Title: The Missing Years
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(Date Posted:12/20/2005 18:14)

So, here we are, staring at Christmas Day just a few days away and the return of our beloved program on Christmas morning. I, for one, am excited and anticipating waking up Christmas Morning to the Yule Log on Channel 11! {I'll also have my tv on overnight to WGN in Chicago}.But, I was thinking about the many years (1990-2001) the program was not aired. WPIX has said that an employee found the film ina warehouse in NJ inside a dusty container simply marked "fireplace". Besides Chip wondering about the 'missing hour' and how that could take place (was the original destroyed and only a two hour heavily cut film remained?) I am wondering about the discovery story. For years, I got my Yule Log fix by settling for several video clips of the program on Channel 11's website (which, this Christmas Season, is pretty bad--nothing holiday related at all on it) which they posted as Christmas approached. But, they did this in the mid to late 90's. So, they must have had the film then because how would they transfer it to the website?The Yule Log was being streamed on the Channel 11 site for years and I recall the number of selections had increased too. So, was the film really missing?On another note, I still have an old, beat up VHS tape of the last broadcast in '89 and when I looked at it, I didn't realize how tired the film looked. Compared to today, it's night and day, they did a great restoring it though it seems to be the flames look colorized at times--too much. Anyhow, thanks Channel 11 for bringing it back and restoring it and I'll be tuning in and doing what I can to patronize the sponsors.Joe, do we know who is sponsoring it this year?



(Date Posted:12/20/2005 19:49)

Yankee, keep one thing in mind. I'm  not sure if you got to see the Yule Log when it was posted on the Ch.11 website in the 90's, but it was a very poor example of the version we all know of today. It was what appeared to be an "animated" version of the YL with the flames looking more cartoonish than  the real thing. Obviously it didn't go over too well and that's why the probably dropped the idea.
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(Date Posted:12/20/2005 20:07)

Hey Yank,

Your point is well taken. Perhaps, the discovery story pertains to when they went to find it so they could start streaming it on their website. I really don't know. But I do know this, when they found it, it had to be the 3-hour presentation. Because in 2000, when they re-edited the program, they cherry-picked 5 songs from the deleted hour to fill in time they had as a result of not broadcasting the customary hourly and half-hourly station ID breaks. So, this footage that was cut is only missing insofar that they elected not to broadcast it.

By the way, Joe wanted me to ask you if it was possible for you to send him a copy of your 1989 Yule Log presentation. We'd like to see again how bad a hatchet job they did to the program in that last year before it was retired. Plus, for any presentation we have on audio or video, I do an official discography so we have a record of what songs were played in that particular year.

Thanks buddy.

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