of these stations", I will get the local bowling show instead.

It is good to know that Antenna TV will continue to broadcast The Yule Log.

I will miss not being able to have a backup network though for when WPIX airs it, since I could get a few changes at different times to DVR it. and if there was bad weather, it might not last long enough to affect both channels being they broadcast The Yule Log at different times.

▪ Christm replied to 2017 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local ... ( 04/19/2018 02:26)

That's such a shame, Susan, that you lost your Superstation package. Dish Network really did you a disservice.

You should write them a strong letter of complaint for doing that to you.

If it's any consolation, yes, Sean (Compton) will continue to air the Yule Log on his Antenna TV network. He made that pledge to me several years ago and has kept it. So as long as he's in charge at Tribune Broadcasting, rest assured it will air on Antenna TV.

▪ Christm replied to 2017 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local ... ( 04/18/2018 17:08)
I'm not sure which section this should go to, so please if it is in the wrong one, could you move it for me?

Well, I can no longer get WPIX or the other Superstations.    Last week we have very high wind gust for 2 days straight, and it knocked over my satellite dish and broke the mounting bracket for the LNB to the arm of my dish.

I had to go to Cleveland Clinic yesterday and there was a change that I would be there for a few days or more if they were going to do some surgery.  So being I didn't know how long I was going to be in the hospital, and that I couldn't actually pick up any signal from Dish Network, I called them to see if there was a way I could get a credit for the number of days I would be in the hospital, since I wouldn't be home to let a technician in and they told me that I could put my account on "Vacation" and only pay $10.00 a month until I get back from the hospital.  So i said that would be fine and wehn I get back from the hospital I could just call to have them take it off "Vacation"

Well I didn't need the surgery yet because they had to do an X-Ray with contrast and because I still have swelling from the previous surgery, they are going to wait at least a few more weeks.

I came home lat evening, and I was able to get the mounting bracket for the LNB, and got the dish re-aimed.  I called Dish Network to have my service taken off of "Vacation" and then they asked me to check and make sure all my stations where there, and unfortunately WPIX, WWOR, WSBK, KWGN and KTLA were gone. 

When I told the customer service rep that they were gone, she told me that I couldn't get them back because they stopped offering the Superstation package in 2013 and because I had my service put on vacation for even just 3 days, that voided me being grandfathered in.  They have no way of even overriding that.

I was on the phone for over an hour trying to find a way to get that package back because I was NOT told that if I put my service on Vacation, that I would lose that package.  Even if I were to upgrade my receivers to their Hopper system, I would lose that package.

So now I can only hope that Antenna TV will continue to broadcast it each year, and the full 5-hours.  Also that they might put a commercial in between the 3rd and 4th hour like they did a few years ago.

I won't get The Honeymooners anymore.  Yes they are available on DVD as well as other programs that WPIX airs, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it is so much better to actually watch them when they air on WPIX

▪ Clueles replied to Christmas Vinyl Internet radio ( 04/05/2018 21:00)
Out of curiosity I tried the URL in the starter message of this thread, and my Norton Security Suite started popping up warnings like this:

4/5/2018 7:45:39 PM,
Severity: High,
An intrusion attempt by www.christmasvinyl.com was blocked.,
No Action Required,
Web Attack: Malicious Redirection 21,
No Action Required,

▪ Clueles created a topic: First Noel - Organ & Orchestra - Unknown... ( 04/05/2018 20:03)
I've been sorting through my boxes of old home recorded audio cassettes and came across an unidentified recording of The First Noel played on a pipe organ and chimes accompanied by an orchestra.  I'm not certain where I got it, but I think I copied it from a set of home recorded cassettes of Christmas music a former neighbor gave me years ago.  She had received them as a gift from a former boyfriend, but she was one of those people who hated Christmas so she gave them to me. 

I copied it from one of those compilation cassettes onto a 5 minute cassette and then eventually transferred it to an MP3, but the quality is really poor, to the point of being unlistenable.. 

I'd be grateful for some help in trying to identify the source of the original recording so I could track down a high quality recording of it.

