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Title: Upcoming 2016 Real Gone Music Christmas CD Releases
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RE:Upcoming 2016 Real Gone Music Christmas CD Releases
(Date Posted:11/20/2016 23:15)

Hello Chip and Johnny,

Yes indeed, there are some real dimwits out there posting ridiculous comments and baseless reviews on amazon periodically and usually they are outweighed heavily by the rest of us music lovers with common sense and a decent ear.

I remember well that absolutely idiotic review of the George Melachrino album and particularly that very unfair and almost personal attack on the incredibly beautiful remastering job Maria Triana did on that splendid release.  I followed your lead as well Chip and posted my own five star review defending the great remastering job by the brilliant Ms Triana.

Maria Triana has got to be one of the best remastering engineers and has even worked on Elvis Presley's catalogue for RCA on some of his box sets with the legendary engineer Vic Anesini who is beloved by Elvis audiophiles all over the world.  As you well know Chip, one does not get close to the Elvis masters unless they have impeccable credentials and an amazing track record.  The Elvis recording catalogue is probably the most valuable and revered in the business besides the Beatles' master recordings.

The Jack Jones Christmas album remastered by the very respected Mike Milchner is extraordinary as well.  I find the remastering efforts by Real Gone Music to be superior to any other labels in the business, especially with regard to these great Christmas gems from the late fifties and early sixties.  When I see a Christmas re-release is coming from a label other than Real Gone Music, I am almost always slightly disappointed as I know they are unlikely to take the same care in remastering and producing the original art work and have such amazing liner notes.

Please help Real Gone Music keep up the great effort in rereleasing these masterpieces from a bygone era and know that your Yule Log members will have your and Real Gones's back when it comes to these efforts.

Best Regards,


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RE:Upcoming 2016 Real Gone Music Christmas CD Releases
(Date Posted:11/21/2016 13:11)

I listened to my copy of the Jack Jones Christmas album again, and while it's not a needle drop that someone thinks it is on Amazon, it's sounds to me that it's been remastered from a less than pristine source tape. I'm thinking the original master was probably destroyed in the disastrous Universal Music Group vault fire in 2008, and Real Gone had to use a secondary source.
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Christmas Music Guru

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RE:Upcoming 2016 Real Gone Music Christmas CD Releases
(Date Posted:11/21/2016 13:40)


What particularly irked me about that odious reviewer's completely unfounded attack on Maria is that she is as kind a person as the beautiful job she does as a remastering engineer. I just can't brook people who callously and recklessly impugn the professional and personal integrity of a person without any regard whatsoever.

Thanks for manifesting your support for Real Gone Music by posting your stellar reviews on Amazon.


No, thankfully the original master session tapes for Jack's 1964 Christmas LP were not destroyed in the 2008 fire.

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Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri
Owner/Webmaster | The Yule

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