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Posted on 11/19/2017 20:26

I have always wondered what happened to Steve Lawrence's "Twas the Night Before Christmas."  I thought it would be a bonus track on the re-release of the Steve/Eydie "That Holiday Feeling" album.  It hasn't even shown up on a random various artists CD that CBS put out over the years (and those are starting to disappear as well).  Ah, the hidden treasures of Christmas records....

Posted on 12/19/2015 21:23

If you haven't already heard it, one of the better holiday albums of the last few years is Nick Lowe's "Quality Street".  If you're not already familiar with his name, Google it - you know his work as a hitmaker.  Mr Lowe needs some assistance, and I think the folks on this board can give it to him.  One of the tracks on his album is 'The North Pole Express', which actually comes from an old Peter Pan Records release.  In an interview on NPR, Lowe confessed that they could not figure out who actually composed the song.  He would like to give credit (and royalties!) where they're due.  I know the old kiddie records weren't always big on credits, but you'd think the composer at least would be known.  Can anyone here help to solve the mystery?
I found a copy of the old Peter Pan record on sale at eBay, if that helps jar memories.

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