Title: Yule Log on DVD?
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(Date Posted:12/08/2005 01:58)

Is it possible to purchase the original (by which I mean the 1970 version) on VHS or DVD? I've been searching around Amazon.com and have found similar sounding DVDs. One is called "The Original Christmas Yule Log." But I think it's just the first one on DVD.My dad is getting a DVD player for Christmas. As teenagers, we used to tease him mercilessly for having the Yule Log on. He'd actually sit and watch it! I thought it would be great to buy it for him.Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Judy
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(Date Posted:12/09/2005 20:42)

No Judy, the WPIX Yule Log is not, and has never been available for purchase. And the video fireplaces on the market now are spurious imitations -- including the one you alluded to in your post. In today's consumer market, I would be jaundiced of anything that claims to be "original". Most of the time the only thing original about it is the word printed on the label itself.

However, if it was available, you most certainly wouldn't want the 1970 version. Prior to 1973, the program consisted of less musical artists, but multiple songs by the same artists. That's how they filled in the time. Moreover, some of the songs that aired in these years were not in keeping with the standard that was set in 1973 with the advent of what I refer to as the "classic" program.

This revised program that began airing in 1973 was more eclectic, had a much better balance and was a superior blend because of the songs and artists that were added to the bulk of the great program that already existed. It is this definitive program that aired for the duration, and consequently bulk, of the Yule Log's run on WPIX TV. It is also the version that the great majority of people today are familiar with.     

The 2-hour Yule Log presentation that WPIX is currently showing on Christmas mornings is an abridged form of the "classic" 3-hour program.

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