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 xmaslover1960's Recent Posts
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Posted on 12/25/2017 10:19

Yeah,An One time-Only appearance isn't any good for those of Us  who'd missed it the first time around!At Least give us a Facebook version,updated.

Posted on 12/24/2017 18:32

Once again the Yule Log was in Mono,but now comes something even stranger...Echoed,Wonky sound? Bad enough it's still in Mono rather than in Full Stereo,but now 5.1 Mono Echo? It Makes everything sound Weird,as a result.

Posted on 12/26/2016 13:13

Thanks,Chip,a Novel Idea,too!

Posted on 12/25/2016 12:09

I've noticed on the Facebook page of 11 Action News,the 5th Hour has been sectioned off into its own post,instead of being cojoined with the main portion of the Program...Was this done because of Station ID,or was the Live feed interrupted for a second?

Posted on 12/24/2016 17:38

I've checked both times on My TV to let Me Know when it comes on,so it will switch on automatically!

Posted on 12/17/2016 16:08

Just wanted to ask,when Did PIX Remove Eddie Dunsleder's "God Rest Ye Merry,Gentlemen"? I'm guessing the Mid '70's,but not sure..I do know,for a while,they did use one of Ronnie Aldrich's 1964 tunes as the Bumper.

Posted on 12/01/2016 19:20

Wasn't the '70's Reshoot filmed in the Summer,so the Crew had Beer and Wore Swimming Trunks while they were Filming,or was that a Fake Story? I'm Curious to find out!

Posted on 12/01/2016 08:08

I've noticed the Removal of the Announcements on the Syndicated version...Is it still on the WPIX Version,ot has it been removed from it as well? I know the 2010 Version did not have it.

Posted on 11/23/2016 16:41

White Christmas,aka Merry Christmas by Bing Crosby-The Re-Issue's title was the same as the Former Record Setting Best Selling single  of all time,but before it was re-titled by MCA,in 1999,it was "Merry Christmas" and in 1960,was Re-Channeled for Stereo,meaning it had Echo Reverb added to it,making it sound more like it was recorded in a Spacious Hallway.rather than a Deadned Studio! The 1988 CD issue restored it back to Glorious Mono again. (Sorry,Chip,Ive just now corrected it!)

Posted on 11/21/2016 19:09

BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see it now! GO,YULE LOG!

Posted on 11/20/2016 15:47

The 1959 Capitol Lp,was the Orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman,20th Century-Fox Theme's Author?

Posted on 11/20/2016 15:44

Now that Facebook has Live feed on their site,will WPIX ever think about broadcasting the Yule Log,via Facebook? Just Asking,Because I'm curious.

Posted on 11/08/2016 00:49

It's so nice that I can hear Mantovani's "Christmas Carols" in its correct speed once again,as the Mp3 "CD Rip" Amazon offered runs a step slower..Love the way,too,that Real Gone Music has replicated the Lp Label artwork on the CD Label,authentic in detail! Even the "ffss" logo and all is the same! And the Lp covers front & Back,too-WOW! I love it! A Major  Thanks  to Gordon Anderson for "Bringing It all Back Home" for us!

Posted on 11/06/2016 22:01

Only 17 Seconds Long? Wasn't the Clip only 45 or so seconds long? And,will this be on Antenna TV  also? If the answer is "Yes" I'm getting a DVD Recorder for My Christmas Present,with My Bonus PE (Personal Expense) Check at the end of this Month!

Posted on 11/05/2016 15:44

Just Gotten My copy of the Real Gone/Universal Special Markets CD of this has just arrived! Sounds and Looks Gorgeous! Lovin' It! 

Posted on 11/03/2016 16:13

You've forgotten one here:The 4 Seasons' "The 4 Seasons' Greetings",the 1962  Vee-Jay  Lp Cover Reproduced,downsized to CD,Limited Edition (Only 2,000 of these will be pressed!) And in Mono! This was Re-Issued in 1966 as "The 4 Seasons' Christmas Album",with a Different Lp cover.

Posted on 10/28/2016 18:09

The 1953 Lp also goes by the Title "An Album of Christmas Music" as well,BTW,and was available  in both 10" and 12" Lp forms,and on a 78 RPM set,too,hence the Sped-Up arrangements the 1959 Remakes Slows down considerably....An aside,both versions are also available as Mp3 Downloads on both Amazon and Google play-only difference is the Covers-The '53 Original has the Tree and Gifts on the Front Cover,the other has Monty,with His Back Turned,conducting.

Posted on 10/21/2016 01:43

Update:My Mantovani "Christmas Carols" CD will be shipped November 4,to be delivered by the 10th,Fingers Crossed! (A BTW:I've noticed,with Headphones,things being bumped around and,at times,even Traffic like a Truck,roaring outside if one hears it-such a sad reminder that,although it was silent at times,even the slightest movement can cause a noise that couldn't be helped,nor be mixed out of the master.) (Another UpdateLJust gotten word it'll be shipped out Tonight,to arrive within a Couple of Days! I also ordered the UK CD of "A Song Of Christmas" too today,with Same Day Shipping!)

Posted on 10/20/2016 20:28

There was a 2-CD set London put out some tims ago called "All-Time Christmas Favorites" which basically was a repackaging of "Christmas Carols" and "Christmas Greetings"that Originally was issued in 1977 that I'd had a Cassette of Vol. 1,since it was also available as two seperete volumes..However,both sides,at their end,had a Drag on the Ending of the last track! Did the CD set have this same Drag?

Posted on 10/13/2016 20:53

A&M Corner has just announced Herb Alpert's "Christmas Album" has been issued,including Original Album Artwork,and a Reproduction of the Record Label's Artworks,too! All 27 of Alpert's Classic A&M Albums are out,and are also available on Vinyl again! The label is now Herb Alpert Presents,BTW.
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