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▪ RichD created a topic: Mike Douglas - My Kind Of Christmas LP ( 03/18/2018 09:36)
Was wondering if anyone out there was able to send me nice scans of the front and back of the Mike Douglas "My Kind Of Christmas" LP ?

▪ Clueles replied to 'The Snowman' w/ sax solo instead of si... ( 03/16/2018 09:34)
Edit: Never Mind!  I found it!

It just occurred to me that perhaps I was using the wrong search term.  I had been searching for "Snowman."  So just now I tried searching for "Walking," and Bingo!  Up it popped.

So, now I'm trying to figure out how to delete my message from a few minutes ago:

Hey Chip, remember that MP3 that I linked to in this thread many years ago -- the one with "Walking in the Air" played as a sax solo instead of being sung?

Well yesterday I decided to finally get around to sorting through the remainder of my old audio cassettes and try to winnow them down to what what is truly irreplaceable.  I came across the audio cassette of that sax version of "Walking in the Air" and that reminded me that I had once transferred it to an MP3. 

But when I searched my hard drive, that MP3 didn't turn up.  I suspect that it resides on the hard drive of an old PC that I junked when I moved a couple of years ago. 

So I Googled for this thread and tried the link from my initial post.  But I got this error message:
 Server not found

 Firefox can’t find the server at www.freedrive.com.

Oh well, I thought, that's ok, I'll just have to transfer it again.  But when I tried to play the cassette in my old dusty stereo cassette deck, the tape deck turned out to have died on me sometime in the last few years.  I can't even remember the last time I used it.  I moved a couple of years ago, and can't remember if I've ever used it since the move.

So, I'm wondering if you (or anyone reading this) bothered to save that MP3 when you listened to it back in 2011.  If you did, I'd sure be grateful to you if you could email a copy of it to me.

▪ Christm replied to Miracle on 34th Street - Location of Bro... ( 02/26/2018 11:36)
Yes, it is sad that the cast members are all gone now.  IT might be interesting to know if any of the "Extras" who were very young at the time the film was done remember anything about what might have been deleted from the original movie that was first shown in theaters.  I am sure it would be hard to tack them down and possibly the only way might be financial records of the production company who most likely paid them their fee for being an extra in the move.
I know I mentioned this elsewhere on the board, but my mother told me that she saw the movie when it first came out and when Kris was on trial for lunacy, there were parents and children picketing/protesting outside the courthouse with signs about releasing Santa Claus.  But the movie I first saw on TV in the 1960's didn't have those scenes.

▪ Christm replied to Hogan's Heroes ( 02/26/2018 11:29)
Johnny it is just so strange that the production numbers could be so far out of sequence on some of the episodes.  A few go into another season or they are several numbers apart.
For instance in Season 5, Episode 144 is 5784-119 and is is the last episode of Season 5 but the first episode of season 5 is episode 119 5784-121

In Season 3,  Episode 63 starts with 5784-65 and Episode 78 is 5784-62.  The season ends with episode 92  5784.73

Then in Season 6, they added another number to the production numbers starting with Episode 151  35784-149 ending with Episode 168 35784-156

I don't know how many episodes were taped before their actual broadcast on TV, but it does seem odd that they would have them so far out of sequence.

I do vaguely remember at the end of each episode in the 1960's that they had a preview of the next episode.  It would be interesting to know if these ending credits still exist.

I have watched the complete series of Car 54 Where on Shout TV on ROKU, are and in their end credits, it shows the "Sponsored By"  But when it was airing on MeTV or Antenna TV a couple years ago, those graphics weren't in the ending credits.

▪ RickHol replied to ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all ... ( 02/26/2018 10:03)
Oh sorry i thought it would be out of print. Sorry for the confusion made.
Greetings Rick

▪ johnnye replied to Hogan's Heroes ( 02/25/2018 00:28)
Funny that you should mention this Susan, as it's one of the very few TV shows that I always looked for the episode number during the ending credits, and always noticed it was very prominent compared to any other show I've ever seen. And of course I always like the Bing Crosby Productions logo at the end of each show. As far as out of order, I'm not sure about that  - perhaps there's a ME-TV site where you can ask that question?

▪ Christm replied to ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all ... ( 02/25/2018 00:02)

It's neither out of print with Real Gone Music or with Sony Music: another pressing is coming from RGM of our newly remastered expanded edition with my liner notes and bonus tracks; and Sony is still printing their unremastered version.

▪ Christm replied to Miracle on 34th Street - Location of Bro... ( 02/25/2018 00:00)

There were several great scenes that were deleted from the film, Susan. It's a shame they can't be found. More than likely they were discarded after they hit the cutting room floor.

On a personal note, it's also a shame that when Alvin Greenman died a couple of years ago, there went the film's last surviving member. It was through my research for this thread about the Books Memorial Home in 2010 that I first became acquainted with him. We talked pretty regularly after that up to the time of his death. I miss him and the conversations we used to have, which were mostly about the Golden Age of Hollywood. His daughter, Grace, is still active in the business.

