Title: Major expansion of the Bubbling Under section of the TOP 300
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(Date Posted:07/18/2013 04:00)

B~U~B~B~L~I~N~G Under The


There has been a major expansion of the ‘Bubbling Under The Top 300’ section of my Top 300. As most of you already know, I created the Bubbling Under section last year as a result of the many requests that I have received from folks to list more of the Christmas albums in my vast collection. The Bubbling Under section is where I list the better albums in my archives that weren't quite good enough to make my Top 300.

As I've had time to comb through my archives, I’ve steadily been adding albums to the Bubbling Under section in small batches. However, as a result of having been able to spend a lot of time in my archives recently, I have approved a big batch of albums that I have now qualified for the Bubbling Under section. The total number of albums added is 100 and among these are a good portion of albums from my contemporary Christmas album collection as well.

I have just recently completed the process of integrating the approved albums into the existing Bubbling Under list, affixing the appropriate position/ranking for each album, cataloging them into my 'Top Play' database, and then finally, last night, publishing the revised list to the site.

Click here to be taken to the Top 300 and then scroll down to the Bubbling Under section.

08/01/13 update to this post:

With the addition of the final batch of albums into the 'Bubbling Under' section, the Top 300 has now become the Top 500: Click here.


Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri
Owner/Webmaster | The Yule Log.com




RE:Major expansion of the Bubbling Under section of the TOP 300
(Date Posted:08/07/2013 15:45)


Ya know...I vowed I'd create an audio version of The Yule Log.  Then I said I'd also try it with the Top 300.  Now I'm certain to ammend.  I've lost so much hair and made so little headway!!! 

I gotta create some sort of plan...

So does that mean William Hung finally gets into the list?? 
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