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Posted on 12/02/2015 16:56

We have been delighted by the Christmas music releases added to our music library this year, which includes the Johnny Mathis, Glen Campbell, Jim Nabors, Jimmy Dean, John Gary, Melachrino, and Living Voices CDs. Most of this music is very familiar to us as we have had the vinyl versions for many years. A rather pleasant surprise for us was Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card. Both my wife and I must have heard something from this album over the years but do not recall any of it. It was a pleasure hearing some great "new" Christmas music on this album. Our local record store has a couple of LP copies so I'll probably make a purchase to add it to our vinyl archives as well.
Cheers to our resident Christmas Music Guru and Real Gone Music for another great string of releases!


Posted on 12/02/2015 16:35

I had a similar question a few years ago about a mystery Christmas song from a WLS Holiday Festival of Music radio recording I acquired and the Yule Log group was very helpful in quickly identifying the song in question. To make it easy to hear the song in its entirety I signed up for a freedrive.com account and uploaded the entire song. You might consider the same thing. I don't think freedrive is around anymore but you could try box.net or similar and post the link here for everyone.

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