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Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Yes Steve, I do indeed think highly of the album -- as evidenced not only by its #22 position in my
Top 500, but also by the inclusion of two of its songs in my new 5th hour that I created and produced for the Yule Log telecast last year.

UMG did a fairly good job with their reissue of the album, but not only was I not happy that they didn't use the original LP cover artwork, but also that they intermixed the bonus tracks within the songs of the regular album.

And yes, I'd like to get a proper reissue of this album out someday; but it would be another tall order with UMG.

04/30/2017 23:14

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Hello Chip,

While I have been thinking with great anticipation about the pending Percy and Fred Waring albums coming out this year on the Real Gone Music Label thanks to your huge efforts over the years, the beautiful Fred Waring cover with the Norman Rockwell artwork made me wonder about the possibility of ever getting the original Merry Christmas From Brenda Lee released on proper remastered format with that great front cover artwork with Brenda's picture.

I know that Universal has released various incarnations of this classic album with missing songs and extra songs, but has it ever been released on cd with the original front cover album artwork?  I would think it would be ripe for a remaster as well.  Of course I know this fantastic album in under the Universal umbrella which might make it difficult to secure the copyright from as we know they are testy to negotiate their great catalogue for release to other record companies.

I would love to know your thoughts on the Brenda album in general though as I know it places high in your Top 30 of your glorious Top 500 Christmas albums of all time.

Best regards,


04/30/2017 13:00

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

That cover you alluded to was not for the original album under the Christmas Wonderland title, but rather for one of many reissues of the album that was released by Polydor Records over the years.

Among these reissue titles were Christmastide, Christmas With Bert Kaempfert and A Drop Of Christmas Spirit.

There were four different covers for the Christmastide reissue: a church scene (catalog #46-408), a lighted house (catalog 46-408 & 237-608), an ornament (catalog #825-143-1 & 2372-044), and finally the mandolin cover (catalog #SPH-37608).

The cover for the reissue entitled Christmas With Bert Kaempfert was the church scene (catalog #104-693); and the cover for the reissue entitled A Drop Of Christmas Spirit was a woman with a drink (catalog #2418-208).

By the way, the cover for original Christmas Wonderland LP in Europe and other countries around the world was with the church scene (catalog #2372-044).

 Follow-up to above message:

Sorry, but there was a Polydor Records reissue that I forgot to mention above: it was a French reissue on the International Polydor Production label entitled Joy
eux Noel (catalog #2512-GU). The cover for this French reissue sported a house covered with snow.

*[Edited 04/19/17 to add info on French reissue]

04/18/2017 23:09

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Chip - Was the Bert Kaempfert Christmas LP ever issued with a mandolin on the front cover or am I mixing that up with another LP? I am almost positive I have a version with the mandoiln cover in my collection...

04/18/2017 17:47

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Yes Steve, since the Jim Reeves LP is a Sony property, it will be remastered here in New York at Battery Mastering Studios. The quality of the remastering (what little there was of it) of the 1988 BMG CD release was atrocious. That will now happily be corrected.

As for the Bert Kaempfert LP, the mono cover artwork for the original 1963 Decca Records release (catalog #DL-4441) was the same as the stereo release (catalog #DL-74441), only without the stereo logo. The only other domestic cover came in the late 1960s and it sported a drawing of a snow globe. Aside from these two domestic covers, there was a Polydor Records cover that was used for releases of the album in Germany and other countries around the world like Mexico.

04/09/2017 22:04

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Hello Again Chip,

Oh my, I'm very excited about the possibility of Jim Reeves beautiful 12 Days Of Christmas album being released this year.  Wow, and as you well know Chip if that album hasn't been remastered since the eighties when even the good engineers were sometimes having trouble getting use to transferring analog to digital albums without losing the warmth of the former, than we will be in for a real treat if Real Gone does their usual stellar remastering job, probably at Battery Studios I would imagine since its under the RCA Label domain originally.

I did not realize that Bert Kaempfert's Christmas Wonderland album was the original cover as I must have gotten it confused with the mono cover version.  I guess the only thing that stereo version is missing on Amazon is the black Decca label arrow at the top right hand corner of the album cover if I'm correct.  I will have to re-think that purchase, but it is pricey even for a nearly new, but used copy.

Thanks for the information as always Chip, and I am truly thrilled about the possibility of the Jim Reeves Christmas album coming out this year!

Best regards,


04/09/2017 13:26

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!


I'm hoping that I'll be able to get the Jim Reeves out this year.

By the way, it was originally released on CD twenty-nine years ago in 1988 by BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group), which was before Sony's acquisition of the company.

As for the 1996 Taragon Records Bert Kaempfert CD, it was indeed released with the original cover artwork (click here).

04/09/2017 12:26

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Hello Chip,

Oh yes that Jim Reeves 12 Days Of Christmas is ripe for a proper remaster as he had one of the smoothest and most velvety voices that ever graced a studio as you and I have talked about in the past.  I think its been close to eighteen years since RCA did a sort of budget line release of that classic on cd. What a treat it would be to have Real Gone Music re-release it in their customary and glorious fashion.

It would also be great to have the Kitty Wells Christmas album released in the same fashion as I had forgotten that she even made a full Christmas album. Of course it would be great to have the Bert Kaempfert Christmas Wonderland album even at a higher price, but since it doesn't have the original album cover artwork I am going to be patient and wait for Real Gone Music to release it properly even if that takes a year or two.

I think it so interesting that these marketing genius's at the record labels in the past few decades never really took  into account how much we traditional Christmas music lovers desire to have their albums released with the original artwork even if it seems dated or hokey to these modern executives.  It really took you and Real Gone Music to make it in vogue to get these albums re-released in their original cover album artwork, something else we have to be grateful for thanks to you and Gordon's efforts.

Best Regards,


04/09/2017 10:42

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!


Rest assured I'm working to release all those titles you mentioned. Also working on a proper digital re-release of the Jim Reeves and Kitty Wells.

By the way, the Bert Kaempfert was in print for a while on CD: it was released by Taragon Records in 1996 by special arrangement with PolyGram. However, it's now out-of-print and going for big bucks. I'd like to get this back in print as well.


It'll be here before you know it.

04/08/2017 19:30

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Thanks for sharing the wonderful news Chip!  Now the countdown begins waiting for this and the Percy Faith release!!!


04/08/2017 17:34

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Hello Chip,

I just realized with the coming releases of Percy Faith's Music Of Christmas and Fred Waring's twofer of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas with Christmas Time, we traditional Christmas music lovers will now have all ten of your First Tier Top 500 top ten albums available on cd format for the first time.  I believe that eight of those cd's are directly made available to us due to your efforts over the years.

I also believe that out of the top twenty of you First Tier we are only missing the original stereo version of Leroy Anderson's A Christmas Festival with original cover artwork on cd as well as Andre Kostelanetz's Wonderland Of Christmas, although the latter is available on a CDR that has pretty decent sound as I recall.

When we get to the rest of your top 30, particularly numbers 21-30 there are a great deal of these classics that have never been available on cd format such as The Jack Halloran Singers Christmas Is A Comin', Bert Kaempfert's Christmas Wonderland, StanleyBlack's Christmas Holiday For Romance and Frank Chackfield's Music For A Merry Christmas among others if I am correct.

