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Title: After Christmas Sales
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Christmas Always


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(Date Posted:01/10/2013 16:35)

Has anyone been noticing over the last 10-15 years that the stores are putting the larger, more expensive Christmas items away before December 26th, or while the store is open on December 26?  So you can't get them at 50% off their regular price and then the 2nd. week, 75% off.

I have been wanting to stock up on certain things that are on the expensive side before Christmas, and hope to be early enough when the stores open up on the 26th, to get things at 50% off, only to find that they have put them back in the warehouse or are putting them in shopping carts that have signs on them "Not for sale"

I can remember when the stores wanted to get rid of as much Christmas stuff they could so they wouldn't have to put it back in their warehouses and store them for another year.  It isn't things like replacement light bulbs for your outdoor or indoor lights, but things like individual village pieces that are at least $30.00 for the smaller buildings up to $80.00 for the larger ones.  Then the large blowup lawn decorations are being put away too.  Unless it happens to be in an open box.  Even all the LED Light String Sets have been put away. and I didn't even seen any C7 or C9 incandescent light strings available for sale after Christmas, but yet on Christmas Eve. the stores still had several shelves full of these lights. 

The more expensive artificial trees are also being put away, and a lot of other decorations like the window ones that are shaped, for example like a candlestick in a holder or maybe Santa's face that stick to your windows with suction cups and cost at least $30.00 too. but they get put away so the store doesn't lose money on them and can sell them again next Christmas season for full price.

Mostly what is left is wrapping paper and ribbons, some ornaments, ornament hooks, Christmas cards. Christmas candy stocking stuffers, but the really big ticket Christmas items have been put away.

A few people I have asked tell me that the stores had a bad season this year, but they don't take into consideration that the retail price is up to a 500% markup from wholesale.  So even if they sell a $50.00 item for $25.00, they are still making a huge profit.


Christmas Isn't Just A Day In December, It's A Way Of Life

Christmas Music Guru

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RE:After Christmas Sales
(Date Posted:01/11/2013 13:56)

Can't help you here, Susan; I didn't do any post-Christmas season shopping.

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Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri
Owner/Webmaster | The Yule

Christmas Always



RE:After Christmas Sales
(Date Posted:01/12/2013 08:39)

Thanks Chip,

I was hoping to get some bargains, but as I mentioned, all the higher priced items were put away or being put away.  It's such a shame that people can't get any really good bargains after Christmas anymore.  The stores are getting greedier and greedier, or, stingier and stingier.

It's such a shame because I always looked forward to the bargains after Christmas, but they don't have them anymore. 

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Christmas Isn't Just A Day In December, It's A Way Of Life




RE:After Christmas Sales
(Date Posted:02/10/2013 10:08)

I didn't go out just before Christmas but understand from a number of store employees the Christmas markdowns happened for many stores a day or two before Christmas.  By the time the "normal" after Christmas sales hit, there was little left.  People seem to have jumped on the sales early.  A good number of people have stated they thought the high ticket items were pulled prior to the sales though.  Also bucking the trend were a few stores that seemed loathe to put ho9liday items on sale for a long time.  By the time they did, most had moved on.  I saw 50% off Christmas stuff in two stores last week.  They were not exactly flying off the shelves though.  A coworker stated one store had marked every holiday item to $0.25 each.  He normally buys LED lighting before Christmas but buys heavily during the sales.  He said he bought all of something at Lowes before Christmas and when he asked if there was more, they said they were only stocking the first run and that anything else could be ordered from their website.  That was in late November or early December.
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