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Christmas Cheers


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(Date Posted:08/25/2007 06:40)

Hi All, Just wondering about the status of the Log for Christmas 2007. Is it going to happen? Any extras ("A Log's Life", etc)? Chip, I guess that you or Joe would definitely know.Just wondering... Thanks Cheers, Bob

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(Date Posted:08/25/2007 08:00)

Hi Bob,

I know everyone out there is anxious for this year's scheduling info for our beloved Log.

We have been in contact with WPIX, and as soon as we get the lowdown from them, we'll pass it along.

Like last year, we'll post scheduling info on the website for all Tribune affiliates across the country that carry the broadcast. And ridicule the ones that don't -- just kidding!!

However, I can tell you that if the past is any indicator, they won't commit to anything firm until the after November sweeps are completed.

Thanks for the question and your enthusiasm buddy.




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