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Posted on 12/29/2016 13:21

Well...better four hours than none at all.
Again..appreciate the work done on this!!

Posted on 12/28/2016 10:35

By the way, Chip, lest I seem disrespectful in my appreciation of the 1966 Yule have done tremendous work on the 1970 Yule log with not only the restoration, but also the addition of a fourth and fifth hour. The longer the Yule log, the happier the season, the more the memories come back. Thank you.
On a side note, anyone else notice how much 'slower' the flames are on the 1966 log as compared to the 1970 flames which are jetting up that chimney? ?

Anyone else find themselves watching the bump on the 1970 log disappear and come back?? ?

Posted on 12/28/2016 10:14

So here we are three days after Christmas and I'm watching the 1966 Yule Log on my Pix 11 app on my Amazon Fire Stick. They have that and the regular Yule Log as well as the Log's Story on demand. 
I will be watching them on New Year's Eve. I like to slide out of the Christmas Season the same way that I slide into it. No drop off of a cliff when December 26 rolls around.

Posted on 12/25/2016 08:45

The 'jerking' mentioned in a previous post about the 1966 log appear to be caused more by worn sprocket holes in the original film. They can stabilize that image if they wanted to do so. Much in the same way that the early silent films were speed corrected and images stabilized. It's not cheap..but it can be done.
I enjoyed seeing the 1966 Yule Log again...on Christmas Eve where it belongs!!! I hope that WPIX might do that again...even for an the ensuing years. There is a certain magic to having it back on Christmas Eve in the later hours of the day as night comes in. I've already emailed WPIX and asked then to do just that....air it on Christmas Eve...even if just for that one hour.

On a side note....last week I stopped into a local indie store here in New Jersey. Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ has been my go-to record store since the early 80's. I managed to grab some used Christmas vinyl. It appears that someone had just recently dumped their store branded Christmas vinyl (obviously a collector at one point) and I was able to grab some Christmas vinyl from Acme Markets, A&P, GoodYear...and I was able to fill one of the holes in my WT Grants Christmas album collection.  A few others as well. I wanted to make sure that they went to a good home. :-)

Posted on 11/03/2016 15:18

Well done!!! 

Posted on 11/03/2016 15:16

Very nice!!! THE Yule Log on Christmas Eve!!! As it should be!! 

Posted on 09/15/2015 15:40

As previously mentioned by our host...Real Gone's Christmas slate...
Jim Nabors and Lynn Anderson details...

The rest of the titles...
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