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Posted on 11/03/2017 17:05

I have listened to Percy Faith's Music of Christmas twice today, and just love it!  I am so thankful to finally have this album properly remastered.  I frankly didn't think it would ever happen.  Thanks to you, Chip, and Gordon Anderson for being tenacious and getting it done!

Chip, would it be possible for you or Mr. Anderson to interview Vic Anesini about the remastering job he did on this album?  I think it would be interesting and enlightening to hear his thoughts on the previous master, remastering issues he experienced, and what guided him in the sound restoration of this masterpiece.

Thank you.


Posted on 10/31/2017 10:25

I just received my copy of Andy Williams: The Complete Christmas Recordings.  WOW!  Johnnyelectron, you are right--much better sound.  Along with the crisper sound, in almost every song I heard details and even instruments that had been completely buried in previous releases.

Thanks again, Johnnyelectron, for giving me a comparison recommendation.  Sound quality is important to me, and I am so glad that Real Gone Music goes after quality remasterings.



Posted on 10/27/2017 18:21

Thank you, Johnnyelectron, for giving me your opinion; yours is the first I've read to compare the two releases.  Now I definitely will order this set!

Posted on 10/11/2017 10:34

Thanks for the information, Chip.  I guess quality is a subjective thing; I'll have to order the set to see for myself!

Anyway, thank you for all you do to promote Christmas music.  If it weren't for your input and passion, a lot of our cherished Christmas favorites would still be collecting dust in record company vaults!


Posted on 10/10/2017 19:03

I've not posted anything in a long time, but I frequently check out this site.  My main interest when I joined a few years ago was learning as much as I could about Percy Faith's Music of Christmas album and its prospects or getting a new remaster.  I am extremely thrilled that it has finally been remastered and will be released in just a few weeks' time, and I want to take this moment to personally thank Chip for his untiring work in getting classic Christmas albums back in circulation in sparkling new editions!
My question is this:  Does the Andy Williams Complete Christmas Recordings (Real Gone, 2013) have better sound quality than the remastered CDs of Andy's "Red" and "Green" Christmas albums that were released in 2004 (I'm not counting the original CD releases back in the 1980's or '90s that didn't sound as good)?  I can't seem to find a definitive answer on the internet.  I don't care for the arrangements on his Christmas Present album of the 1970s, so I would just be buying the set for his classic 1960's recordings--IF the sound quality is better that what I already have.

Opinion, any one?

Thank you.

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