Title: Yule Log on The Radio Chick
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(Date Posted:11/30/2006 19:53)

NY's 92.3 Free FM's The Radio Chick opened her show yesterday with a 1/2 hour discussion about the Yule Log. Her sidekicks, Butch and Chuck, kept ranting against the Yule Log and the 40th Anniversary Yule Log special, however, The Radio Chick kept sticking to her guns and stating how she likes the Yule Log. In addition, someone named "Jeremy," who supposedly worked on the upcoming special called into the show to defend the Log. All in all, very entertaining stuff.
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(Date Posted:11/30/2006 21:18)

Jeremy is the producer at WPIX we worked with on the 40th anniversary special. I'm glad he was listening so he could call in and defend the show. I wish I knew about it, I would have called in and given Butch and Chuck an earful.

If people can't say anything nice, I wish they just wouldn't say anything at all. These people who go around attacking things like this -- especially something as innocuous as the Yule Log, which is a nothing more than a jolly, happy tradition that has brought Yuletide joy to countless people over the years, just must not be happy with their own lives. I feel sorry for them.

There is something to be said for people who can celebrate the simple things in life and take great joy from them. I'm know I'm one, and so is Joe. It's a virtue I hope we will always have.  

Thanks for the post Trace. 

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(Date Posted:12/01/2006 07:22)

Regarding the comments made today on Free-FM, I'll just say this. In 1943 CBS News' Broadcast Pioneer Edward R. Murrow made the following statement.. "There's no such thing as bad press". I would imagine Free-FM's Mr. Nice and Mr. Brennan's comments were probably made out of anger that their average audience share probably cannot equal 25% of what the Yule Log pulled every year since its return. Not to mention the fact that major sponsors are willing to pour extravagant amounts of money for 2 tiny blurbs in the beginning and the end of the program while, I believe in a 4 hour radio show, breaks are taken a little more frequent. I wish continued success for the career of Ms Gold and her show. However, mentalities such as her sidekicks are not even worth wasting the time of true, sincere individuals who seek more productive ways of expressing themselves rather than bashing traditions others hold dear.
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(Date Posted:12/01/2006 15:03)

Well Put Joe!
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