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Posted on 09/06/2017 07:12

Thanks Chip,
I appreciate it.  It would be nice to have the full song listing though.  I would doubt that there would be any information in WPIX's archives from their WPIX FM Broadcasts.

Posted on 09/04/2017 16:18

I may have asked this before, but, has the Original 1966 Broadcast of The Yule Log, soundtrack  been identified, and the order the songs were played?  If memory serves, there were a lot more songs by the some of the artists, and I believe there was at least one song from Andy Williams.

Obviously, "Christmas Is Christmas" by The Singing Angels wouldn't have been in this broadcast.

I am trying to compile the list so I can add it to the 1966 footage of the 1-hour broadcast to make my own DVD.   Thanks.

Posted on 08/16/2017 11:27

Thank you so much Chip,  I really appreciate it.

Posted on 08/16/2017 10:46

Chip, an anyone else who might know.  I have this album in my collection that doesn't state the year or artists on it.
It is on Varsity, which from what I can tell from the printing on the bottom of the back of the jacket is actually RCA Records. (Record Corporation of America Union City, NJ)

It is catalog # 6905

I had to reformat my computer once again because Windows-10 mandatory update slowed down my Wi-Fi at least 80%, and I haven't installed my scanner drivers yet, but took a picture of the front of the jacket with my Smartphone.

Album Jacket

Posted on 08/16/2017 10:37

For at least the last 3 years, maybe 4, Antenna TV did air the full broadcast of The WPIX Yule Log.,, but at Chip mentioned there isn't really any guarantee that they will continue to do so, and you risk them putting in their local bumpers.

I know that in the Buffalo area, if you want to get Dish Network, they can give you WPIX from NYC as an Superstation, but it isn't in HD.  Still better to get WPIX in SD rather than not get it at all.

Spectrum, (Time Warner Cable), Verizon FIOS, and DirecTV do not offer WPIX at all, and they say it is because they "don't want to waste bandwidth"  But I have been a previous customer of DirecTV, and Cable TV, and they give you your local channels on their respective channel number, but then again in the 2000's or 3000's or 4000's etc.  How many places do you need to receive your local channels?.  In addition to duplication the local channels, they give you several infomercial channels too and at any given time, you can see the same infomercial on several channels.  There are other networks that are duplicated too, QVC for one.  If this isn't wasting bandwidth, I don't know what is.
I actually receive WPIX, WWOR, WSBK, KWGN and KTLA as A la Carte Superstations.  You can get them individually, for I believe 2.00 or 3.00 a month, but the entire package is about 7.00 a month.

Dish Network is the only provider that offers you these stations when you have the same networks in your local broadcast area.

Another reason the other providers don't offer them, is they claim that the local broadcaster have a Direct Marketing Agreement or something, and if you receive these networks locally, you cant get them from a Distant Network Broadcaster.

On a different note, Ray probably already knows this, being in the Buffalo area, we also get MeTV on Channel 5, and the television service providers only give you their main feed, WBBZ inserts their own local programming several times throughout the day, such as  The Daily Buzz and on weekends they have a local bowling tournament.  We are supposed to be receiving The Wild, Wild West, and a couple other great classic TV programs, but they don't give them to us from the network feed and give us local programming.

They do broadcast the full MeTV schedule on their secondary channel, but their transmitter is too far away for anyone to pick them up, being they are a low power station, and the television service providers "Don't have to give us the secondary channels"

Posted on 12/25/2016 13:56

Our Antenna TV Affiliate had The Tonight Show with Johny Carson bumpers a few times in between the 1-hour pan in and pan out..  But I didn't lose OTA Signal.  So that is a plus.  I love the 5th hour of music too.

Posted on 12/25/2016 10:35

Genoman, I am not the expert, but I believe that the jerking was caused because of it only being a 17 second loop, therefore the transition wasn't smooth.  Yes part of the jerking could be from the sprocket slots in the 16mm film.  I would venture to guess that this found footage is in good condition for it's age. so there shouldn't be sprocket slot wear.

I wholeheartdly agree with you that there is a certain magic to having it back on Christmas Eve.  And of course being the original 1966 footage, it brings back such good feelings.  (Not that there is anything wrong with the California re-shoot and a lot more people probably remember that footage if they hadn't watched The Yule Log prior to that filming)  I am glad that somoene else agrees with me.