And that's just dealing with your magnificent top 30 of your glorious Top 500 list.  So while we are very blessed with what you have made available to us already, we are truly excited about what you have in store for us in the future.  Just getting Percy and Fred is really all we should need, but I have a feeling you and Real Gone Music will have a few more surprises in the coming months.

Best Regards,


04/08/2017 13:13

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Thanks, Bob. I just hope this summer's not as torturous as last summer, which was the hottest on record. But I have a feeling we're in for a scorcher. Heat Miser will definitely rule the day.

04/07/2017 13:21

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Bravo Chip - now we have to get through the tortures of the Summer heat to get to the Christmas season to enjoy these treasures you have released from the vaults!
Bob Grippo

04/07/2017 07:20

Re :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!

Hello Chip,

Well you are really outdoing yourself for Christmas 2017.  In August, while my lady and I were anxiously getting ready to see Adele in concert at Staples arena for the first time, I decided to check out the yule message board and there it was in blue shiny highlights: You had secured the rights to get Percy Faiths masterpiece, Music Of Christmas, released and remastered properly for the first time in cd format and in all its digital and stereo glory. Oh, how we traditional music lovers had been waiting for this day.  Seeing Adele and getting this news was one of the greatest nights of my life, I'm not kidding.

So now you add to this amazing splendor by announcing that the two magnificent albums by Fred Waring, 'Twas The Night Before Christmas and Christmas Time, are also getting their maiden release on cd format with those amazing album covers, especially that unsurpassed Norman Rockwell cover on the former album.  How you got pass the bureaucracy at Universal Music to finally get this done we will probably never fully appreciate or understand the amount of intestinal fortitude and sheer guts it took to accomplish these feats, but know this: You are greatly loved and appreciated by all members of this board even though we have never met you and most likely never will, but to us you are like family!

God Bless you Chip, from your extended family on the Yule log board.


04/07/2017 00:39

Topic :   Fred Waring's Decca Christmas albums finally to be released!



It is with such great pride and joy that after many years of trying, I have finally gotten back into print (and released on CD for the very first time) the two classic and legendary Decca Records Christmas albums by the great Fred Waring and The Pennsylvanians: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas and Christmas Time. And they both will be released with their original Decca album jacket artwork – and for 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, that means that famous cover with the great American artist Norman Rockwell's sweet and poignant "Caught Napping" drawing (a rendering of Santa and his elves discovering two small children asleep in a chair on Christmas Eve night). It is actually this album jacket cover that I consider to be the greatest Christmas album jacket cover of all-time.

These two great iconic Christmas albums not only reside in the 1st Tier of my Top 500, but in my Ultra Top 10, where they occupy the #5 and #6 positions respectively.

This Fred Waring 2fer CD release, along with my two Percy Faith releases (in 2012 and the previously announced big one for this year in 2017), as well as my Mantovani release (in 2009) are the ones that I have worked the longest and hardest for and are the ones that I am the most proud.

It was a long hard road to finally get UMG (Universal Music Group) to cede over the release/distribution copyrights to these two great Christmas albums (and we actually came close a couple of times), but it was well worth the wait and perseverance in the end. The last stumbling block came earlier this year when, after UMG agreed in principal to the deal, they couldn't find Mr. Warings's contract! I thought I had seen everything up to then, but that was a new low – even for UMG. I have stated publically many times on the board what a difficult company they are to deal with. And they drive a hard bargain – money, control over production, etc.

By the way, for younger folks not familiar with the Christmas music of The Pennsylvanians, they will certainly recognize the group's classic version of “Jingle Bells,” as that is the song that's playing in the background in the scene from the movie A Christmas Story when Ralphie and Randy visit with Santa at Higbee's Department Store!

The street date for the new CD is not yet set as of the writing of this post; but as soon as it's available, I will post it on this thread. So stay tuned.

As for Fred Waring, what can I possibly say that I haven't said already in my many writings on the message board over the years? Therefore, I am going to let the music speak for me by virtue of four music videos from my YouTube channel; as well as links to three previous writings that I have posted over the years on the message board.

For my previous writings on the board, the first link is to an In The Spotlight tribute that I did to Fred Waring and The Pennsylvanians in August of 2010 (click here); the second link is to a post, also from August of 2010, that is dedicated to The Teen Trio, who are prominently featured in three of the four songs on Side 1 of the album 'Twas The Night Before Christmas (click here); and the third link is to a Christmas In July spotlight that I did for the Pennsylvanians back in July of 2008 (click here).

And for the music, I am posting below from my YouTube channel all four songs from Side 1 of the album 'Twas The Night Before Christmas. They are in the order of their appearance on the album: “Jingle Bells; Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer; Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town” and, of course, the title song, “Twas The Night Before Christmas.” Enjoy!!

04/06/2017 18:45

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***

Hello Chip,

You and Johnny have a great idea with that 24 karat gold disc idea.  I just bought a DCC gold on the Everly Brothers as well as Roy Orbison, both of which were remastered by the great Steve Hoffman. I just played the Everly Brother's Best and its a beauty to the ears.  Looking really forward to hearing the Roy Orbison DCC Gold disc too as its suppose to be amazing as well.

Chip, I am absolutely thrilled that you got seven bonus songs added to Percy Faith's masterpiece, Music Of Christmas, as one would expect only maybe one or two extra songs on a classic of this magnitude.  I cannot wait to hear My Favorite Things from Sound of Music on this beauty with the new remastering.

What fortunate and lucky people we are to have you, Chip, fighting all these years to get these timeless and exquisite Christmas masterpieces remastered and released with original artwork.  And now finally the Holy Grail of all Christmas instrumental albums, Percy Faith's Music of Christmas, is coming to us in time for Christmas 2017.

Thanks a million, Chip!

Best regards,


04/04/2017 20:37

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***


Sony approved all of my bonus tracks, but there were actually seven, not eight (although I wish there were!), as I mistakenly typed in my previous post. Sorry about that. I edited my post to correct the typo.


A 24K gold-plated CD would be a wonderful thing to see and so fitting for this release
the #1 Christmas album in my Top 500; but unfortunately, Gordon doesn't do them at Real Gone Music. In addition, it would be considered an alternate release, requiring a separate contract negotiation with Sony. But all that notwithstanding, if Gordon did them, you can be sure that I would definitely push for it.

04/04/2017 11:19

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***

Great News Chip!

Maybe you can talk Real Gone Music into releasing two versions: "standard audio CD" and the Deluxe version burned into a 24K gold-plated CD like DCC and other companies did on some spectacular recordings to make them last 100 years?

This has to be the most anticipated release since the announcement that the 1954 version was being re-recorded for stereo in 1959.

I can't wait to be able to hear the snare drums at the beginning of 'Good King Wenceslas' again!

Regards to all.


04/04/2017 06:43

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***

Hello Chip,

Oh my goodness, you got the final go ahead for Percy Faith's masterpiece Music Of Christmas with the eight additional tracks you had requested.  All your board members have been waiting for this beauty to be remastered properly with your new liner notes and Real Gone Musics' tender loving care.  If this remaster sounds anything close to the magnificent job Maria Triana did on Real Gone's Twofer that featured that glorious Hallelujah album, we Christmas music lovers are in for a real treat.

