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Posted on 03/18/2018 09:36

Was wondering if anyone out there was able to send me nice scans of the front and back of the Mike Douglas "My Kind Of Christmas" LP ?

Posted on 12/02/2017 19:35

Chip - Been listening to some of the recent Real Gone Christmas
releases the past few days while putting up the tree, decorating, and driving
around Christmas shopping.


Perry Como - Percy Faith - Andy Williams & The Williams
Brothers - Robert Goulet - Ray Conniff Singers - JIm Nabors - Glen


These are all so well done - I've heard things that I've never
heard on earlier CD versions - especially on the new Percy Faith (that still
blows my mind).


The Perry Como CD set - the oldest stuff from the "Sings Merry
Christmas Music" album sounds so damn good on the 3CD set !! Excellent job on


You made all these CD's happen - these are the stuff I grew up
on - and to have them sound so amazing now on CD - I really can't thank you


Hearing these in such crisp, clear, fantastic quality - I close
my eyes and Christmases when I was young come back


Thanks for that !




Posted on 11/02/2017 17:54

And by the way, I didn't mention in the previous post that I ordered the Christmas CD's directly from Real Gone Music as I've found in the past that they ship them out (when you order with priority mail shipping) so they arrive before the actual release date - usually the day before the release date.

Been listening to Percy Faith (as I previously mentioned) -- I still have Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians, the Robert Shaw Chorale, and the Ames Brothers to listen to !!!

The CD's look great - excellent liner notes, etc. -- top notch quality as always !!! Chip's liner notes to the Percy Faith CD are a must read !!!

AND an extra CD booklet with Ed Ames' autograph was included as a bonus from Real Gone (as they've done in the past with some of their releases).

Thanks again Chip for being the driving force in getting all these tremendous Christmas CD's issued over the past years !!!


Posted on 11/02/2017 17:46

I'm sitting here marveling at the sonic brilliance of the new Percy Faith "Music Of Christmas" release -- it is BRILLIANT !!!
The opening notes of "Joy To The World" always gave me chills but the remaster made me go WOW !!!!!

I always loved this album since I was young (I started collecting Christmas albums when I was in elementary school in the mid to late 1960's - my mom and dad bought a lot of LP's for me) because of its sheer beauty - this remastered CD enhances it to levels I'd never thought I'd hear !!

Chip - thanks for being so instrumental in getting this done !! It's nothing short of breathtaking !!


Posted on 10/30/2017 19:37

The track is great !! Would love to know who recorded it as well !!!

Posted on 10/28/2017 21:37

Not too impressed with the sound quality of the "new" Dean Martin release - was just listening to it today....what a shabby job by Sony - the cover insert is just a single sheet.....

Posted on 10/22/2017 19:55

Been listening to the 4th and 5th hours of the Yule Log (that I burned on CD-R's) the last few days.

Chip - you did a fantastic job sequencing these tracks !!! They flow perfectly and really make for great listening on their own !!

Thanks for making them available !!


Posted on 10/22/2017 19:45

Received what was supposed to be a mint stereo copy on Friday.......mono and definitely not mint.......tape on the cover etc.
Beware of dealers/sellers on Discogs.com !

Posted on 10/16/2017 19:59

Chip - Did you ever post or cover anything on your site about the Quinto Sisters album? 

I just picked up a copy of it on vinyl (I knew it was a very rare LP - took me two years to find a mint copy at a decent price) as it intrigued me since they recorded the first version of "A Holly Jolly Christmas".


P.S. The album also features several other tracks that ended up in the Rankin Bass "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" TV special. What was their connection to The Quinto Sisters?

Posted on 09/01/2017 20:34

Excellent album that I found out about thanks to your site Chip !! Found a stereo LP a few years back - that was an adventure !! It was released on Sony CD-R last fall -- a worthy purchase !!!

Posted on 09/01/2017 20:23

It's a very good album - I first heard of The Hollywood Pops Orchestra from the Capitol Special Products Glen Campbell With The Hollywood Pops Orchestra and The Voices Of Christmas LP. Finally found a mint copy of the HPO Christmas album a few years back.

Posted on 09/01/2017 20:19

Still one of my all-time favorite Christmas albums - I had this as a kid when it was originally released.
First concert I ever went to was Glen Campbell back in 1969 here in NJ at the Garden State Arts Center - I was 8 years old ! Caught him here in Jersey on his last two tours - there was NO WAY I could've missed those shows.

