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Posted on 04/07/2017 07:20

Bravo Chip - now we have to get through the tortures of the Summer heat to get to the Christmas season to enjoy these treasures you have released from the vaults!
Bob Grippo

Posted on 02/20/2016 20:00

Thanks for the understanding on the double post!   Great on your continuing conversations with WPIX - they have a great team in place and are bringing about a coming back of WPIX!  Now all we need is them to air The Adventures Of Superman again!  And great news on the re-issues you and Gordon are working to make happen!   You know Christmas is really the nicest time of the year!   Let's hope we NEVER get a repeat of 70 degrees on Christmas Day - yuck!     Also thank you on the props on the Julie Andrews story!
Best and warmest regards to you and the entire Yule Log .com family!

Posted on 02/17/2016 18:36

Sorry for the double posting Chip after I clicked publish I got an error message so I clicked it again and it posted twice!

Posted on 02/17/2016 18:35

Hi Chip!  Love your comments about your first history with Julie Andrews was Mary Poppins!   Same here that was the first movie I saw way back in 1964 and afterwards my parents to us to a record store near the theater and we bought the original soundtrack album which we still have!   And one of my thrills was meeting her in person and telling her about my first movie being hers!  In person she is warm and down to earth.   A special memory about the meeting she was talking with my Mom and was really interested in a piece of jewelry my Mom was wearing she told my mom "what a beautiful pendant  really unusual and stunning."   Just simply down to earth!  Class act!   (By the way the second film I saw was "Those Magnificent Men In their Flying Machines).

Hopefully you and Gordon are working on a few great releases for this XMAS!

Posted on 10/17/2015 07:55

Amazon had the upcoming Living Voices on pre-order special at $11.99!   Got my order in!

Posted on 09/11/2015 07:38

Up for Pre-Order - Looks like a great set - going to be a "Holly Jolly Christmas" with the Living Voices classic 1965 "The Little Drummer Boy" - never heard the second album in ht e set though!

Thank you Chip and Real Gone Music for making the happen! 


Posted on 06/03/2015 07:50

Hi Chip! 

Never heard of the Luboff Choir.   Thanks for sharing that great version!   Bing's version is great too as is Mr C's.  I never heard of John Gary by the way but that record seems like one that needs to be added to my collection as well.   I have a LP issued by the A and P from Columbia records from the early 70's the cover has a scene of people ice skating I think it has a great mix of songs and artists have you heard of it?

Best and warmest regards,

Bob Grippo

Will PIX be airing your 5th hour????


Posted on 05/30/2015 22:46

Hi Chip!
I am telling all my friends about the The Little Drummer Boy!   You know how many time I mentioned this album to you!  I am so thrilled to being able to finally get it on CD thanks to you and Gordon!  

Can you give us a bit of a background on the Living Voices???

In our home we play a lot of classic albums and cd''s but three get constant play in fact we start playing them in August or Sept and do not stop until April -- they are

Perry Como - Season's Greetings  (we have my grandfathers original 1959 release album and numerous copies on cd for our cars too)

The Living Voices -- The Little Drummer Boy (original Mono 1965 release - never figured out why my pop did not buy the stereo version) this record has the best version of "Do You Hear What I Hear" ever recorded in my opinion.

And Harry Simeone "Oh Bambino" original release has a picture of a woman holding a baby on the cover - do you know what year this came out?????

Sadly the CD of this album is missing one song!

Thanks again my friend!   And you do not know how much more special you and Gordon have made our upcoming holiday and Christmas season with this great album getting a proper cd release - we are already filled with the holiday spirit which will help us get through the long summer! 

Posted on 05/28/2015 07:57

Hi Chip!

A big THANK YOU to Gordon for taking a listen to fans who have wanted  The Little Drummer Boy on CD again after its very brief appearance years ago!   It will be great having it in STEREO as I have the 1965 Mono release - my parents bought it at a store on Main Street Flushing NY way back when!

Never heard of the other Living Voices Christmas album but will be grabbing that one too!   The Little Drummer Boy has that special Christmas feeling and it is a very underrated album, it is a real gem!  

My Barnes and Noble didn't have the Devol album last year so this year I will be buying that and the Living Voices!  

A big thank you to you Chip for all your work on bringing these Christmas wonders back to us!

Best and warmest regards,

Bob Grippo 

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