Congratulations, Chip, we all know on this board that this has been a long and hard fought battle by you and Real Gone to get this Jewel properly re-released in all its original glory.  There is not a week that goes by that I do not think about the Music Of Christmas and Percy Faith's majestic arrangements being heard as it should be with a proper remaster!

Best Regards,


04/03/2017 20:40

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***

I got word from Hollywood earlier today that my proposed Percy Faith release with all seven bonus tracks has finally been cleared and the project formally approved by SME (Sony Music Entertainment). We're on our way...

The street date for the new CD is not yet set as of the writing of this post; but as soon as it's available, I will post it on this thread. So stay tuned.

*[Edited 04/04/17 to correct typo]

04/03/2017 19:22

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***

Wow sounds like a nightmare. Even more respect for you!

03/19/2017 13:13

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***

Yes it is, Rick, but working to get these new releases out can be very trying -- not as much with Sony or WMG, but with UMG. The latest example is my proposed Fred Waring release. It is being held up, and possibly might not even happen, because UMG can't find Mr. Waring's contract. I thought I had seen everything with UMG, but this one really takes the cake. It is yet another example of why I have such a low opinion of them as a company. All I can say is that they better find the damn thing. I knew they were disorganized, but this is a new low.

03/19/2017 12:30

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***

Must be so exciting to be a part of this release! Fantastic! All the best from the Netherlands!

03/17/2017 13:58

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***

Everything so far is fine with the Percy Faith release. However, it has not formally cleared yet. The vaults for both Columbia and RCA are primarily here in New York.

03/17/2017 00:32

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***

I hope that they're digging thru the underground bunker full of Columbia master tapes and can locate all the original tracks for the Percy Faith LP on CD.  Hope they are still in decent playable condition and that they can maintain the quiet passages - even at the expense of tape hiss - to allow the instruments to be heard that were masked by the horrible budget CD release.

I don't know if RCA recordings are in a different secure location, but that would be something if they also found the missing 4-track original recordings of the Perry Como Christmas Album from 1968 that Richard Carpenter referenced.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  Only 7 months until we get our Christmas wishes on CD!

03/16/2017 11:24

Re :   ***Coming in 2017 the Holy Grail of all Christmas albums***

So looking forward to this release. Always anticipating fall of theyear for the new batch of releases!
Greetings everyone!

03/15/2017 14:35

Re :   Christmas America LP

It was just marketing on Capitol's part, Steve; the album wasn't tied to any kind of event, anniversary or purpose other than to celebrate the uniqueness of Christmas in America.

02/11/2017 12:30

Re :   Christmas America LP

Thanks Chip   that helps a lot,    you have cleared up  what were only guesses on my part about the age of this LP  as well as it being somehow tied both in name and tracks  to the Firestone version.

Do you have any idea what the message about this being "a souvenir of Christmas in the United States of America" refers?  Are those just salesman  words or was it really tied to any kind of promotional event?

02/11/2017 11:32

Re :   Christmas America LP

The original version of C
hristmas America (catalog #SLAO-6666) was released by Capitol Records in 1970. It was later repackaged for Firestone in 1973 (catalog #SL-6884). However, the subsequent Firestone release only had five songs from the original LP: "Christmas America, Part 1" (The Hollywood Pops), "Christmas America, Part 2" (The Hollywood Pops), "White Christmas" (Fred Waring and The Pennsylvanians), "The Christmas Waltz" (Peggy Lee) and "Over The River" (The Hollywood Pops).

In 1974, Capitol Records created Christmas America, Album Two (catalog #SL-6950) for Firestone to sell exclusively through their stores.

02/10/2017 14:41

Topic :   Christmas America LP

Every so often I can only scratch my head and wonder.   While digitizing a recent LP accusation.  Trying to do my research on dates etc  just kept hitting a wall.   The LP is called Christmas America  and has the ID  Capitol SLAO-6666.   The Christmas America title sent me to the Firestone series and this LP has several tracks identical to the Firestone Christmas America LP 1  but only a few most done by the Holiday Pops.  This LP has a much lower ID number - in my thinking (but not always ) indicating it came out first.  The SLAO prefix is strange to me also.  Its by Capitol Special Markets which again leads me to believe it was a special release for somebody as do the words at the top of the cover  saying "A special souvenir of Christmas in America".   does anyone have a clue where this came from and who it was for?   Or was it just a retail release.?  A release date would also be nice.

02/10/2017 13:30

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

I did some checking, and yes, apparently Sony Music recently acquired Dino's Reprise Records catalog. This is not a problem, as working with SME (Sony Music Entertainment) to secure copyrights for distribution wouldn't be a problem; however, WMG (Warner Music Group) would have been a trifle easier to deal with.

02/06/2017 13:18

Re :   Message to perspective applicant Robert L.

Thanks Chip,

I appreciate the warm welcome. Your site has been such a great reference guide for the terrific vintage Christmas albums released primarily during the "classic" period of the '50s, '60s, and early '70s.

Your posting of your Top 500 is my "go-to" list and I have found so many new favorites from that era that I had never heard before. 

My collection has grown exponentially, as a direct result of your recommendations and those of the knowledgeable members here, who have shared so much information about many of their own personal favorites.


02/06/2017 10:31

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

Chip, I've read the Dean Martin Family Trust licensed his Reprise recordings, which would include his second Christmas album,  to Sony Music. Is that true?

02/06/2017 09:42

Re :   Message to perspective applicant Robert L.

Thanks for reapplying; application received, reviewed and approved.

Welcome aboard.

02/05/2017 22:16

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

Yes, that song as well as the two Christmas standards from Eydie's 1966 Spanish Christmas album with the Trio Los Panchos Navidad Means Christmas,
"Noche De Paz" (Silent Night) and "Blanca Navidad" (White Christmas), will be included on a Real Gone Music complete Christmas collection CD if we do one.

02/05/2017 01:17

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

There is another song that I include on my personal Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme Christmas Collection - Eydie's wonderful rendition of "My Favorite Things" which she recorded for her 1965 album, Eydie Gorme Sings The Great Songs From The Sound Of Music And Other Broadway Hits.

02/04/2017 22:03

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

Thanks, Jon. And yes, I'm feeling a bit better now. There was a worry that the bronchitis would settle into pneumonia, but after a week on an inhaler and antibiotics, that danger, thankfully, now seems to have passed.

As for the new Real Gone Music Christmas CD releases that are coming out each year, Gordon pretty much now only releases what I personally recommend. This as a result of the sales success of my releases.

A complete Nat and Dino are meritorious ideas, but there are just too many other priorities ahead of them right now to consider. In addition to that, both artists would require engagement (meaning a fight) with UMG (Universal Music Group) to secure the copyrights for distribution, as they are a notoriously difficult company to deal with.

Unfortunately, all of Nat's holiday material (his Christmas album and singles) were on the Capitol Record label, which now belongs to UMG; as well as the first of Dino's two Christmas albums, which was another Capitol LP. Thankfully, though, Dino's second Christmas album was on his buddy Sinatra's Reprise Record label, and that now belongs to WMG (Warner Music Group), which would mean a relatively easy quest to secure the legal copyrights for distribution.

