Title: T.V. Christmas Special
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(Date Posted:09/09/2006 05:17)

A few years ago, I remember seeing on TV a Christmas special that had a bunch of various TV show and I think some movie clips too relating all to Christmas. The 1 brief clip that caught my attention was what appeared to be The Chipmunks doing "The Chipmunk Song" which was pulled from an original episode of "The Alvin Show". Apparently this short lived series had a Christmas episode or 2. Has anybody ever seen the entire clip of this song they do? Or for that matter, does anyone have the whole episode??? That sounds like alot to ask for.
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(Date Posted:09/09/2006 12:29)

Ah, sweet memories of those cuckoo crazy Chipmunks. I grew up with this series in the 1960's, and remember that show in particular. The original Chipmunks TV series, called "The Alvin Show," originally ran on CBS, Wednesday nights from October 1961 through September 1962. It then ran in syndication on CBS, Saturday mornings between 1962 and 1965 (which is when I remember it). It also had a short-lived final syndication run on NBC, Saturday mornings from March 1979 through September 1979.

"The Chipmunk Song" was indeed featured on one of the 26 episodes that were in the original TV series. The song was originally a big hit in 1958 for David Seville, who did all the voices. It was released on Liberty records, as all their records were, including their two great classic Christmas albums: "Christmas With The Chipmunks" from 1962 and "Christmas With The Chipmunks - Vol. 2" from 1963. These two albums are in my "Top Play", and deservedly so.          

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