Title: 1990's Clip From WPIX
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(Date Posted:09/12/2006 17:44)

During the Yule Log's hiatus,I made a habit every year of phoning WPIX a few months before Christmas to see if the YL would be on and always received the same answer..."NO"! During the 90's when the YL wasn't on,I spoke to someone at WPIX who told me they had no idea where the actual fim even was at all. This surprised me to say the least. What came as an even bigger surprise was when WPIX had a coming attractions ad of their vintage holiday movies and the ad was accompanied by about a 3 to 5 second piece of the YL sans the music. This was the 1 and only time I ever remember the YL being accompanied like this or used in any way other than the way we all knew the YL to have been shown.
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(Date Posted:09/13/2006 00:49)

Funny, I don't recall that promo.

I too would call, or more accurately -- badger, WPIX in the years after the show went off the air to try and get them to reinstate the program, but to no avail. It finally took Joe's write-in campaign to finally persuade them to acquiesce to public demand.

That's people power buddy.

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