As for this year's CD releases, rest assured that, as always, I will make the exclusive announcement in a group email as well as here on my message board via my "Chip's Tips" column as soon as the deals are closed with the record companies.

02/03/2017 12:26

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

   Thanks very much Chip, hope you feel better or are feeling better now.
    As always, I wanted to come to the source for all things Christmas music...I too hope to see some new Real Gone Music releases...good to know that you have had a lot of input on these.   Keep up the great work!

    Have a good weekend!    Regards,  Jon P in Tennessee

02/03/2017 10:44

Topic :   Message to perspective applicant Robert L.

To the perspective applicant Robert L. from Pennsylvania:

Apparently as a result of a glitch in Aimoo's system, your profile was deleted before I could approve your membership. In order to join, you will need to reapply. Sorry for the inconvenience.

02/03/2017 04:11

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

Sorry for the delayed response, I've been sick with the flu and bronchitis for the last half-month.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the Yule Log broadcast this year.

And no, there is no complete Steve & Eydie collection anywhere. Besides "Go Tell It On The Mountain," another bonus song that is missing from the reissue CD is Steve's great solo of "'Twas The Night Before Christmas," which he recorded exclusively in 1967 for Goodyear's The Great Songs Of Christmas, Vol. 7. There's also Eydie's solo of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear," which she recorded exclusively in 1969 for RCA's Christmas In New York, Vol. 3.

In 2012, when Steve and Eydie first released their Christmas album through their private GL Music label, I mentioned to Steve about adding the above songs as additional bonus tracks to "Baby It's Cold Outside" and "Hurry Home For Christmas" which they had included on their new reissue CD. He said he'd look into it, but unfortunately nothing ever came of it.

As for Nat and Dino, perhaps complete collections for both will be forthcoming from Real Gone Music in the future. We'll see.

02/03/2017 03:28

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

Good Post Christmas Wishes All!   Chip, kudos once again to an amazing Yule Log...really made the holidays bright again!
Regarding Steve and Eydie...does anyone know if the single "Go Tell It on the Mountain" (which appeared on the album that Steve and Eydie did with Arthur Fiedler and Leontyne Price), ever appeared on CD?   It is not on the That Holiday Feeling CD.   Also, does anyone know if ALL the Christmas 'sessions' of both Steve and Eydie and then Steve (solo?) have been listed in print anywhere or are on CD?   Recently, I bought the Perry Como complete sessions and I have the Crosby collection as well as Sinatra's.   Looking into finding Nat King Cole (complete?) and Dean Martin (complete?).   I am hoping the experts here on the world's greatest Christmas Music Blog can help me out in my quest for complete sets.   Thanks all in advance , hope everyone is staying warm and continuing to listen to some great music this Winter 2017!  Regards, Jon P in TN

01/28/2017 08:52

Re :   Jo Stafford's HAPPY HOLIDAYS: I LOVE THE WINTER WEATHER Corinthian CD Differences

No Peter, I can't. It's hard to explain the crazy things these record companies do now and then. Personally, I think they spoiled the cover artwork with their injudicious changes.

01/04/2017 04:40

Topic :   Jo Stafford's HAPPY HOLIDAYS: I LOVE THE WINTER WEATHER Corinthian CD Differences

Does anyone know why the artwork was altered for these two copies of Jo Stafford's Happy Holidays: I Love The Winter Weather CD compilation? I purchased them about a decade apart (the older copy has a black CD tray and the newer copy has a white CD tray) and both bear the catalogue number: COR-114CD.

As you can clearly see, the colors on the front cover of the newer copy (white CD tray) have shifted to a much darker tone (most noticeable in the green drapes) and there's no red in the title or Jo's name. On the back cover, the Corinthian web site address is absent on the newer copy (bottom jewel case), and the artwork printed on the CD itself is different - there's no white line beneath Paul Weston's name and the Corinthian logo is just gone!

I know I'm getting a little lost in the details here. After all, the music is what matters and it is sublime! However, I find it strange that the differences in these two copies of Happy Holidays: I Love The Winter Weather exist at all. If both CDs were issued by the same label, shouldn't they look identical? They're so similar it's like one of those newspaper/magazine games: can you spot the differences in these two photographs?

Can you offer any insight, Chip?

01/03/2017 22:01

Topic :   The Complete Audio for the Yule Log’s new 4th and 5th Hours

Here is the complete audio for the new 4th and 5th hours that I created and produced for the Yule Log telecast in 2009 and 2016, respectively. (For my original announcement in 2009 of the new 4th hour,
click here
; and for my original announcement in 2016 of the new 5th hour, click here.)

The 4th and 5th hours are each posted separately in its own video below; and beneath each video, is the complete track listing for that respective hour. Any questions regarding these 4th and 5th hours can be posted in the Yule Log/Holiday Music section of the message board.

I hope you enjoy these two new hours as much as I had in putting them together.

1)  Mantovani: "Adeste Fideles"

2)  Ray Conniff: "Deck The Halls"

3)  Bert Kaempfert: "Holiday For Bells"

4)  Mitch Miller: "Must Be Santa"

5)  Percy Faith: "Good King Wenceslas"

6)  The New Christy Minstrels: "Sleigh Ride"

7)  The Harry Simeone Chorale: "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"

8)  Bing Crosby: "A Time To Be Jolly"

9)  Percy Faith: "Away In A Manger"

10) Sammy Kaye: "Santa, Santa, Santa Claus"

11) Vic Damone: "Deck The Halls"

12) Bert Kaempfert: "Children's Christmas Dream"

13) Ray Conniff: "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"/"The Little Drummer Boy"

14) The New Christy Minstrels: "Here We Come A-Caroling"

15) Percy Faith: "Angels We Have Heard On High"

16) The Living Voices: "Be A Santa"

17) Ray Conniff: "Joy To The World"

18) Johnny Mathis: "O Holy Night"

19) Sammy Kaye: "All Around The Christmas Tree"

20) Mike Douglas: "Touch Hands On Christmas Morning"

21) The Harry Simeone Chorale: "Christmas Is"

22) Bert Kaempfert: "Jingo Jango"

23) Percy Faith: "Hark The Herald Angels Sing"

1)  Al Hirt: "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"

2)  Patti Page: "Santo Natale"

3)  Andy Williams: "Kaye Thompson's Jingle Bells"

4)  Jim Reeves: "Senor Santa Claus"

5)  Johnny Mathis: "The First Noel"

6)  Kitty Wells: "Dasher With The Light Upon His Tail"

7)  The Norman Luboff Choir: "Do You Hear What I Hear"

8)  Brenda Lee: "This Time Of The Year"

9)  Andre Kostelanetz: "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"/"Jingle Bells"

10) Percy Faith: "Silver Bells"

11) Lawrence Welk: "I Wanna Do More Than Whistle"

12) Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians: "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"

13) Jim Reeves: "Mary's Little Boy Child"

14) Bing Crosby: "The White World Of Winter"

15) Kitty Wells: "Ole Kris Kringle"

16) Johnny Mathis: "The Christmas Song"

17) Brenda Lee: "Strawberry Snow"

18) Andre Kostelanetz: "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"/"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

19) Perry Como: "Christmas Dream"

20) Al Hirt: "Silver Bells"

21) Lynn Anderson: "Mr. Mistletoe"

22) Percy Faith: "Hallelujah Chorus"

01/03/2017 21:30

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

Yes, the original 1966 version of the WPIX Yule Log was broadcast in HD on Christmas Eve from 11pm-12am; and then again one last time on Christmas Day from 7am-8am.

