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Posted on 12/22/2017 20:13

Chip -
Has there been a legitimate CD release of the original Challenge Records "Christmastime with Gene Autry?"  I do have the CD release from Varese Sarabande of the expanded 1957 version of the album, but I miss those two songs that were cut from it!  The original version of the album is what I grew up with, so I guess those ten tracks in the original running order have something of a sentimental value to me.

I own a CD that has all the tracks from the original album, however - in my opinion - the sound quality is horrendous, one of the tracks is out of order (causing the narration between songs to be off), and the song "Sleigh Bells" is misidentified on both the CD and the back cover insert as "Sleigh Ride."  This CD is more than twenty years old and was manufactured by LDMI in Canada (CDY-9932), titled "Christmas with Gene Autry."  I have a hard time believing this could have been any kind of authorized release.

Do you know of a single collection that includes all ten of the original "Christmastime with Gene Autry" tracks in decent audio quality?  I love the sound of the Varese Sarabande release, but would really like to have the two missing tracks in comparable quality.  Then I could reconstruct my own digital version of the original Challenge Records album.


Posted on 11/03/2017 16:24

Add me to the list of those singing the praises of the Percy Faith release.  As somebody who has been listening to the original CD release for years - this 2017 Real Gone release is a revelation.
Can't wait to get into the Fred Waring and Connie Smith discs that also arrived today!

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