Title: Christmas Around the World with Perry Como DVD
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(Date Posted:11/17/2012 15:17)

Has anyone bought Christmas Around the World with Perry Como that's just been released on DVD?  I really miss the Christmas specials and variety shows of yesteryear and order them when I can find them.  My only hesitation on this title is picture quality.  This title was first released years ago on VHS by Reader's Digest and it looked awful--and since this DVD isn't from a major video company, I have my doubts about a restored picture.  Do any of you have this DVD and can address its picture quality?  Thank you.





RE:Christmas Around the World with Perry Como DVD
(Date Posted:12/20/2012 19:59)

Buy it - the picture quality varies throughout but you'll be pleased !
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Perry Como's 1974 CHRISTMAS SHOW hits DVD 2013!
(Date Posted:12/07/2013 07:17)

Speaking of Perry, has anybody seen THIS just yet? This is the kind of stuff we've heard legends about, for years, but have never seen, often, due to so many things being tied up in copyright problems, and many of us have only gone on what our parents told us about how great these specials were. Being a Perry fan, as well as a CARPENTERS fan, I can't wait. It supposedly hasn't been seen since 1974 when it first aired on CBS. NOW, if only they could re-release all his other PREVIOUS specials and get the full series of The Donna Reed Show back into print! Perhaps this is a sign, of good things to come! (If it's already been mentioned anywhere else here on the board, I apologize, but I just happened to stumble upon it when DeepDiscount was doing a Black-Friday special on it for about $8! What a bargain for such an anticipated release.)


 It got a release just a month ago, and already, on Amazon, it's got a perfect 10-plus-review rating. I just ordered mine and can't wait to view it. MPI and Richard Carpenter combined, must've made it happen; here's to MORE releases LIKE these! (Just wish it would've also been released on blu-ray as well, for all us high-def fans. But maybe MPI-video, will start reading this board one day, and pay attention.)

And here's the LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Perry-Comos-Christmas-Show-Como/dp/B00EMLRKFG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1386420692&sr=8-3&keywords=perry+como

The same company, also released THIS as well, about a month ago; which I'm considering ordering. MPI is pretty good in terms of obtaining original film elements to use as masters. Their Donna-Reed & Family Affair shows are rather in good pristine condition! Again, here's hoping they start mastering things in 4k though, for the blu-ray high-def market, which is about to conquer the DVD. Anyone who's seen either of these 2, or have any other recent releases of this nature, are welcome to comment and contribute. As we can ALL always use a little more "classic" in our Christmas; especially those on THIS board who follow it so closely, and continue to preserve it, along with Master-Chip.


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RE:Christmas Around the World with Perry Como DVD
(Date Posted:12/07/2013 10:23)

Re: vintage TVers

I dearly love Mancini's music, in CAROL FOR ANOTHER CHRISTMAS and elsewhere; and I also love Serling's writing, which I've been blessed to perform a few times. So I really looked forward to the rebroadcast of a show I'd heard of for years...

But I was very disappointed by it.

It has moments - I especially like Steve Lawrence's turn. But overall, the piece just hangs fire, and does not do justice to Dickens' conceit.

As as other vintage Yuleshows I'd love to see released:

- The early Crosby TV specials, uncut. (Many of their radio progenitors are out there, and are great fun.)

- The COLOR version of the HOLLYWOOD PALACE that Bing hosted, with the terrific "Christmas Eve in My Home Town" by Kate Smith.

Ones that have been unearthed recently:

- The original STINGIEST MAN IN TOWN (not perfect, but nice to see, with a solid Scrooge from Rathbone.)

- The Bing/Sinatra '50's show. A classic, that we'd known for years only in audio boots.

-Craig W.

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RE:Christmas Around the World with Perry Como DVD
(Date Posted:12/07/2013 15:29)

You know you're getting old when music, movies and television shows that you grew up with are now considered "vintage" and "classic." And considering the stuff that is out there today and is considered "entertainment," we are very lucky to have grown up when we did. It's an era that will never be repeated; a much simpler and wholesome time.

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Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri
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