Though I did watch this in 1966 and consecutive years, it wasn't until 1971 that I was able to watch it in full color.  We only had a B&W televison and our first year living in Westchester County, we still didn't have a Color Television, but we got one for an early Christmas present in 1971, so we were able to watch it in color as well as listening to it in Stereo on WPIX-FM.

Prior to that we were living in Burlington, Vermont, and being there were maybe 4 or 5 TV Stations, the cable company gave us WPIX on Channel 11 and after the Canadian French Language station on Channel 2 went off the air, we would get WCBS Channel 2 and could watch The Late Late Show and then The Late Late Late Show, which were usually the Classic B&W Movies.

When we moved back to Vermont in 1975, WPIX was still on the cable system along with HBO and Showtime, but then only one channel each,  So I was still able to watch the Yule Log.  I don't remember the year, but I was using my VCR to tape it too.  Unfortuantely, only one tape survived because there was a pipe leaking above where I had some of my tapes stored.  I think it was the 1986 broadcast.   I had sent Chip a copy when he was trying to get the song list completed, it might have been 1985.  But I still continued watching every year.  Sadly, the cable company no longer offers WPIX to it's subscribers.  I was fortunate that Dish Network lets us have WPIX, WWOR, WSBK, KWGN and KTLA as Superstations.  So I am able to continue viewing The Yule Log.

Congratulatons on the Vintage Vinyl.  You might catch up to Chip and myself, but I'm not even close to Chip yet.  I would never be able to catch up to him.

Chip, KUDOS to you on the music for the 5th hour.  It is so approrpiate for The Yule Log.  Thank you for all your hard work.

I don't know how I'm going to fit it on a single DVD+r lol.  I know the DVD9's hold more but they are more expensive too.

Posted on 12/25/2016 05:59

I wasn't implying that WPIX replace the highly superior California re-shoot with the 1966 footage by any means.

I can't say that I have invested most of my time and resources in getting the music restored and adding the 4th and 5h hours to the program either.

As you know, Christmas is a huge part of my life and we both have been collecting Vinyl records for about the same amount  of time.  Though I can't say that my collection is anywhere close to yours.  It is larger than most people.

The WPIX Yule Log has been very near and dear to my heart and though I don't have the resources that  you and your predecessor had, I can say my love for this great program is probably as deep as your.  I am a very dedicated fan of the WPIX Yule Log.  I haven't missed a broadcast since 1966.  And whether I watch it live it or recorded I intend to watch it for many years to come God Willing.  I watch it during the year too.

As for my opinion about the flickering flames, I do love that they were much fuller in the 1966 footage.  And the burning log is fuller.

Yes the quality isn't that good from the 1966 footage,   But if you were to compare the unrestored 1970 footage to the restored, the difference might be similar.

Yes I realize that WPIX wouldn't invest time and money into digitally cleaing up the 1966 footage because of it being such a short loop that it would be jerky and therefore not worth it for many reasons.

The andirons in my opinion have that extension toward the center on the 1966 footage and  look better to  me.  My love for this beautiful music is so deep that even if the 1970 footage had never happened, I would be more than content to watch 4 to 5 hours of original 1966 footage being it would be better than no fireplace  all.

Please don't get me wrong,  I fully appreciate your time and resources involved in restoring the music so that people can appreciate this beautiful program for generations to come.  I'm addition, I want to add your hard work on getting all the great Christmas music released on CD.

If it wasn't for dedicated persons such as yourself, the great gift that Fred Thrower gave us might never have been able to continue giving.

Posted on 12/24/2016 22:31


I can't say that I exactly remember how the original fireplace looked being I was only 8 years old at the time, and no video tape means existed, and no camera photos taken, but I do remember definitely watching it in 1966 and every year thereafter until the California re-shoot, though we didn't realize that it was redone until the WPIX Special "A Log's Life"  and I was fortunate enough to see each broadcast up until 1989 and then (2000, on the Internet) 2001 to present.

This is just my opinion, but I like the flames and logs much better than the California re-shoot.  the only "Jerking" I can see, is it appears as if someone was holding the camera instead of it being on a dolly, but it was on a dolly. Other than that I really love it!!!!!  Yes, I know that the California re-shoot is highly superior but I really love the andirons and the flames.

