Title: 'The Santa Clause' trilogy
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(Date Posted:06/04/2009 02:43)

I caught the last part of the movie "Home Alone 2" late last night on the ABC Family Channel and it obviously got me into the Christmas feeling again. I started thinking about Christmas-themed movies that have been released within the last few years. I went back a bit thinking about the remake of "A Bishop's Wife" with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston and a more recent version of "A Christmas Carol" starring George C. Scott. These were nice versions but they do not hold a candle to the original "A Bishop's Wife" starring Cary Grant and David Niven or the ultimate version of "A Christmas Carol", "Scrooge" starring Allistair Sim. I just could not think of anything that approaches the level of these and other classics.

Then, I thought about the "The Santa Clause" trilogy starring Tim Allen. These Disney movies are probably the closest to standing the test of time, or a least being fan favorites to any of the classics or cult/fan favorites. They are family-oriented films with somewhat original story lines. I mean who hasn't thought of what it would be like to be Santa Claus. The third movie might have went a little too far in having a pregnant Mrs. Claus as one of the plot lines. I think the movie would have done well with just two interwoven plot lines. One, Santa having to deal with a jealous, attention-starved Jack Frost. The other, trying to bring Santa's in-laws up to speed and involved in their daughter and son-in-law's lives without revealing what the son-in-law does for a living.

I think these are cute, family-oriented movies that has a feel of the classics with a modern flavor and a sprinkling of Disney magic. I hope they do not make anymore films in this series. I'm afraid they may ruin the trilogy. You know what they say, too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

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