Can someone remind me how I could post the MP3 here to the message board so you folks could give it a listen? 

▪ RayClau created a topic: Hallmark Movies this Friday 4-6 ( 04/05/2018 11:16)
Christmas in April?

This Friday April 6th. the Hallmark Channel is airing 4 Christmas Movies between 2PM and 10PM from its Merry Madness Christmas Bracket contest.

A Very MerryMix-Up - 2/1c
A Royal Christmas- 4/3c
A December Bride- 6/5c
Switched forChristmas - 8/7c

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▪ RichD created a topic: Mike Douglas - My Kind Of Christmas LP ( 03/18/2018 09:36)
Was wondering if anyone out there was able to send me nice scans of the front and back of the Mike Douglas "My Kind Of Christmas" LP ?

▪ Clueles replied to 'The Snowman' w/ sax solo instead of si... ( 03/16/2018 09:34)
Edit: Never Mind!  I found it!

It just occurred to me that perhaps I was using the wrong search term.  I had been searching for "Snowman."  So just now I tried searching for "Walking," and Bingo!  Up it popped.

So, now I'm trying to figure out how to delete my message from a few minutes ago:

Hey Chip, remember that MP3 that I linked to in this thread many years ago -- the one with "Walking in the Air" played as a sax solo instead of being sung?

Well yesterday I decided to finally get around to sorting through the remainder of my old audio cassettes and try to winnow them down to what what is truly irreplaceable.  I came across the audio cassette of that sax version of "Walking in the Air" and that reminded me that I had once transferred it to an MP3. 

But when I searched my hard drive, that MP3 didn't turn up.  I suspect that it resides on the hard drive of an old PC that I junked when I moved a couple of years ago. 

So I Googled for this thread and tried the link from my initial post.  But I got this error message:
 Server not found

 Firefox can’t find the server at www.freedrive.com.

Oh well, I thought, that's ok, I'll just have to transfer it again.  But when I tried to play the cassette in my old dusty stereo cassette deck, the tape deck turned out to have died on me sometime in the last few years.  I can't even remember the last time I used it.  I moved a couple of years ago, and can't remember if I've ever used it since the move.

So, I'm wondering if you (or anyone reading this) bothered to save that MP3 when you listened to it back in 2011.  If you did, I'd sure be grateful to you if you could email a copy of it to me.

▪ Christm replied to Miracle on 34th Street - Location of Bro... ( 02/26/2018 11:36)
Yes, it is sad that the cast members are all gone now.  IT might be interesting to know if any of the "Extras" who were very young at the time the film was done remember anything about what might have been deleted from the original movie that was first shown in theaters.  I am sure it would be hard to tack them down and possibly the only way might be financial records of the production company who most likely paid them their fee for being an extra in the move.
I know I mentioned this elsewhere on the board, but my mother told me that she saw the movie when it first came out and when Kris was on trial for lunacy, there were parents and children picketing/protesting outside the courthouse with signs about releasing Santa Claus.  But the movie I first saw on TV in the 1960's didn't have those scenes.

▪ Christm replied to Hogan's Heroes ( 02/26/2018 11:29)
Johnny it is just so strange that the production numbers could be so far out of sequence on some of the episodes.  A few go into another season or they are several numbers apart.
For instance in Season 5, Episode 144 is 5784-119 and is is the last episode of Season 5 but the first episode of season 5 is episode 119 5784-121

In Season 3,  Episode 63 starts with 5784-65 and Episode 78 is 5784-62.  The season ends with episode 92  5784.73

Then in Season 6, they added another number to the production numbers starting with Episode 151  35784-149 ending with Episode 168 35784-156

I don't know how many episodes were taped before their actual broadcast on TV, but it does seem odd that they would have them so far out of sequence.

I do vaguely remember at the end of each episode in the 1960's that they had a preview of the next episode.  It would be interesting to know if these ending credits still exist.

I have watched the complete series of Car 54 Where on Shout TV on ROKU, are and in their end credits, it shows the "Sponsored By"  But when it was airing on MeTV or Antenna TV a couple years ago, those graphics weren't in the ending credits.

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