I took a picture of the TV screen using my laptop computer, but the camera doesn't work correctly, so the image is very grainy.

As you should be able to see, there are black bars all around the screen, and zooming in doesn't make a difference other than the image is a little larger.  The PIX11 logo, goes beyond the video, so I am guessing once again that The Yule Log broadcast won't fill the screen either.

I have asked Dish Network about this and they tell me that WPIX won't allow them to give us the HD feed because this isn't a local TV station for us, but is a Superstation.

I just hope that our Antenna TV affiliate doesn't superimpose their large WGRZ 2-2 logo on the screen or that they don't interrupt for anything else.

(EDITED to correct typos and to change the size of the picture. and add more notes!!!)

My Television screen is 55 inches, and on the sides in this image of the screen there is almost almost 10 inches of black on both sides and the PIX11 Logo is partly in the video, so the normal WPIX images would extend about 5 inches away from the actual edge of my Television screen on both sides.  (Being this is the SD feed)  The black at the top and bottom is about 3 inches.

Now for regular HD broadcasts, i.e. my local channels, 99% of the time the image fills the screen without zooming in, but occasionally it has black bars at the top and bottom only.

Normally I get the 16:9  or 1.77:1 Screen Ratio, but when I get the black bars at the top and bottom only, i.e. watching a DVD/Blu-Ray, they are in 21:9  or 2:35:1 Screen Ratio.

Posted on 12/24/2016 09:39

Oh okay, probably something that can't be shared due to Copyright.
I wish we had VCR's back in the 1960's and early 1970's  I do know that commercial VTR's were around and the tapes were on large spools.  I think the tapes were 3 or 4 inches across, trying to remember my Middle School days when I got to work in the Media Resource Center and would be able to cue up video for a particular classroom and they could see it on the Monitors.

I don't remember the specific programs, but do remember that what was recorded still had to Cigarrette commercials in them.

Posted on 12/23/2016 20:16

Thank you Chip,
Glad to know my memory hasn't completely failed me yet, and hope it won't.

Do any of those bumpers still exist today?

Posted on 12/22/2016 20:44

Am I mistaken, or were there bumpers stating something about the fireplace being taped/filmed from Gracie Mansion?  I want to say this was in the 1970's.

I think I asked something about this around the time the 3-hour soundtrack was restored.  And because the information about the California reshoot.  I remembered an announcementend on WPIX stating it was from beautiful  Gracie Mansion.

Posted on 11/09/2016 18:20

About superimposing over the 1970 reshoot, that was just for trying to get the fireplace as close to original as possible, nothing more.   I remember watching "A Log's Life" and Kay Cooper stating that they found the doll, when they actually hadn't.  No faulting her recollection in any way, but to have it as close to original would be really great.

Again as for the molding around the top, left and right side of the fireplace from California, it is different than the 1966 Gracie Mansion fireplace.  Yes, the 1970 reshoot is what most people remember being it aired for 19 years before WPIX cancelled it for other shows like 21 Jump Street, and then brought it back in 2001.

I guess, I'm a stickler for having "Original" just like when trying to find record albums.  Yes, the reissues sound pretty much the same, but they aren't the original releases.  As I know you are too with your record collection.

Posted on 11/06/2016 12:43

Sorry about the year,  it was a typo on my part.  As for asking the last question, It is purely for "Nostalgia Purposes"  nothing more.  I would guess that some other die hard Yule Log Fans might be interested in it for the same reasons.

Yes, I understand that the 1970 California re-shoot is far superior to the 1966 original, but again, purely for "Nostalgia Purposes"  It's kind of the same for when the movie studio take a B&W print of a classic that we grew up with and then "Colorize" it,  Yes, it may look nice, but it isn't the same, and the technology isn't perfect in a lot of these "Colorized" prints.  especially when it comes to the teeth.  It is really noticeable on some of the Shirley Temple Classics.

Also, when everything is "Digitized" it takes away from the quality of the prints.  That is very noticeable on most TV programs, past and present.  You can see where the background areas that don't change during several frames of film that when the foreground images are changing, it looks like they are superimposed over the background, and with Analog you didn't get that.