12/30/2016 12:42

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

Was the 1966 Yule log broadcast in HD in NYC? Since I'm in the Chicago area, I could only see the streaming SD version.

12/29/2016 20:33

Re :   Sweet Dreams, Debbie

CBS2 News in NY ran a feature tonight about "Broken Heart Syndrome".  It appears very likely Debbie Reynolds died of grief over her daughter Carrie.  Very sad.  May they both rest in peace.

12/29/2016 19:05

Re :   Sweet Dreams, Debbie

Mother and daughter in the same week - how tragic.

May they rest in peace.

12/29/2016 18:27

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

Well...better four hours than none at all.
Again..appreciate the work done on this!!

12/29/2016 13:21

Topic :   Sweet Dreams, Debbie

There is just nothing that I can say about how incredibly sad this is....

But here's Debbie in happier days: first singing her 1957 #1 smash gold record hit "Tammy," from the 1957 Universal motion picture Tammy and the Bachelor; this poignantly sweet and sentimental ballad by Debbie held the #1 position on the Billboard charts for five consecutive weeks; and second is a scene from the 1954 RKO madcap comedy Susan Slept Here, which is not a Christmas movie per se, but has a nice long Christmas sequence.

Sweet dreams, Debbie....

12/29/2016 12:00

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)


Glad to hear how much you enjoyed the new 5th hour. And I agree on the song lyrics. For the televised broadcast, closed-captioning is available for those who want to see the lyrics to the songs.


I'm hoping that I'll be able to get the full 5-hour presentation aired nationally in the future on Antenna TV; however, this more than likely will be the only year that my new 5th hour will be broadcast on WPIX. It worked out this year because, since Christmas fell on a Sunday, there was no morning news program that day. However, next year Christmas falls on a Monday and the Yule Log will once again be preceded by the morning news. As a result, it will probably be back to four hours.

12/28/2016 21:38

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

By the way, Chip, lest I seem disrespectful in my appreciation of the 1966 Yule Log....you have done tremendous work on the 1970 Yule log with not only the restoration, but also the addition of a fourth and fifth hour. The longer the Yule log, the happier the season, the more the memories come back. Thank you.
On a side note, anyone else notice how much 'slower' the flames are on the 1966 log as compared to the 1970 flames which are jetting up that chimney? ?

Anyone else find themselves watching the bump on the 1970 log disappear and come back?? ?

12/28/2016 10:35

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

So here we are three days after Christmas and I'm watching the 1966 Yule Log on my Pix 11 app on my Amazon Fire Stick. They have that and the regular Yule Log as well as the Log's Story on demand. 
I will be watching them on New Year's Eve. I like to slide out of the Christmas Season the same way that I slide into it. No drop off of a cliff when December 26 rolls around.

12/28/2016 10:14

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

First- I have to say that I had to go out xmas morning at 11 to get some food that was 25 min away and was able to play the log from the wpix website in my car. The 5th hour was fantastic..stuff I have never heard ( and being my age, I don't know where I would have anyway) and fit the mood for the log and in the car. Congrats to you and Wpix for making it great.

I did find it interesting that on the webcast that were putting the words up to the songs. It was strange , yet kind of cool of doing it  ( kind of fulfilling Fred's original thought in a weird sort of way). I must say though I don't think this would work broadcast on tv as the log in the simplest form without words works as it always has.

Finally, I do agree from a historical standpoint, the 66 footage was great to see this anniversary year, but the Ca 70's and beyond version should be the one going forward.

12/28/2016 10:03

Re :   It's A Wonderful Life

Well it took long enough, but this year I purchased the Blu Ray version of It's A Wonderful Life.  I got the Platinum Anniversary edition.  When I opened the package, it contained two discs.  One was the original B&W edition, the other was the colorized version.  On Christmas Eve, I decided I'd watch the colorized edition since I'd never seen it.  And of course, I could watch it with no commercials!  I'd say Paramount did a good job with the colorization.  The clarity was definitely better than the regular DVD version.

It's A Wonderful Life is a chestnut that just gets better with years.  It's part of my required Christmas viewing.

12/27/2016 18:04

Re :   ***I Have Added a 5th Hour to the Yule Log Soundtrack***

It was simply done to highlight my new 5th hour.

12/25/2016 22:19

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)


WPIX did digitally restore the '66 footage and what you saw on television was the best that could be done to restore it. It's fatally flawed because its only16mm film stock.

And glad you liked my new 5th hour.


There's no sprocket problem with the '66 footage and as I said in my above comments, everything that could be done to restore the film has been done. And yes, the program does indeed belong on Christmas Eve night; however, because of commitments to network programming, WPIX just can't show it on Christmas Eve night like they used to.

12/25/2016 22:18

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (National Coverage)

Our Antenna TV Affiliate had The Tonight Show with Johny Carson bumpers a few times in between the 1-hour pan in and pan out..  But I didn't lose OTA Signal.  So that is a plus.  I love the 5th hour of music too.

12/25/2016 13:56

Re :   ***I Have Added a 5th Hour to the Yule Log Soundtrack***

I've noticed on the Facebook page of 11 Action News,the 5th Hour has been sectioned off into its own post,instead of being cojoined with the main portion of the Program...Was this done because of Station ID,or was the Live feed interrupted for a second?

12/25/2016 12:09

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

Genoman, I am not the expert, but I believe that the jerking was caused because of it only being a 17 second loop, therefore the transition wasn't smooth.  Yes part of the jerking could be from the sprocket slots in the 16mm film.  I would venture to guess that this found footage is in good condition for it's age. so there shouldn't be sprocket slot wear.

I wholeheartdly agree with you that there is a certain magic to having it back on Christmas Eve.  And of course being the original 1966 footage, it brings back such good feelings.  (Not that there is anything wrong with the California re-shoot and a lot more people probably remember that footage if they hadn't watched The Yule Log prior to that filming)  I am glad that somoene else agrees with me.

Though I did watch this in 1966 and consecutive years, it wasn't until 1971 that I was able to watch it in full color.  We only had a B&W televison and our first year living in Westchester County, we still didn't have a Color Television, but we got one for an early Christmas present in 1971, so we were able to watch it in color as well as listening to it in Stereo on WPIX-FM.

Prior to that we were living in Burlington, Vermont, and being there were maybe 4 or 5 TV Stations, the cable company gave us WPIX on Channel 11 and after the Canadian French Language station on Channel 2 went off the air, we would get WCBS Channel 2 and could watch The Late Late Show and then The Late Late Late Show, which were usually the Classic B&W Movies.

When we moved back to Vermont in 1975, WPIX was still on the cable system along with HBO and Showtime, but then only one channel each,  So I was still able to watch the Yule Log.  I don't remember the year, but I was using my VCR to tape it too.  Unfortuantely, only one tape survived because there was a pipe leaking above where I had some of my tapes stored.  I think it was the 1986 broadcast.   I had sent Chip a copy when he was trying to get the song list completed, it might have been 1985.  But I still continued watching every year.  Sadly, the cable company no longer offers WPIX to it's subscribers.  I was fortunate that Dish Network lets us have WPIX, WWOR, WSBK, KWGN and KTLA as Superstations.  So I am able to continue viewing The Yule Log.

