Title: Convert Yule Log Tracklist Web Page to Txt, Doc or XLS file?
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(Date Posted:12/25/2011 12:01)

I'd like to have the Yule Log tracklist in a file on my computer in a format that I could print out onto a single page, without the graphics and space between the tracks.

I tried cutting and pasting it into a text file, but that didn't work.

Then I pasted it to a Word 2003 doc file, and tried to use Find & Replace to clean it up.  But I couldn't figure out how to do that.

So I started to Google for instructions on how to do that, when I thought to myself:  "Maybe somebody on the Yule Log has already done it, so why waste all Christmas morning reinventing the Yule Log wheel."

So, do any of you have a printable tracklist of the Yule Log?  (Divided up by hours?).

If not, do you have any experience converting an HTML table into a printable document or text file?

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. "Clueless"




RE:Convert Yule Log Tracklist Web Page to Txt, Doc or XLS file?
(Date Posted:12/25/2011 13:36)


I created a PDF version of the track list, and a separate one for the fourth hour, but they both maintain the tabular look with the green background, etc. The only thing I changed was to make the light blue text and any other non-black text black. Yours if you want them (I'm pretty sure Chip will have a plain text version from which he created the web table).
Edit: I did not realize, until my wife just corrected me, that the 93 song list includes Chip's 4th hour so I do have it all in a single PDF if you'd like it.

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RE:Convert Yule Log Tracklist Web Page to Txt, Doc or XLS file?
(Date Posted:12/27/2011 16:25)

I'm currently working on just that...as well as Chip's top 200 so I can carry it around when I poke through album bins.  It will be a while though.

12-27-11 @ 17:26 PM
Follow-up to above message:

Hasty typing...make that top 300 list. 

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