Title: Could it be?????? Maybe.
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Christmas Cheers


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(Date Posted:08/17/2007 07:08)

Hey all, Its been a long time since I've posted, and I really wanted to chime in after Chip's take on Christmas-themed stores going under. Thankfully, I have some pretty good news to report. First off, I was in Fortunoff's in Westbury LI the other day and it appears that the construction of the Christmas scenes is well underway (areas have been walled off). Signs in the store lead me to believe that the store will be open by some time in September. This was the case last year, and I can say from experience that the full Christmas setup is not fully active until Mid/late October but its open while they finish things up in September (certain scenes are closed). It was a thing of beauty though seeing it starting to come together. Oh...also, I am trying to find out if the new Fortunoff Outdoor store on Route 110 in Farmingdale will be turning into the Christmas Store as well. I sure hope so. Also, and this could be huge considering the recent discussion, it looks like Harrow's may be making their return. I spotted a sign for a "grand opening" just north of Republic Airport on Rt. 110 in Farmingdale. From what I could see, from the street, it looks like they're selling patio furniture and other outdoor "stuff", which is what the "old" Harrow's was selling at this point last year. Upon further investigation, I found this: http://www.harrows.com/ I admit, I didn't have to look too hard. This could be great news. It will be interesting to see what becomes of it. Good News? I hope so. Cheers, Bob

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(Date Posted:08/18/2007 08:21)

Yes Bob, it is indeed true: Harrows is making a comeback!

A few of the people connected with the old defunct business decided to get together to buy the name and resurrect the business. I have been told by management that the new Patchogue and Farmingdale stores are a bit smaller than the old stores -- about 11,000 square feet, versus the original average of 15,000 square feet. Notwithstanding this however, they have pretty much lined up the same vendors, and will for the most part, offer the same merchandise as the old stores -- especially with regard to Christmas goods.

I was told that they plan on adding additional stores in the future as business conditions permit; however, the locations of such have yet to be determined. I was also told they have been inundated with calls from their old customers, as well as former customers of the old Christmas City and Treasure Island stores, who have decried the void left in the wake of their absence after the bankruptcies.

Like you and I Bob, these astute and savvy shoppers also know full well that when it comes to selection and variety of merchandise, the so-called super stores and mega-centers -- or anybody else for that matter, can't even come close to these great specialty shops.

In fact, quite frankly, metaphorically speaking -- they couldn't even pack their lunch.       

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