Congratulatons on the Vintage Vinyl.  You might catch up to Chip and myself, but I'm not even close to Chip yet.  I would never be able to catch up to him.

Chip, KUDOS to you on the music for the 5th hour.  It is so approrpiate for The Yule Log.  Thank you for all your hard work.

I don't know how I'm going to fit it on a single DVD+r lol.  I know the DVD9's hold more but they are more expensive too.

12/25/2016 10:35

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

The 'jerking' mentioned in a previous post about the 1966 log appear to be caused more by worn sprocket holes in the original film. They can stabilize that image if they wanted to do so. Much in the same way that the early silent films were speed corrected and images stabilized. It's not cheap..but it can be done.
I enjoyed seeing the 1966 Yule Log again...on Christmas Eve where it belongs!!! I hope that WPIX might do that again...even for an hour...in the ensuing years. There is a certain magic to having it back on Christmas Eve in the later hours of the day as night comes in. I've already emailed WPIX and asked then to do just that....air it on Christmas Eve...even if just for that one hour.

On a side note....last week I stopped into a local indie store here in New Jersey. Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ has been my go-to record store since the early 80's. I managed to grab some used Christmas vinyl. It appears that someone had just recently dumped their store branded Christmas vinyl (obviously a collector at one point) and I was able to grab some Christmas vinyl from Acme Markets, A&P, GoodYear...and I was able to fill one of the holes in my WT Grants Christmas album collection.  A few others as well. I wanted to make sure that they went to a good home. :-)

12/25/2016 08:45

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

I wasn't implying that WPIX replace the highly superior California re-shoot with the 1966 footage by any means.

I can't say that I have invested most of my time and resources in getting the music restored and adding the 4th and 5h hours to the program either.

As you know, Christmas is a huge part of my life and we both have been collecting Vinyl records for about the same amount  of time.  Though I can't say that my collection is anywhere close to yours.  It is larger than most people.

The WPIX Yule Log has been very near and dear to my heart and though I don't have the resources that  you and your predecessor had, I can say my love for this great program is probably as deep as your.  I am a very dedicated fan of the WPIX Yule Log.  I haven't missed a broadcast since 1966.  And whether I watch it live it or recorded I intend to watch it for many years to come God Willing.  I watch it during the year too.

As for my opinion about the flickering flames, I do love that they were much fuller in the 1966 footage.  And the burning log is fuller.

Yes the quality isn't that good from the 1966 footage,   But if you were to compare the unrestored 1970 footage to the restored, the difference might be similar.

Yes I realize that WPIX wouldn't invest time and money into digitally cleaing up the 1966 footage because of it being such a short loop that it would be jerky and therefore not worth it for many reasons.

The andirons in my opinion have that extension toward the center on the 1966 footage and  look better to  me.  My love for this beautiful music is so deep that even if the 1970 footage had never happened, I would be more than content to watch 4 to 5 hours of original 1966 footage being it would be better than no fireplace  all.

Please don't get me wrong,  I fully appreciate your time and resources involved in restoring the music so that people can appreciate this beautiful program for generations to come.  I'm addition, I want to add your hard work on getting all the great Christmas music released on CD.

If it wasn't for dedicated persons such as yourself, the great gift that Fred Thrower gave us might never have been able to continue giving.

12/25/2016 05:59

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

Many sincere and heartfelt thanks for your incredibly kind and generous message, Joshua; I am deeply touched and appreciative.

Have a blessed Christmas, my boy.

12/25/2016 03:55

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

Beautifully put!
Tuning in NOW! And only 3 hours to go until the new 5th hour! Can't wait to hear it!
Merry Christmas Master Chip! 
And Happy 50th!

The Log couldn't have gone to a better and more qualified person, other than yourself.
You've not only resurrected and restored the one and only ORIGINAL Yule Log for newer generations to come, so that they may know GOOD Christmas music when they HEAR it among so much of the bad and homogenized Christmas music that is sadly so factory-cranked-out in the world of today, you've preserved its origins of importance not only in the visuals, but also the audios as well, by retaining the official Log's classiness by creating and merging the 4th and 5th hours most appropriately to sync perfectly with the particular mid-20th century musical atmosphere that the Log offers, unlike the many clones OF the Log that have since come and gone so many times, because they just didn't have that beautiful roster of talent in the hearing department. That "mid-20th century era" of Christmas music, in my opinion, could never be copied or duplicated. It almost seems now that the arrival age of the two words "IN STEREO" was an era that was perfectly timed to yield the warm-your-soul phonics that the original Yule Log continues to yield each year, and thanks to you, will do so for eternal centuries to come. 
The Heavens themselves must have surely known, that The Log, and the sounds OF it ... needed to go to the right Father, in which you are, with such devotion; protecting it, helping it grow, as if it were a well brought-up child. It will live on forever, because of YOU Lawrence F. "CHIP" Arcuri!
So Happy Father's Day!

Well done on this most important offspring of yours that has "archived" this perfect glorious music for the entire universe to harmonize with each year on this most significant day that honors our Master's birth.
And because of you, the once blind and deaf ears of the music industry to so many locked-away and buried-in-the-vaults classic Christmas carols, sung by the crooning and instrumentalist greats ... are now not so blind and deaf anymore.
May the industry continue to listen to your voice, and this beloved board of yours, in continuing to properly restore and remaster planet Earth's most cherished Christmas music ... so that the future will never be without it, ever again.

Each and every one of your precious pieces of music in which you have fought so relentlessly hard to get labels to unlock their masters and dust them off, should NEVER be "out of print" ever again. May you never have to lobby so hard for such music that should never again disappear, not only for THIS season, but for EVERY season. 
These aren't just songs,
these are some of the best songs Earth ever generated in what is now a bygone era that is not only just a part of AMERICA's history, but the entire GLOBE's!
These are masterpieces for the future to study ... on how to do Christmas music the RIGHT way.
These songs ... ARE Christmas.
And no Christmas would be complete WITHOUT these songs, and the original renditions OF them!

I, and my generation, are honored to have watched and listened to you raise your most beloved adopted child all of these years, and the Heavens are most grateful to you for SHARING this child of yours ... with so many.
You've helped to continue the Log's mere 7 minute loop, for 7 billion people.

Many "bells will ring" today because of your most determined spirit that has endured so much, 
and because so, you "got your wings" quite some time ago.
Should you ever forget that during times of doubt and sadness,
just let me know,
and I'll be happy to remind you of it.

You've helped us ALL be more happy Lawrence,
you've helped us ALL ... to have a more Wonderful Life ...
AND a fireplace ... that pipes out only the BEST light and warmth on earth.

Merry Christmas,
and Have A Happy!

12/25/2016 03:18

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

There is no one that knows, loves or cherishes this program more than I do and certainly no one that has dedicated more of his life (blood, sweat and tears) to its preservation, promotion and legacy by virtue of my 2006 audio restoration of the original 3-hour soundtrack, my new Fourth and Fifth hours that I created and added to the program in 2009 and 2016 respectively, as well as all the work involved in maintaining the YuleLog.com website and YuleLog.com message board as the sole owner and webmaster.

