Title: Holiday Decorating Plans
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(Date Posted:08/21/2012 13:17)

Hi Yule (B)Loggers!

Got a question.

I am an avid DIY (Do It Yourself), I like to make crafts, and especially Christmas decorating.

Wanted to ask everyone, how far in advance do you start planning your Christmas Decorating? Does it involve your front porch/lawn decorating?  Your indoor decorating? 

This year, albeit I have a small space, I was thinking about making smaller Christmas Trees with different themes.  Then I had an idea for paper ornaments. Budget is always a consideration.

We received a notice that we can not decorate our decks anymore for the holidays.  Total bummer.

Would love to hear your ideas!  Small or large, modest or 14 channel front lawn light show.

Time for another cup of coffee     ahhh...Staycation 

Yours in The Yule Log,




RE:Holiday Decorating Plans
(Date Posted:08/24/2012 08:30)

Hello HollyNIvy,
I love your idea about the multiple Christmas trees with different themes.  For the past few years I have been considering creating a Christmas tree "forest" in my living room consisting of 5-6 6-foot trees.  Walmart sells a 6-ft tree for like $35 that when dressed up looks great!  I think I might actually do it this year.

I am also working putting together a Christmas village.  I started the project last year, but I didn't get to finish it due to time constraints.  I am going to start working on it again soon so that it's done before Thanksgiving.

I am getting pretty excited thinking about all of this stuff!  :-)
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RE:Holiday Decorating Plans
(Date Posted:08/26/2012 15:21)

That's a very cool idea YuleLog and EggNog!

When I was a kiddo, we had a decorated Christmas Tree on every floor of the house so that equaled four trees. The most decorated and tallest of them was located in the living room. I had one in my bed room, and my brother had two, a medium sized and a small pedestal tree. 

I still have the black and white pictures of my brother's elementary school Christmas Tree with the Sputnik flying around it.  Another family tree was all Pink. 

Thinking of doing something with paper crafts and lights this year. 

It's never too early to start planning!

Best Wishes,
Holly n Ivy
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RE:Holiday Decorating Plans
(Date Posted:09/25/2012 11:33)

We have some ornament collecting interests and a few themes.  Some of the themes we do not yet have enough for a tree though a centerpiece or small tree works.  When we finally move and get more space, the
Christmas tree forest is in the plans!  We keep seeing them in various Christmas stores and love the look.  We just got back from Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan a few weeks ago.  WOW!  Would love to see that place with snow outside.

BTW, as to your question of how soon to think about Christmas decorating...we really never stop.  We think about it all year...and are the types who listen to Christmas music all year.  Most people really don't understand...sigh...

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