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 JMFabianoRPL's Recent Posts
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Posted on 11/18/2016 02:40

OK.  It's just curious I remember it this other way too.

Posted on 11/17/2016 13:20

Oh.  Chip, I will say that I recalled the "over-Log announcement" happening one of the 1-2 times I saw the presentation in the later '80s.  I have reason to believe that I am thinking of the last airing before the return in 2001, in 1989.  As I recall it being very early in the morning.  Perhaps I caught one of the announcement breaks?  

Posted on 11/16/2016 19:12

I know usually, WPIX would have a Merry Christmas slide/card up as the spoken intro was read by the announcer.  But was this, or something like it, ever spoken AS the Log began?  I ask because I have this memory of hearing a voice giving the "WPIX has cancelled all morning programming..." spiel while seeing the Log itself begin. 

Posted on 11/16/2016 14:55

Getting the feels reading this again and thinking of more of my own...
I restate the "Oh fudge" moment from ACS....this was one of my Rewind Moments as a kid.  I had to keep watching it over and over.  I remember building a Statue of Liberty like figure in my grandparents' yard with a bucket, a garbage can, and a Christmas tree stand for the crown.  I called her "The Queen Mother of Dirty Words" :-) 

Agree about the Silent Night moment from the same movie, then Ralphie's final narration and That Version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas to play the movie off.  

Again, the Gremlins opening credits.

Not really movie, but....the end of A Muppet Family Christmas, when Jim Henson comes out in preparation to do the dishes with Sprocket (the dog from Fraggle Rock).  Also the times when Muppets from X Franchise meet Y Franchise for the first time.  

The end of Mickey's Christmas Carol makes me feel good too ("I'm giving you a raise!  And making you my partner...")  As for obsession forming lines, "...THE RICHEST MAN IN THE CEMETERY!"  

Posted on 11/16/2016 14:37


Posted on 11/16/2016 14:25

Does PIX have anything planned for Thanksgiving Day?

EDIT: never mind.

Posted on 11/16/2016 14:20

Again brilliant news!  Brenda Lee is a quintessential Christmas artist, and should be known for more than just Rockin' Around...  I remember the Lynn Anderson track from a set my mom had, "A Country Style Christmas."  A nice tribute to someone who just passed this year, among (too many) others.
So....the original three hours will play, one over the 1966 log and the the other two hours starts the 1970 one?  Then hour 4 and 5 over 1970, of course?

Ever think of including Peggy Lee at any time when you planned the fourth and fifth hours?  Just saying she fits in many of the eras of music the Log represents, and has had some wonderful holiday recordings.  

Posted on 11/16/2016 13:41

Only did I know about the original Gracie Log when, well, I came to this site :-)  Then saw the still photo on the Log's Life special.  Growing up in the '80s, the Palo Alto Log was the only one I knew.  This is going to be awesome....I need to DVR all!  

The b/w pic made the doll in Log Mark 1 look like a Hawaiian girl to color, it looks more like a cowboy.  It kind of looks like a sock puppet compared to the Raggedy Ann doll in Log Mk. 2.  

And yes, while the Gracie Log invented the concept, Palo Alto PERFECTED it :-)  Still will be good to see the Mk. 1 log in motion finally.  It's kind of like Mystery Science Theater 3000...the KTMA episodes are NOTHING like the glory days of Comedy Central and Sci-Fi Channel, but you have to see at least one episode at least once just out of curiosity.  

I know I asked about how the soundtrack would line up with each presentation of each Log, but I got my answer here.  Will be curious to see if there's some kind of transition over Logs if the music is continuous...Chip do you know?

Posted on 08/28/2015 12:01

OK, I passed this question to Chip, and I wondered what his and your opinions were (we'd like to know...;-)).  Given the brief pique of interest I got over at WPIX's classic Twitter site, I had to know...should someone write an entry over at Lost Media Wiki for the 1966/Gracie Mansion version of the Yule Log? 

For those who aren't familiar, this is the link to the LMW:

It is a database of sorts for TV, movie, and music materials, and more, that have not turned up on the Internet at the least, or ANYWHERE in the most extreme case.
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