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Posted on 12/25/2017 08:34





AND ... "HAVE  A  HAPPY !"

Posted on 12/25/2016 03:18

Beautifully put!
Tuning in NOW! And only 3 hours to go until the new 5th hour! Can't wait to hear it!
Merry Christmas Master Chip! 
And Happy 50th!

The Log couldn't have gone to a better and more qualified person, other than yourself.
You've not only resurrected and restored the one and only ORIGINAL Yule Log for newer generations to come, so that they may know GOOD Christmas music when they HEAR it among so much of the bad and homogenized Christmas music that is sadly so factory-cranked-out in the world of today, you've preserved its origins of importance not only in the visuals, but also the audios as well, by retaining the official Log's classiness by creating and merging the 4th and 5th hours most appropriately to sync perfectly with the particular mid-20th century musical atmosphere that the Log offers, unlike the many clones OF the Log that have since come and gone so many times, because they just didn't have that beautiful roster of talent in the hearing department. That "mid-20th century era" of Christmas music, in my opinion, could never be copied or duplicated. It almost seems now that the arrival age of the two words "IN STEREO" was an era that was perfectly timed to yield the warm-your-soul phonics that the original Yule Log continues to yield each year, and thanks to you, will do so for eternal centuries to come. 
The Heavens themselves must have surely known, that The Log, and the sounds OF it ... needed to go to the right Father, in which you are, with such devotion; protecting it, helping it grow, as if it were a well brought-up child. It will live on forever, because of YOU Lawrence F. "CHIP" Arcuri!
So Happy Father's Day!

Well done on this most important offspring of yours that has "archived" this perfect glorious music for the entire universe to harmonize with each year on this most significant day that honors our Master's birth.
And because of you, the once blind and deaf ears of the music industry to so many locked-away and buried-in-the-vaults classic Christmas carols, sung by the crooning and instrumentalist greats ... are now not so blind and deaf anymore.
May the industry continue to listen to your voice, and this beloved board of yours, in continuing to properly restore and remaster planet Earth's most cherished Christmas music ... so that the future will never be without it, ever again.

Each and every one of your precious pieces of music in which you have fought so relentlessly hard to get labels to unlock their masters and dust them off, should NEVER be "out of print" ever again. May you never have to lobby so hard for such music that should never again disappear, not only for THIS season, but for EVERY season. 
These aren't just songs,
these are some of the best songs Earth ever generated in what is now a bygone era that is not only just a part of AMERICA's history, but the entire GLOBE's!
These are masterpieces for the future to study ... on how to do Christmas music the RIGHT way.
These songs ... ARE Christmas.
And no Christmas would be complete WITHOUT these songs, and the original renditions OF them!

I, and my generation, are honored to have watched and listened to you raise your most beloved adopted child all of these years, and the Heavens are most grateful to you for SHARING this child of yours ... with so many.
You've helped to continue the Log's mere 7 minute loop, for 7 billion people.

Many "bells will ring" today because of your most determined spirit that has endured so much, 
and because so, you "got your wings" quite some time ago.
Should you ever forget that during times of doubt and sadness,
just let me know,
and I'll be happy to remind you of it.

You've helped us ALL be more happy Lawrence,
you've helped us ALL ... to have a more Wonderful Life ...
AND a fireplace ... that pipes out only the BEST light and warmth on earth.

Merry Christmas,
and Have A Happy!

Posted on 05/28/2015 02:07

   LOVE it! GREAT NEWS MASTER-CHIP! Can always use more LIVING VOICES, I will definitely buy ALL of these during Real Gone's annual Christmas sale. Cheers to you Gordon for "listening to the people" that Chip so dutifully represents not only on this board, but around the Christmas snow-globe. (Sure hope ONE of the upcoming releases is Mantovani's CHRISTMAS CAROLS; which should ALWAYS remain IN PRINT indefinitely; partciularly for those that missed out on it. (Thanks to CHIP'S TIPS, I luckily didn't. But it's totally overpriced on Amazon right now, and music-listeners are really upset about it). And will we EVER get a NON-CD-R version of "Wonderland Of Christmas" by Andre Kostelanetz? And will we ever see a release of much of the music that was featured in the Rankin & Bass Christmas specials that should've been released, but wasn't; in particular, "Jack Frost!" (by Buddy Hackett) and "Rudolph's Shiny New Year" featuring, well, my favorite! "Smokey-the-Bear" should be out there too; another Rankin and Bass special that's been buried over the years.

   Keep 'em comin' Chip & Gordon! Keep 'em comin'! RIGHT ON! Wonder if the Goodyear albums could be released withOUT the name? Too bad they wouldn't grant you the rights. There were so many rare relics on so many of those albums. They deserve to be back in print. By the way, does anybody have a total number of sales of copies that all Goodyear Christmas albums sold? (All put together? On all formats?) I'd be curious to know that myself. It's got to have been at least in the hundreds-of-thousands catagories....

Looking forward to the full lineup of the upcoming releases! And as always, Have a happy!


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