▪ RickHol replied to ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all ... ( 02/24/2018 17:04)
Just wondering about this release...
Will there for sure be a second pressing?
What if this cd will be out of print will sony release it again themselves?
Since i thought this album has never been out of print since release?
Thank you

▪ snow mi replied to WPAT - The Spirit of Christmas marathon ( 02/24/2018 17:04)
Hi Rich,
Thanks for this.  I tried contacting you offline but I don't think you got my message.  I wanted to know if the 6 hours you recorded from WPATs Spirit of Christmas included the once in a while voice heard saying " Our Holiday gift to you, 36 hours of the Spirit of Christmas, from WPAT, Easy 93".  There were variations to the message and sometimes he would read the sponsors that made this possible.  I would love to hear those again.  If you could let me know and if yes, I would like a copy of your recording.  Let me know, thanks.


▪ Christm replied to Miracle on 34th Street - Location of Bro... ( 02/24/2018 14:39)
I'm not sure if this is the correct topic to post this, but another member here who also has a Facebook account posted a still that was seen on eBay from the movie.  It is from a deleted scene were Kris purposely fails his mental examination and ends up at Bellevue.

It would be interesting to find out if any more stills or actual footage could be found, maybe in the vault at Twentieth Century Fox/20th Century Fox.
Still from a deleted scene of Mriadcle on 34th Street
EDITED 2/24/2018 because the link wouldn't work correctly so I am trying to insert the image I "borrowed"

▪ Damfino replied to K-Mart In-Store Holiday Music from Decem... ( 02/11/2018 17:49)
Thank you Gene for letting us know about this. It definitely brings back memories of blue light specials and lay-away Christmas gifts.
"Those were the Days" :)

▪ Christm replied to Hogan's Heroes ( 02/07/2018 20:02)
 I don't know if this was intentional or a mistake but in the pilot, Carter / Larry Hovis rank was Lieutenant and in of the rest of episodes he was a Sargent.  I believe Hockstetter and Burkhalter had different ranks too.

▪ Christm replied to Best Buy Will Stop Selling CDs This Summ... ( 02/07/2018 11:22)

This makes me wonder if any store won't go back into selling Vinyl because record companies are releasing current artists on Vinyl, and I believe re-releasing other albums on vinyl.

I realize that Vinyl takes up more space than CD's, but it was nice to be able to buy a 45 by some artists, if you didn't care for the rest of the songs that might be on an album.

I remember when CD's and Cassettes took up a lot of space in the stores because they tried to make them more theft resistant.

▪ Christm replied to K-Mart In-Store Holiday Music from Decem... ( 02/07/2018 11:18)
This is really nice, brings me back to my teens, and when the stores weren't being pushed out of business by Wal-Mart.  K-Mart always had great sales.  Too bad most of them are closed now.  Not to mention their parent company Sears.

▪ rsteven replied to Best Buy Will Stop Selling CDs This Summ... ( 02/06/2018 23:59)

Hello Chip,

Yes indeed, cheers to Real Gone Music and their belief and success in the CD format. The death of the CD has been greatly exaggerated for many years as consumers simply get their music in a number of different ways, but according to Billboard Magazine, the Bible of the recording industry, the CD format is still the number one way consumers purchase albums across the spectrum. Almost half a billion dollars in revenue on almost 100 million physical sales in 2017 are not small numbers.

Yes, the young whippersnappers  tend to stream, but I remember when the industry thought digital downloads were going to be the future salvation of the industry. The good news is that the large labels, including most recently Sony Music, are reporting large profits again because of their diversified income and their death was greatly predicted several years ago. 

I think the demand for CD's will remain with a dedicated, but significant fan base and there will always be people that want a physical product with artwork and liner notes for their very favorite artists and albums. The resurgence of vinyl, though I think is close to reaching its apex, has demonstrated that in spades. I think CD's will eventually be perceived like vinyl is today as a superior audio format that is sought out by dedicated collectors in surprisingly significant numbers even though the market will be greatly fragmented with streaming and possibly a new a new digital format that we cannot even predict what form it will take.

Best regards,


▪ Christm replied to Best Buy Will Stop Selling CDs This Summ... ( 02/06/2018 14:05)

It won't affect the Christmas releases from Real Gone Music; Gordon and I will always be a champion of the CD format.

▪ Christm replied to K-Mart In-Store Holiday Music from Decem... ( 02/06/2018 13:50)

Definitely, Gene. And yes, the '60s were the ultimate time for classic Christmas music. We were both lucky to have grown up during that time.

▪ Clueles created a topic: Best Buy Will Stop Selling CDs This Summ... ( 02/06/2018 12:42)
I imagine that most of us now buy nearly all our Christmas CDs online, so this may have little or no effect on upcoming Christmas CD releases, but it is a sad sign of the times, isn't it?  BTW, it's interesting to note that "Revenues from shipments of CDs were down 3% to $431 million, while vinyl albums were up 3% to $182 million."


▪ Genoman replied to K-Mart In-Store Holiday Music from Decem... ( 02/06/2018 05:44)
Ah!!! I knew if anyone had any corrections to whoever wrote that list that it would be you!!! Thank you!!!!
Yes...the good old days!!! If they could take me back to the 60's, that would be great!! But I'll take the Christmas shopping experience from 1974!

It really sets the mood, doesn't it?

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