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The help forum has been transferred to new aimoo, it is below:

The transfer will be executed one by one and we will close the PM funciton, the registeration function and the creating forum function in old aimoo.  

The forum data will be transferred is below:

1. the control panel settings including categories, icons, permission and so on.
2. the forum skin 
3. all topics and replies
4. all valid members
5. owner`s profile and PM ( it will be lost probably but not many)
6. forum balance

Except of above, all forum transferred will get free a month diamond.

The transfer will take many days and we plan to complete it in 27th and we will publish the other funtions step by step, they are friends, Album, Youtube video upload and so on, except that, we will publish a new chatroom in future.

If you have any questions, you can email us by

Thanks again for your understanding and support. Aimoo will get better and better with all of you!

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(Date Posted:12/22/2008 16:46)

I'm pleased to announce WGN America has decided to add the WPIX Yule Log to the lineup.
The PIX Log will air on WGN America nationally on 12/25 from 9:30-11am EST.

WGN America wil air YULE LOG: THE GOLDEN AGE OF CHRISTMAS, 9 hours of holiday memories from the Golden Age of Radio from 9 pm EST on December 24th through 6 am EST on December 25th.

From 9:30-11am EST, the WPIX Yule Log will air on WGN America.
Please tune in for both!

***(Message edited by the Yule Message Board administrator on 12/23/08 to correct the broadcast time for WGN America's presentation of the WPIX Yule Log)

Christmas Music Guru

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(Date Posted:12/23/2008 00:10)

Thank you Jessica Bellucci!

For those who don't know, Jessica is the wonderful public relations manager for WPIX and an ardent fan of the Yule Log, I might add!

As Jessica said, WGN has announced today that as a result of public demand, they will indeed be airing the original and genuine WPIX Yule Log on Christmas morning from 8:30-10am EST. This is a great victory we can all be proud of. Kudos to WGN for being so responsive to viewer's feedback from around the country, including yours truly.    

I would like to publically post here the emails that were exchanged today between myself and Sean Compton, who is the Sr. Vice President of Entertainment & Programming for WGN. Sean is the one responsible for making today's good news possible for Yule Log fans across the country. He had a request in his email that he wanted me to pass along to you, but I thought it would be more appropriate for you to read it for yourselves

Received 12/22/08 @ 16:42:54 EST


Let’s compromise. I’ve made arrangements for the WPIX Yule Log to air on Christmas Day morning for 90 mins giving it a fair time slot at 8:30am eastern.

Thanks again for your passion for what it is we do. Please alert Yule Log fans and ask them to at least try out the radio shows.


Sent 12/22/08 @ 22:45:19 EST:


As I told Marty Wilke when we spoke the other day, all this was so unnecessary.

Given the kind of time that you are dedicating to the broadcast, there was more than enough time to air both Yule Log programs. And we were perfectly content with our program airing in the overnight hours, just as you have faithfully done in the past. This certainly should have been no great sacrifice to the station because as you said yourself, this is when TV has its lowest levels of viewership.

There's nothing wrong with coming up with new programming ideas, but it just shouldn't come at the expense of the original Yule Log.  

On behalf of all Yule Log fans, thank you for at least finding some time in your schedule for the program -- 90 minutes is certainly better than none at all -- and that it's at a time when more viewers will be able to watch it, is an added plus.

It is these little treasures of joy like The Yule Log that give such comfort to people and take on such greater meaning especially in these difficult days of economic distress at home and war abroad.   

Best wishes for you and your staff at WGN.

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri 
Owner | The Yule Message Board
& Owner in 2009 of The Yule website

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Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri
Owner/Webmaster | The Yule

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