Posted on 11/05/2016 21:02

I tried Sound Search for Google Play, and though it isn't the same beat, it came up with "Bruckner -Symphony No. 7 In E Major - 1 Allegro"  Wiener Philharmoniker
I can't say for sure that this is the same song, but it does sound somewhat close, just slower.

Hope this is helpful

Posted on 11/05/2016 20:45

Thank you again for clarifying.  Obviously I don't remember the soundtrack from 1966 being I was only 8 years old, but to remember my mom and siblings sitting in front of our TV and watching that first broadcast.

I hope that whomever is going through Bill's possessions, does come across the itinerary for the California re-shoot.  It would be a great peace of The Yule Log heritage to be added to what is already there.

I noticed in the still from the 1966 footage, that, even though it isn't that clear, that the fireplace isn't an exact match, but pretty close.  The carvings on the left and right from bottom to top are somewhat different.  The andirons look very close.

I know that the doll and stocking are probably gone forever, but with digital imaging, would it be possible to clean this image up and superimpose it over the 1972 re-shoot?

Or is it just better to leave it as it is, being it's what the majority of us grew up watching since 1972.

I think this has been asked before, but is there any chance of WPIX doing "A Log's Life" again, and maybe add more information about how this original footage was found?  Along with anything else the may have come along?

Posted on 11/04/2016 21:26

Thank you for the clarification.  I don't remember if you ever mentioned prior to your post, about Kay Cooper passing away.  Also, watching The Yule Log on WPIX, it was playing fine until either the restoration of the soundtrack or the 4th hour broadcast.  (I can't find the post I did about the technical glitches/difficulties) and I was getting WPIX in SD then,  and I didn't have the black bars all the way around the screen.  Dish tells me that WPIX doesn't allow them to give us the HD feed because it isn't a local station for us.

But most of WPIX's programming comes in without the black bars around it.  even if I don't put it into "stretch" mode.  It doesn't matter if it's SD or HD. the programming would fill out the screen for the most part.  I might still have a VHS recording of this, but there is no way to tell the year it was recorded unless at the end of the broadcast there is a Copyright year.  But it would have been within the last 10 years, probably less.

Again it was mainly during that broadcast of The Yule Log, where zooming in wouldn't make it fill the screen.

I vaguely remember asking you about it and telling you that there was some glitches during the broadcast, and maybe even on WGN America that particular year.  I don't believe it was on Antenna TV's broadcast though.

About ascertaining the location for the re-shoot in California, is it possible that somewhere in the archives, there might be an expense report/ledger, receipts, hotel reservations and so on that might indicate where the re-shoot was done?

Also, I know you don't want the 1966 Yule Log to overshadow the 1970 re-shoot and that is why WPIX will broadcast just the first hour, but is there any chance that they will broadcast the full 3-hours?  Especially for some of us who were fortunate enough to have actually watched this in 1966.   We didn't have a color TV then so it would be nice to see the full broadcast in color, and with the original songs from 1966

Posted on 11/02/2016 18:57

I just found out from another group that Sounds of the Season is playing Christmas Music.

I don't get Sounds of the Season on Dish Network, but they give us who don't subscribe to the package, some Muzak and Sirius/XM and right now on channel 98 and 947 is Traditional Holiday.  97 and 949 is Holiday Pop.  96 and 941 is Viva La Navidad.

They aren't going it to us yet but on channel 6017 is Sirius/XM Holly.  They usually give us a couple more Sirius/XM channels too.

Posted on 11/02/2016 15:02


I'm so glad that the original footage from 1966 has been found.  I know I had asked you a few times if Kay Cooper was able to find it in Bill's possessions, and Yay!!! she did find it.

I only hope that WPIX will broadcast it without the black bars on all 4 sides of the program.  I believe I had talked about this in one of the more recent broadcasts of The Yule Log being I receive WPIX as a Superstation from Dish Network, they only give us the SD feed, but I believe that Dish receives the HD feed.  So this is what I see in the "Normal" mode on my receiver.

I can go to a "Stretch" mode on my receiver, but for the particular Yule Log Broadcast that I believe I mentioned in recent years, in a post I can find now, even fully zoomed in there were black bars on all 4 sides of the video.

I do receive Antenna TV over the air, but sometimes the signal gets interrupted, so hopefully WPIX will broadcast this in full screen SD for us folks who can't get WPIX in HD.

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