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Posted on 01/01/2016 20:20

Yeah, that's another possibility. Maybe he just 'thought' it was the WPIX video and it wasn't. Dagnabbit they shouldn't have deleted it. =/

Posted on 12/27/2015 16:17

Well, I found out about it. My father decided to record it. He happened to tune in during the show though, decided he didn't like the music, so he just cancelled and deleted the recording.

Did anyone else see it? Just how horrid was it?

Posted on 11/12/2015 15:32

One final stab: could it have been "marry me" instead of "carry me?"

Wedding Bell Blues, 5th Dimension, 1969 - released on the Album, "Age of Aquarius"  EVERYBODY knows that title


Posted on 11/12/2015 03:01

Unfortunately, the lyrics probably aren't as accurate as you think then. I've had incidents like this where I was SURE I knew how the words went, but then after a decade of searching, discovered I was actually WAY off on a lot of it.

11-12-15 @ 04:09 AM
Follow-up to above message:

On that note, I just tried searching for "carry me" and the decade, and found this.


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Posted on 11/10/2015 03:41

Turned up a couple other songs with "come on and carry me" in the lyrics.



Posted on 06/07/2015 16:42

Maybe my data is outdated now and they're no longer in the business of doing this sort of thing, but what about Columbia House? At least, I think it was them. My memory of that bygone era where EVERY commercial break included an ad for one of their albums, may be a bit sketchy. I remember them releasing a LOT of compilations in the 80's and 90's, some of them MANY discs long.

I don't know exactly how they did it though. Were licensing fees far less restrictive at the time?

Also, granted this may not be the best option. But if the number of discs in the set is a problem, it might actually be possible to fit all of the songs onto a Bluray.

Because the video footage is on a loop anyway, only one copy of that loop is required to make a video disk of the show. Bluray players are a lot like computers, and can do things in a much less linear fashion than DVD's. Playing a looped video that is only a 10-20 minutes long, while running a 4-hour long playlist shouldn't be a problem. Such a format might irk some of the purists out there, but it IS an option.

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