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Posted on 12/28/2017 17:39

Thanks Chip,

I had a feeling the Sony was mixing tracks from the stereo and mono versions of the album. I am never sure how decisions like this are made. I have yet to find a consumer who prefers this sort of mash-up approach. The good new, for me at least, is I had no idea you were able to get your hands on the stereo version of the masters! I must have missed the announcement. I seem to recall Sony being unwilling to part with them a few years back. In any case, I will be picking up a copy of the "Real Gone Music" remastered release of the album to round out my collection!

Thanks again for the info and thanks for creating a truly peerless source of info.

Merry Christmas!

Posted on 12/26/2017 18:43

Hi CluelessInSeattle,

I am guessing that the issue was that I posted a link from the google Play Subscription section of the site. So, if you don't have a subscription, the link is probably useless to you. I have updated my post to include the link below. It is from the Google Play Store. While this page will limit your ability to interact with the music it does allow for a 30 sec preview of each song. I imagine Spotify also has the full album available for streaming, for free. Sorry for the confusion.

Your post has triggered an interesting thought though - I am wondering how many of the yule log songs are available on the streaming services these days. I tried to recreate the program on MOG (one of the early streaming services, now known as apple music) a few years ago and gave up fairly quickly, for lack of content. That said, the major labels seem to quietly introduce about a 1/2 dozen or so Christmas classics per year...  It may be time for a second kick at the can.  :)

Posted on 12/23/2017 10:12

Hi All,

I noticed that the streaming services have recently posted an expanded version of Percy Faith's "Music of Christmas", which includes the original cover art. The release is from Columbia / Legacy, which begs a couple of questions (at least for me):

- Is there an easy way to tell the 1954 mono versions of the songs from the 1959 stereo versions? What's interesting is that on google play a few of the tracks are explicitly called out as the 1959 stereo version, which might suggest the others are the 1954 mono version? (although streaming service are notoriously bad at providing accurate and complete meta-data.)

- Did Columbia / Legacy remaster the album? If yes I would consider picking up a copy on CD and/or Vinyl (assuming there was a noticeable improvement in sound quality.)

Any help would be appreciated...

By the way, here is a link to the album on google play:

For those interested in the release it includes 3 bonus tracks:
- Sleigh Ride (The 1950 78rpm Single Version)
- Christmas In My Heart (The 1950 78rpm Version, The B-side to Sleigh Ride)
- Christmas In Killarney (The 1950 78rpm Single Version, feat. The Shillelagh Sisters)

Merry Christmas!
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