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Posted on 12/28/2016 10:03

First- I have to say that I had to go out xmas morning at 11 to get some food that was 25 min away and was able to play the log from the wpix website in my car. The 5th hour was fantastic..stuff I have never heard ( and being my age, I don't know where I would have anyway) and fit the mood for the log and in the car. Congrats to you and Wpix for making it great.

I did find it interesting that on the webcast that were putting the words up to the songs. It was strange , yet kind of cool of doing it  ( kind of fulfilling Fred's original thought in a weird sort of way). I must say though I don't think this would work broadcast on tv as the log in the simplest form without words works as it always has.

Finally, I do agree from a historical standpoint, the 66 footage was great to see this anniversary year, but the Ca 70's and beyond version should be the one going forward.

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