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Title: 2008 Yule Log Nielsen Ratings
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Christmas Music Guru

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Status: Lawrence F. Arcuri Owner/Webmaster of
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(Date Posted:01/09/2009 00:39)

Nielsen Ratings for the New York Metropolitan Area Christmas Day 2008 9am-1pm


#1 WABC: 410,500 (9.8 share)

#2 WPIX: (THE YULE LOG) 321,300 (7.7 share)

#3 WNBC: 205,000 (4.9 share)

#4 WCBS: 105,600 (2.5 share)

#5 WNYW: 98,100 (2.3 share)

#6 WWOR: 72,700 (1.7 share)

WPIX Yule Log Nielsen Ratings History 2001-2008:

(Year/Time Slot/Ranking)

2001: 8am-10am 1st

2002: 9am-11am 3rd (after ABC & NBC)

2003: 9am-1pm 2nd (after ABC)

2004: 8am-12pm 1st  

2005: 7am-11am 3rd (after ABC & NBC)

2006: 9am-12pm 2nd (after ABC)

2007: 9am-1pm 2nd (after ABC)

2008: 9am-1pm 2nd (after ABC)

WGN America Nielsen Ratings for the ORIGINAL WPIX Yule Log Christmas Day 2008

The original WPIX Yule Log had (nationally) 212,000 average viewers per hour on WGN America between 9:30am-11:00am EST.

WGN America Nielsen Ratings for their NEW Yule Log presentation that aired Christmas Eve into Christmas Day 2008:

The new WGN Yule Log presentation only had (nationally) 111,000 average viewers per hour between 9pm-2am and 46,000 average viewers per hour between 2am-5:30am.

**(For comparison, last year WGN America had (nationally) 240,000 average viewers per hour between 9pm-1am; 164,000 average viewers per hour between 10pm-1am; and 148,000 average viewers per hour between 11pm-1am.)


Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri
Owner/Webmaster | The Yule




RE:2008 Yule Log Nielsen Ratings
(Date Posted:01/09/2009 13:05)

Wow,#1! that's as good as it can get! ('tho,#1 would be year,just you wait!) I hope that WGN got the message loud & clear last year-I sure hope we'll won't get a "Repeat Performance"! Love to all,"A Yule Logger" (Hey,Chip,what a Fan title,"Yule Loggers"!), Michael Boyce
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Michael Boyce




RE:2008 Yule Log Nielsen Ratings
(Date Posted:01/16/2009 23:01)

So tradition wins again!
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Re:2008 Yule Log Nielsen Ratings
(Date Posted:01/19/2009 15:47)

It shows just how much The Yule Log means to NY Metro Area audiences.  In a time when anything reassuring and traditional is scarce, The Yule Log delivers what we need every Christmas, something familiar and comforting.  In these tough times, that's very important!

#2 is good, #1 is even better!
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RE:2008 Yule Log Nielsen Ratings
(Date Posted:01/20/2009 17:18)

I don't care what WGN puts on next year.  I'm making good on my promise to never watch them again.

I'll be in Southern California next Christmas, anyway, and can just watch the whole thing on KTLA !  --Assuming KTLA puts it on....and I might email them those ratings as a reminder.......if they're even so much as thinking of switching.

I'm through with WGN for good.  I know that sounds dramatic, but they committed three grievances:

1.  Fake cartoon yule log with nonsense yammering
2.  Not telling viewers in time about airing the original WPIX, or when
3.  Chopping the original WPIX in half, when they did decide to air it

I will never watch WGN again, and I mean it too !

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RE:2008 Yule Log Nielsen Ratings
(Date Posted:05/16/2009 23:55)

Hello Everyone!

Well, the numbers don't lie, do they?

Hopefully, the folks at WGN America will remember these numbers and air our Yule Log in its entirety from this year forward.

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RE:2008 Yule Log Nielsen Ratings
(Date Posted:05/20/2009 10:19)

Well the "new" WGN Yule Log for 2008 was one of many reasons I have boycotted WGN America completely. I love the Chicago based one and always will but these folks will never be tuned in on my satellite provider. I completely deleted them on my system. Luckily for me, I was smart enough to have recorded the WPIX version and have it on a recordable DVD. Please everyone, let's all join in as a group and boycott WGN America 
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