So all that I can say beyond what I have said repeatedly and unequivocally before about
the classic and legendary 1970 reshoot footage being far superior to the original 1966 footage both technically (because it was shot on state-of-the-art 35mm film), as well as artistically (because of the much more ornate mantelpiece that was used and the spectacular roaring fire that was captured on film within that glorious 7-minute loop that the 1970 program is comprised of), is that this will very likely be the only year that the original 1966 footage will be shown.

Again, as I have also said repeatedly and unequivocally before, the 1966 footage will never be allowed to displace the 1970 Yule Log footage, as that is the iconic fireplace footage that has captured the fascination of millions in the tri-state area since 1970, and now, with its broadcast nationally since 2003, many more millions across the country. Again, it is this iconic footage that has become so classic and legendary, not the original 1966 footage.

After all the years we searched for it, it was great to finally see the original 1966 footage air again purely for nostalgic reasons -- especially on its 50th anniversary. But next year, happily, the classic and legendary 1970 Yule Log will be unfettered by competition from its inferior predecessor.

12/25/2016 01:30

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)


I can't say that I exactly remember how the original fireplace looked being I was only 8 years old at the time, and no video tape means existed, and no camera photos taken, but I do remember definitely watching it in 1966 and every year thereafter until the California re-shoot, though we didn't realize that it was redone until the WPIX Special "A Log's Life"  and I was fortunate enough to see each broadcast up until 1989 and then (2000, on the Internet) 2001 to present.

This is just my opinion, but I like the flames and logs much better than the California re-shoot.  the only "Jerking" I can see, is it appears as if someone was holding the camera instead of it being on a dolly, but it was on a dolly. Other than that I really love it!!!!!  Yes, I know that the California re-shoot is highly superior but I really love the andirons and the flames.

I took a picture of the TV screen using my laptop computer, but the camera doesn't work correctly, so the image is very grainy.

As you should be able to see, there are black bars all around the screen, and zooming in doesn't make a difference other than the image is a little larger.  The PIX11 logo, goes beyond the video, so I am guessing once again that The Yule Log broadcast won't fill the screen either.

I have asked Dish Network about this and they tell me that WPIX won't allow them to give us the HD feed because this isn't a local TV station for us, but is a Superstation.

I just hope that our Antenna TV affiliate doesn't superimpose their large WGRZ 2-2 logo on the screen or that they don't interrupt for anything else.

(EDITED to correct typos and to change the size of the picture. and add more notes!!!)

My Television screen is 55 inches, and on the sides in this image of the screen there is almost almost 10 inches of black on both sides and the PIX11 Logo is partly in the video, so the normal WPIX images would extend about 5 inches away from the actual edge of my Television screen on both sides.  (Being this is the SD feed)  The black at the top and bottom is about 3 inches.

Now for regular HD broadcasts, i.e. my local channels, 99% of the time the image fills the screen without zooming in, but occasionally it has black bars at the top and bottom only.

Normally I get the 16:9  or 1.77:1 Screen Ratio, but when I get the black bars at the top and bottom only, i.e. watching a DVD/Blu-Ray, they are in 21:9  or 2:35:1 Screen Ratio.

12/24/2016 22:31

Re :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (National Coverage)

I've checked both times on My TV to let Me Know when it comes on,so it will switch on automatically!

12/24/2016 17:38

Re :   When did WPIX Remove the Bumper Theme (1966-?)

Oh okay, probably something that can't be shared due to Copyright.
I wish we had VCR's back in the 1960's and early 1970's  I do know that commercial VTR's were around and the tapes were on large spools.  I think the tapes were 3 or 4 inches across, trying to remember my Middle School days when I got to work in the Media Resource Center and would be able to cue up video for a particular classroom and they could see it on the Monitors.

I don't remember the specific programs, but do remember that what was recorded still had to Cigarrette commercials in them.

12/24/2016 09:39

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

You're welcome, John, and Merry Christmas to you, too!

12/24/2016 00:23


12/24/2016 00:22

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

Thanks for the confirmation, Chip. I kind of figured that was the case, but wanted to double check before I tore into it. Merry Christmas, buddy!

12/23/2016 23:29

Re :   When did WPIX Remove the Bumper Theme (1966-?)

Thank you Chip,
Glad to know my memory hasn't completely failed me yet, and hope it won't.

Do any of those bumpers still exist today?

12/23/2016 20:16

Re :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

The Real Gone Music CD is the exact same CD that Steve and Eydie released in 2002 through their record company GL Music. Gordon is just distributing it for them.

12/23/2016 11:22

Topic :   A Question re: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - That Holiday Feeling!

I just ordered the 2012 Real Gone Music release of Steve & Eydie's That Holiday Feeling! from Amazon. The CD I received looks identical to my old 2002 GL Music release, with the same catalog number, a 2002 copyright date, and no mention of Real Gone Music anywhere on the exterior of the product (just GL Music). My question, before I open it, is: Is this in fact the 2012 release, or did Amazon send me the older one? Can anybody who has this CD confirm?

12/23/2016 04:31

Re :   When did WPIX Remove the Bumper Theme (1966-?)

That's correct, Susan. The original hour and half-hourly announcements by WPIX staff announcer Ralph Lowenstein did indeed reference Gracie Mansion. And even after the new footage was re-shot in California in 1970, those same announcements aired on the broadcast -- and they did so well into the 1970s.

The reason why WPIX did not change the announcements is because, as proud as they were of the new Yule Log footage, they were not so eager for New Yorker's to know that the new Yule Log fireplace was filmed in California. So it was a bit of subterfuge on their part.

12/23/2016 00:35

Re :   When did WPIX Remove the Bumper Theme (1966-?)

Am I mistaken, or were there bumpers stating something about the fireplace being taped/filmed from Gracie Mansion?  I want to say this was in the 1970's.

I think I asked something about this around the time the 3-hour soundtrack was restored.  And because the information about the California reshoot.  I remembered an announcementend on WPIX stating it was from beautiful  Gracie Mansion.

12/22/2016 20:44

Re :   When did WPIX Remove the Bumper Theme (1966-?)

You did the right thing, Will; but sometimes certain videos do not come up using the Aimoo YouTube search function.

12/19/2016 22:39

Re :   When did WPIX Remove the Bumper Theme (1966-?)

Hi again, Chip!

I tried using that YouTube button, but couldn't figure out what to do next.

I got a "Search" box, but what do I put into it?

When I typed in Eddie Dunstedter God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen  and clicked on "Search" I got a window filled with icons for a bunch of Christmas songs, but none of them was for the "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."  The first two were for "Eddie Dunstedter - Christmas Candy" and "Eddie Dunstedter - Christmas Medley."  But  those were the only two Eddie Dunstedter tunes in the window.

What am I doing wrong?

12/19/2016 19:28

Re :   When did WPIX Remove the Bumper Theme (1966-?)

I didn't notice that Michael misspelled Eddie's last name, Will. The correct spelling is Dunstedter.

And to insert a YouTube video, just use the YouTube icon in the options at the top.

12/19/2016 15:19

Re :   When did WPIX Remove the Bumper Theme (1966-?)