Posted on 09/01/2017 20:14

Can't wait to hear the Percy Faith CD - I'll also be getting the Fred Waring and Robert Shaw CD's !!!
I'm not familiar with Connie Smith -- how's the album Chip? Is she more "Lynn Anderson country" or "Anne Murray country"?

Posted on 08/30/2017 20:13

Got my copy in the mail today from Amazon - it sounds great !!!

Posted on 08/28/2017 19:52

Thanks !! I thought so !

Posted on 08/27/2017 15:50

Haven't listened closely enough but I'm betting that the background Christmas instrumental music in the Brady Bunch Christmas TV episode is by Frank DeVol since he did the music for the show? 

Posted on 08/27/2017 13:17

The Ed Sullivan Christmas album is now available on CD-R on Amazon !!

Posted on 04/18/2017 17:47

Chip - Was the Bert Kaempfert Christmas LP ever issued with a mandolin on the front cover or am I mixing that up with another LP? I am almost positive I have a version with the mandoiln cover in my collection...

Posted on 11/06/2016 22:05

Chip - I have to say that the Real Gone Christmas CD releases this year are fantastic - I bought ten of them and I'm glad that I did !!

Haven't listened to them all yet but did listen to seven of them this afternoon.

1. Mantovani - Christmas Carols : I still have the CCM release and this one pleases just as much. The sound is amazing and I like the new booklet and the London CD label is very cool !! An amazing CD.

2. Robert Shaw Chorale - Christmas Hymns And Carols : Classic album cover and beautiful choral religious Christmas tracks in glorious "living stereo". 

3. The Ventures Christmas Album : Nice to have the autographed booklet and this CD really rocks !! GREAT sound on this CD !! I listened to it twice today.

4. The Jack Jones Christmas Album : Great booklet and nice to see the original LP cover on the front of the CD. Mike Milchner did an amazing job remastering this (as he did on The Ventures CD) !! The sound on this CD is exceptional - very "warm" -- this CD sounds the best to me of all the new releases.

5. Sammy Kaye - I Want To Wish You A Merry Christmas : A great nostalgic Christmas CD and Mark Wilder did an excellent job remastering this one as well. I can't believe how GREAT this CD sounds !! A big surprise to me !

6. Christmas Sing-Along With Mitch - Mitch Miller & The Gang : My favorite so far of all the Real Gone releases this year. Cool seeing the original LP cover on the front of the CD and the old Columbia Records label on the CD looks great as well. The bonus tracks are the winners for me here - I had not heard five of them ever before !! I had heard Be A Santa and Must Be Santa before - interesting hearing the single versions in mono. Season's Greetings and Pine Cones And Holly Berries - GREAT tracks that were among those I had never heard before. Thanks Chip for putting this set together !!

7. Ray Conniff Singers - The Complete Columbia Christmas Recordings : I love that hidden track at the end of CD 2 !!! Conniff has always been in my Top 3 favorite Christmas artists since I was a kid. I love his three Christmas releases - and its cool that this set combines all three along with My Favorite Things ! I was a bit disappointed in the sound quality though - doesn't sound much different than the currently available single CD versions of each album.

There are so many standouts on this 2CD set - definitive versions of these Christmas songs in my opinion. Ray's version of Joy To The World - tough to beat - catchy as can be. Frosty The Snowman with the "pop" sound !! Here Comes Santa Claus, Jingle Bells, The Twelve Days Of Christmas, the medleys on the We Wish You A Merry Christmas, etc. Ray Conniff defines Christmas !!!

Still have to listen to Eddy Arnold, Living Guitars & Living Strings, and The Norman Luboff Choir. CAN'T WAIT !!

Thanks again Chip !!!


Posted on 11/04/2016 19:52

Also noticed that the cover of the "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" LP in the booklet was the Friday Music recent vinyl release cover (it lacks the song titles and the lettering is in a slightly different font). 

Also on the inside of the back tray card the Friday Music record label is used instead of the original Columbia Records label....

And its too bad the ski lodge cover of "Here We Come A Caroling" wasn't included - I always thought that cover was an improvement over the original cover. Just my opinion.

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