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(Date Posted:09/23/2006 04:57)

Since some posts here were not always about the YL only,I thought it would be appropriate to bring this up...as the topic above reads,it's nice to know that after 40 years(minus its 12 year absence),that the YL has been restored and appears to not be going anywhere anytime soon thanks in large part to Joe and Mr. Guru(LOL). As much as the YL has become something of an institution to Ch.11,it was sad to know that they did away with WCBS FM 101.1. This station was always referred to as america's most listened to oldies station and unfortunately time changed a great thing! Therefore,it would be good if someone made some kind of move to restore if not everything but at least help to bring some kind of oldies station back to the NY area with some of the DJ's that were a part of it. Seems like the internet is a powerful tool for those who want to have their voices heard.If the net helped to bring back the YL,should it not help to bring other programs back into light as well?
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(Date Posted:09/23/2006 06:23)

Agreed. It would be great to see a real push to bring the Oldies format back to 101.1. Most radio sources indicate that the Jack FM format is not doing all that well around the country. Anyone know how they doing here in the NY area?
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(Date Posted:09/23/2006 09:37)

The last ratings ranking has them at number 21, and it's their own damn fault. They had a good thing going and they had to go and ruin it. Isn't it ironic that Infinity Broadcasting made this change to increase ratings, and in the end, at least so far, it's had the reverse effect?

Let me tell you, after all the ridiculing and taunting Jack-FM has done to former CBS-FM oldie listeners, as well as the abruptness and insensitivity they exuded with this sudden change, not to mention the disrespect shown to the great disc jockeys they once employed -- well, they deserve exactly what they get. Even if the station saw the light, so to speak, and changed back to an oldies format -- it would never be the same. Most of the station's great jocks have now gone on to other ventures, including Cousin Brucie, who is now with Sirius Satellite Radio.   

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(Date Posted:09/30/2006 04:47)

In my opinion,Jack FM is short for JackASS FM!
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