Hi Chip!  "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" has always been one of my favorite carols, so Michael Boyce's post prompted me to Google to see if I could hear that Eddie Dunsleder version.

But I was surprised to strike out completely; not even a hit for the post in this forum:

      "Your search - Eddie Dunsleder - did not match any documents."

Do I have the name spelled correctly?

P.S.  What's a "bumper"?

P.P.S. Found it!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vd2GewLZW4

But I'll be danged if I could figure out how to insert the youtube player into my message

12/19/2016 07:53

Topic :   2016 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (Local Coverage)

Here is the official 2016 local Tribune affiliate broadcast schedule for the ORIGINAL WPIX Yule Log!

 Please Note: All broadcast times are for December 25th and are shown in that city's local time:

New York/WPIX ~ 7am-12pm

Seattle/KZJO ~ 9am-4pm

Miami/WSFL ~ 8:30am-11am

Salt Lake City/KSTU ~ 5am-7am

St. Louis/KPLR ~ 5am-6:30am

Indianapolis/WXIN ~ 6am-9am

Grand Rapids/WXMI ~ 5am-7am

Harrisburg/WPMT ~ 4am-10am

Chicago/WGN ~ 1:30am-8am

Portland/KRCW ~ 11am-1pm

Denver/KWGN ~ 7am-11am

Hartford/WTIC ~ 6am-9am

Sacramento/KTXL ~ 1:30pm-5pm

Note: For the National television coverage on Antenna TV, please Click Here.

**KDAF/Dallas, KIAH/Houston, KTLA/Los Angeles and KSWB/San Diego are not showing the WPIX Yule Log.

12/19/2016 00:30

Topic :   When did WPIX Remove the Bumper Theme (1966-?)

Just wanted to ask,when Did PIX Remove Eddie Dunsleder's "God Rest Ye Merry,Gentlemen"? I'm guessing the Mid '70's,but not sure..I do know,for a while,they did use one of Ronnie Aldrich's 1964 tunes as the Bumper.

12/17/2016 16:08

Re :   Greg Lake, R.I.P.

Sorry to hear this.  I love "I Believe In Father Christmas".  Thanks for posting.

12/14/2016 13:17

Mister Gri
Re :   The Original 1966 Yule Log Footage Has Finally Been Found

This is amazing!  Saw the news conference when they played a teaser.  

12/11/2016 08:00

Re :   Living Guitars/Living Strings 'The Joy Of Christmas/The Sound Of Christmas' Real Gone Music Reissue


The main release of the 2-fer CD is the Living Strings LP, and I chose it simply because it not only resides in the 1st Tier of my
Top 500, but in my Top 40, coming in at #33.

To package it with another album, there were only two "Living" Christmas albums still out-of-print -- and both reside in the 2nd Tier of my
Top 500: The Living Trio's 1967 LP and the Living Guitars' 1969 LP.

Both are great albums, but I chose the Living Guitars album simply because the 2fer CD could be marketed as two consecutively released "Living" Christmas albums from 1969 and 1970.

As for the Living Trio album, I hope to get it released later as a standalone CD.

And yes, Camden was a budget label for RCA Records; but its original releases -- especially Ethel Gabriel's "Living" LPs, were 1st class productions and employed some of the best and most talented people (conductors, arrangers and musicians) in the entire record industry. And, of course, Ethel was a 1st class producer, and she is someone that I am proud to call my friend.

I just talked with her last month on her birthday and she is so happy that these Christmas albums are being re-released and gratified that her work is still being appreciated. My goal was to get the rest of her Christmas library back in print while she's still alive, and the only one left now is the Living Trio LP.

By the way, these albums might seem obscure today to young folks like yourself, but they were critically acclaimed, highly received and wildly popular in their day. As for why they are not mentioned or talked about on other sites that you visit, I cannot say, but will only add that if that is the case, then they are stark omissions.

12/09/2016 16:08

Re :   Mantovani Christmas TV show on Amazon Prime

This was a great Christmas show that Monty did -- especially because he performed several classics from his Christmas Carols LP, in particular his magnificent rendition of "Hark The Herald Angels Sing."

12/09/2016 16:00

Topic :   Greg Lake, R.I.P.

Sadly, Greg Lake passed away on December 7, 2016 at the age of 69. Greg was a member of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but he might be best known for his 1975 Christmas single, "I Believe In Father Christmas". Each year around this time, I hear his song being played on the radio, on TV, in various stores, and I enjoy it very much. Rest in peace, Greg, and thank you for the music...


12/09/2016 15:33

Topic :   Living Guitars/Living Strings 'The Joy Of Christmas/The Sound Of Christmas' Real Gone Music Reissue

Hi Chip! I was wondering if you could shed some light as to why you urged Real Gone Music to reissue the Living Guitars/Living Strings The Joy Of Christmas/The Sound Of Christmas on CD this year.

Let me preface my above statement by positively proclaiming that, next to The Jack Jones Christmas Album, The Joy Of Christmas/The Sound Of Christmas might just be my favorite of the 2016 Real Gone Music Christmas album reissues!

Unlike the other albums in the bunch, I'd hardly heard mention of either The Joy Of Christmas or The Sound Of Christmas on any of the Christmas album fan sites that I frequent (Ernie (Not Bert), Falalalala.com, etc.). I know quite well that you have a huge list ranking the classic Christmas LPs you'd like to bring back to circulation on CD. I just find it surprising that these seemingly forgotten LPs rose to the top of that list - enough for you to bring them to Gordon Anderson's attention.

Was there a huge demand for either The Joy Of Christmas or The Sound Of Christmas? Were they that fondly remembered from the days of their original release? RCA Camden was a budget record label, correct? How amazing, and wonderful, that such seemingly obscure albums can get reissued on CD!

Can you please recount a bit of the backstory surrounding Real Gone Music's Living Guitars/Living Strings The Joy Of Christmas/The Sound Of Christmas reissue? Thanks again for all your hard work!

12/09/2016 09:37

Topic :   Mantovani Christmas TV show on Amazon Prime

If you have Amazon Prime a Christmas episode of a Mantovani TV show is available for free streaming. The black and white picture (shot on film) is crystal clear and the sound is fine. Only complaint is that it's too short, only 23 minutes. Amazon also has the whole first season of the series available for streaming but it's not free. There are also a few Danny Kaye Christmas shows for free too-one with Peggy Lee and one with Nat 'King' Cole. Merry Christmas to all.

12/08/2016 09:28

Topic :   Why does my Spotify page look so weird?

My Spotify page displays strange characters.  Any techies on board who can tell me how to fix it?

12/05/2016 22:12

Re :   When Do You Start Playing Your Christmas Music?

We generally start the week after Thanksgiving.  Although my husband plays it all year long.

12/05/2016 04:06

Re :   The Original 1966 Yule Log Footage Has Finally Been Found

Yes, the Yule Log reshoot was filmed in August of 1970. For behind-the-scenes pics of the reshoot featuring producer Bill Cooper and the crew, click here.

12/01/2016 20:47

Re :   The Original 1966 Yule Log Footage Has Finally Been Found

Wasn't the '70's Reshoot filmed in the Summer,so the Crew had Beer and Wore Swimming Trunks while they were Filming,or was that a Fake Story? I'm Curious to find out!

12/01/2016 19:19

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