Title: WGN 2008 Old Time Radio Yule Log
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(Date Posted:01/17/2012 13:25)

On Christmas Eve of 2008 WGN broadcast a Yule Log That had Old Time Radio Shows like Miracle on 34th St. and Christmas Carol on.  They stopped after one year for cost reasons.  Does anyone have any idea how to get a copy of that broadcast???? 
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RE:WGN 2008 Old Time Radio Yule Log
(Date Posted:01/17/2012 15:35)

That new Yule Log broadcast that Sean Compton (President of Programming for Tribune Broadcasting) created in 2008 for WGN America did not go off the air for cost reasons; it went off the air because of the uproar it caused when it displaced our original WPIX Yule Log broadcast. In addition, what also sealed its demise was that it tanked in the ratings. The program has now been retired to the archive vaults of Tribune Broadcasting and obtaining a copy is not possible.

That year, in 2008, after pressure from me, Sean did relent and did indeed air our original WPIX Yule Log broadcast on Christmas morning (following the overnight airing of his new Yule Log program). The difference in the ratings for the two programs was stark and led to the cancellation of his experimental Yule Log program and the permanent reinstatement of our original program. In 2011, the national television coverage for the WPIX Yule Log for Tribune Broadcasting moved to Sean's new network, Antenna TV (Click Here).

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