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 richiedoo's Recent Posts
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Posted on 11/12/2017 14:58

Hi everyone long time no see.  Hope everyone had a great year and all set for a another great Xmas. One thing I love about the internet and Youtube is that where available you can zip to a certain scene(s) without having to watch the whole movie. My wife and I just watched the ending scene of Scrooge from 1951, the look of shock/surprise over the face that Bob Cratchit makes over Scrooge's line "which leaves me no alternative but to raise your salary" is absolutely timeless, Combined with the strong and hearty laughter that Scrooge gives off is enough to tickle one's funny bone...anyone agree?

Posted on 01/24/2016 00:18

It doesn't show signs of stopping
And I've bought some corn for popping! LOL

Posted on 01/10/2016 19:45

At one time i was an autograph seeker, and from time to time I still do when I get a chance....not to buy or sell but to get an in-person signature preferably on a piece of memorabilia from that person. Recently, I read about Alastair Sim rarely or hardly ever signing autographs as well as hardly any interviews. So naturally I wondered if anyone was ever lucky enough to get his autograph especially on a piece of memorabilia from Scrooge, just what the estimated value of something like that would be. Many signatures by Mr. Sim have surfaced on auction sites but their authenticity for some appears to be questionable. I almost managed to get an autograph for my VHS copy of Miracle On 34th Street from Maureen O' Hara a long time ago when she made an appearance at Macy's at Herald Square for the unveiling of the holiday windows, but I couldn't even get close, so I gave up!

Posted on 01/07/2016 17:14

Happy New Year by the way....I know a lot of us here are probably already aware of the 50th anniversary of the YL this coming Xmas. I know the subject was already addressed previously here and the reason was clearly explained why it can't be done, but is there any possibility that in dedication to the 50th perhaps WPIX MIGHT show if not the entire length maybe a few hours (Like originally shown in 2001 as a 2hour showing) on Christmas Eve night since that was the way it was originally meant to be seen? Or is that still a little too far-fetched to ask WPIX to do? I am already aware of the proposed 5th hour.

Posted on 12/21/2015 10:22

Ray, if you make use of the home video copies you say you have, then what are you "guilty as charged" for? That's what the topic was about in the first place!

Posted on 12/20/2015 15:18

Hi everyone....A Very Merry (early?) Christmas to everyone here! Hope everybody is enjoying another wonderful holiday season and making the best of everything. Ever since the YL was brought back in 2001 and without a doubt having had outstanding ratings, I have made it somewhat clear to the folks here that i would make very good use of my home video copies that i have made especially the restored 3 hour copy! I have always made it a point to play my VHS copy during the time I would set up my xmas tree as well as while wrapping presents and writing xmas cards etc....I was just wondering if anyone here follows any similar pattern. It just goes! Needless to say it puts a smile on my face every year! At least we don't have to wait until Christmas Day to see it....and hear it....RIGHT?

Posted on 06/02/2015 05:37

OK Chip you made it very clear....first off I didn't think that the CD part of things was going to be such an easy project to do but at firs it just seemed like all one had to do was basically duplicate the YL soundtrack onto CD. The digital restoration of the songs have already been taken care of by you!

In addition, i was very surprised when you mentioned about WPIX making some kind of attempt to release the program onto DVD but unfortunately never materialized. No doubt about it there would have probably been a huge and/or overwhelming demand if that was to ever happen.

Posted on 06/01/2015 04:57

Hi folks....hope everyone is enjoying the spring and and summer season. Here's a thought I came up with and was hoping it may be put to some kind of use. We already know that WPIX probably has no intentions of releasing the Yule Log as we see it on Ch. 11 onto DVD or home video in any sort of way especially since they are the ones who probably own exclusive rights to it....that's understandable. However, the SONGS that are heard on the program I'm sure WPIX has no exclusive rights to....AND since just about all of the tracks that are heard on the program are available in one way or another...PLUS the fact that many of us here are more or less familiar with the order of the songs starttig with Joy To The World and so on I was thinking why not make avilable a Yule Log CD with every single track that the program uses in the exact same order with maybe a custom picture insert of the YL to make it look even more original and authentic?
I happened on this idea because I saw on this site other pieces of memorabilia (T-shirts, caps, etc)....I thought perhaps a CD "soundtrack" might make it somewhat more complete.

Any thoughts?
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