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Posted on 12/24/2017 15:53

Here it is Christmas Eve 2017,  I have now checked my over the air antenna,  repaired a cable,  tested the signal strength.   I am overwhelmed that I can get very strong signals from two different sources of Antenna TV and their guide says  5 hrs of yule log starting at 5am eastern time even thought it is snowing pretty good out.

I am in a great euphoric state that I will be able to watch some of it finally on "live" TV.   Cannot recorded it yet but that is not the point.  After years of frustration I might be able to listen to a large portion of it  (depending on when I wake up or grand kids get me up).

Posted on 10/31/2017 07:51

I have a deep fringe uhf/vhf antenna outside on a pole on the roof,   with an adjustable rotor ,  and  a preamp on the antenna and RG6 coax coming down.   So I have about as good as normal money can buy,   Right now I can pick up the stations I want but due to distance they can come and go with the weather.  Like I said the issue is recording,  the signals are now all HD digital  which means none of my old VHS  systems can interpret them.  I do not want to go out and buy a HD over the air DVR just for this.   My existing DVR is part of my Satellite package and cannot be hooked to an standard antenna.   So at the moment my only option is to use an old HD to Standard TV converter that I have,  to get the signal down to old style over the air,  and then use a VHS recorder,   or pump it into  my computer and recorded it there.    Chips note about it being streamed is also interesting,   I might be able to just get the audio with my Satellite Internet,  it would not be likely I can stream the video and audio.  I have been able to stream audio only with some success.  Its on 20 out of Detroit  and 10 out of Lansing

Posted on 10/24/2017 12:41

Ok  ,  Yippee Ki Yi Eh,   get to try again.  Mentioned my limited access to the show,   not on Directv  and had limited over the air access to Antenna TV.  Well latest look see says I have two over the air options  now,  if my antenna will pick them up.   I am starting my testing now.   The only issue is that how do I record over the air broadcasts,  all my systems are geared toward satellite not over the air,  but I have time to figure that out now.

Thanks a bunch Chip.

Posted on 05/29/2017 06:15

I have done the same,  over the air to my family room TV.  Only problem is that my regular tv comes from Satellite.  With the  over the air TV I have no good way of recording anymore.  Since on Antenna TV here,  the Yule log is broadcast very early in the morning on Christmas Morning,  by the time we are up we only catch the last hour or so "live".    I am still trying to figure out a way to record it so we can have it playing during regular Christmas festivities in the late morning and afternoon.   I dont want to invest in an overtheair unique DVR and since over the air is now digital even an old VCR wont work without an old converter box.  So I still struggle with getting the first few hours.

Posted on 02/11/2017 11:32

Thanks Chip   that helps a lot,    you have cleared up  what were only guesses on my part about the age of this LP  as well as it being somehow tied both in name and tracks  to the Firestone version.

Do you have any idea what the message about this being "a souvenir of Christmas in the United States of America" refers?  Are those just salesman  words or was it really tied to any kind of promotional event?

Posted on 02/10/2017 13:30

Every so often I can only scratch my head and wonder.   While digitizing a recent LP accusation.  Trying to do my research on dates etc  just kept hitting a wall.   The LP is called Christmas America  and has the ID  Capitol SLAO-6666.   The Christmas America title sent me to the Firestone series and this LP has several tracks identical to the Firestone Christmas America LP 1  but only a few most done by the Holiday Pops.  This LP has a much lower ID number - in my thinking (but not always ) indicating it came out first.  The SLAO prefix is strange to me also.  Its by Capitol Special Markets which again leads me to believe it was a special release for somebody as do the words at the top of the cover  saying "A special souvenir of Christmas in America".   does anyone have a clue where this came from and who it was for?   Or was it just a retail release.?  A release date would also be nice.

Posted on 02/29/2016 07:33

Thanks Chip   I had figured out from some of your earlier comments it was a little of the Wild West mentality  out their for Antenna TV   aka every man for himself.   But luckily  the one distant local for me  that showed it this year,  did it straight up,  I saw no commercial cut ins and nothing felt clipped. and ran for 4 hrs.   So my first over the air experience was probably as good as it could be.  Amen

Even though I am close enough to get a lot of big city over the air TV from Detroit,  none  of those big city station with all their power, money ,  and numerous sub channels are not Tribune and do not carry Antenna TV.   I have to spin the rotor on my roof antenna 180 degrees from Detroit and get central Michigan small town channels to find it.  Complain I do not any more,  I found it.

Posted on 02/28/2016 19:47

Great Chip on two accounts   first that Real Gone Music continues with new Christmas CDs  and secondly
The 5th hour of the Yule Log submission.

I have bemoaned my fate here before that I had no access to the Yule Log Show until last Christmas.  Christmas 2015 I  got to watch/listen
to a lot of the Antenna TV version  for the first time  "live" from a distant but receivable over the air channel.    So I look forward to hopefully
see an announcement that Antenna TV will pick up or at least offer to their stations the 5th Hour for Christmas 2016.

Posted on 12/19/2015 09:04

Oh happy day,    I have been in a vacuum with no access to the Yule Log,  have Directv ,   and no local stations broadcasting.  Now one does on a subchannel which I can only get over the air.   We Will manage somehow.

Posted on 08/04/2015 11:39

Thank for the list Chip ,  why Columbia recycled the name Treasury of Christmas is one of lifes mysteries.   however Time Life liked the name too and used it over and over again in their CD sets,  although sometimes they added something extra like "II"  or Vol 2  or an extra word like "Memories"

Posted on 07/22/2015 15:00

This question/request  does not seem to be getting a lot of traction,  guess people are more interested in what is coming new rather than the old stuff I am liking.   Still looking for any history on these box sets, aka offerings by Columbia Record Club

Posted on 07/13/2015 07:46

While doing some house cleaning came across some box sets I forgot about.  Columbia Record Club for the 60s and 70s.  Got me wondering and searching.   Does anyone have a list / catalog etc that shows how many Christmas LPs and especially box sets Columbia Record club released in that time.  I get so confused because I have box sets with identical titles  "A Treasury of Christmas"   the same cover graphics  yet different release IDs  and different tracks.   For example  P4S 5021  and P4S 5058  released in 1964 and 1966 but different song tracks.
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