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Topic :   Seth Moxley

See the source image




HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas

THEME MUSIC: "Leave Out All The Rest" by Linkin Park


Moxley Stomp (Curb Stomp)

Moxley Bomb (King's Landing/Ripcord Knee/Revolution Knee



BIOGRAPHY: He is the older brother to Dean and Roman Moxley

APPEARANCE: Seth Rollins (Black hair only)

Any teams that form and want to be recognized on the roster can fill out the following stats and again, just give us the stats we ask for and add what you feel is relevant to your team.

TEAM NAME: The Lunatics

TEAM MEMBERS: Dean and Seth Moxley

THEME MUSIC: "Black Sheep" by Saliva


Unbreakable Force (Bada Boom Shakalka - Rocket Laucher); adopted from Enzo Amore and Big Cass

04-01-2018 6:59 PM

Topic :   Dean Moxley

See the source image




HOMETOWN: Cincinnati, Ohio

THEME MUSIC: "Monster" by Skillet

Moxley Drop (Curb Stomp)


WRESTLING STYLE: Lunatic, High Flyer

BIOGRAPHY: He is the baby brother of Seth and Roman Moxley

APPEARANCE: Dean Ambrose

Any teams that form and want to be recognized on the roster can fill out the following stats and again, just give us the stats we ask for and add what you feel is relevant to your team.

TEAM NAME: The Lunatics

TEAM MEMBERS: Dean and Seth Moxley

THEME MUSIC: "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth


Unbreakable Force (Bada Boom Shakalka - Rocket Laucher); adopted from Enzo Amore and Big Cass

12 Rounds Drop (Double Samoan Splash); adopted by Jimmy and Jey Uso

Break The Walls Down (Magic Killer - Aided snap swinging Splash); adopted by Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

12 Rounds Blast (Ripcord Knee - Seth) followed by Dirty Deeds - Dean); adopted by Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose


04-01-2018 6:56 PM

Topic :   AoW 202 {2/3/16}

Roleplaying Deadline
8 PM EST on February 10th, 2016
Click Here To Check Your Time zone

Role-play Limit
3 per Character

This Brand is Rated TV-PG with a caution for Violence!

Click Here

Theme Music
Welcome To Reality by Pop Evil (opening theme)
Berzerk by Eminem (closing theme)

Opening Contest
Alexandra Callaway vs Christine Nash
Ref: Alex Zapata

Mid Card Bout
AOW World title match
Bill Roberts vs Jake Voss (C)
Ref: Michael Bullock

Main Event
SEF Rumble
30 men battle it outs then once we reach to the final 8. The match goes into the second level and X cage is used. Last man Standing wins the match and become the number one contender for the SEF World Heavyweight Championship and will fight in the Main Event of Wrestle X.
Card Is Subject To Change
AoW Producer
Tim Stone
Nick Miller
AoW Play By Play Commentator
Michael Flecha Jr.
AoW Color Commentator
Anthony Floria
Greg Boone
AoW Interviewer
Maegan Silva
Ring Announcer
Samantha Winters
AoW Ring Announcer
Derek Ferriera
AoW Referees
Alex Zatapa
Michael Bullock
Richard Ferendez

01-26-2016 6:19 PM

Topic :   Ending 2015 with a New Majority Owner, plus a New King of SEF & Much MORE

King of SEF 2 PPV on 12/13/15 ended with a very controversial victory after sixteen men battled hard to earn a spot in the tournament. Everyone fought valiantly, but in the end we would all hail King Mesa who stood with his new girl, Christine Nash, and old friend Cool Jay Lou, plus a masked man who has yet to be revealed. To check out the action for yourself, CLICK HERE

WAR 182 on 12/14/15 saw Chris Orton out for revenge on Mesa after the previous night when he got shafted by the arabian knight in the King of SEF tournament. Plus SEF would get another shift in management when Tina was offered Viper's roles, for a undisclosed price of course, so the Golden Gal jumped on it, especially since she was forced to retired from the ring. Tina would go on to declare The Network World Title a belt to represent the new unified show, Anarchy of WAR, and Mack introduced to a old mentor, Clay, who would truly pay off as insurance to keep his SEF World Title, though the ladder match between he and Jordan Brooks was still awesome. To see it all, CLICK HERE

SLUMS IS SEF 188 on 12/15/15 saw several other event brands unified into one and would mark the return of A Native Americano who looked like he hadn't lost a touch, however, The Triad would start a war with the Renegades of Peace. The two stables would clash again on this night and Mack would be in action defending the SEF World Title just twenty fours after doing it on WAR, and this time in a fatal four way. To see it all, CLICK HERE

Anarchy 17 on 12/18/15 saw Jordan Brooks come out at the top of the show to challenge Mack to a Revolution Title match to try and earn a World Title shot. Mack would accept, then decided to do Simon Lee Nash a favor to insure the son of Nash owed him one. Chris Orton continued to seek revenge on King Mesa and ruined his tag team match with Jay against Ruemash and Bill Roberts and all four men would unite as the Coastal Connection after a Rogue Kick from Ruemash to Chris. Mack would debut a new bodyguard that he plucked from the jobber division and repackaged as ESC, but turned out not to need him as Jordan Brooks would basically hand the Revolution Title to The Showsteala. Mack would take the Impact X Facta from the Renegades of Peace leaving them without a president again because Jordan Brooks stood by The Showsteala's side as his last good buddy. To see everything, CLICK HERE

SEF EXCES 366 on 12/23/15 was the night the new Majority Owner of SEF was to make his big revelation and Mack was out at the start of EXCES to greet him in his usual cockier than god attitude. We would not witness the big unveil until the end of the show, so Mack remained at ringside all night to wait. The Triad and Renegades of Peace continue their fued with the renegades tearing up the place in their quest for justice. At the top of the show Ruemash had challenged Mack to a World Title match and Mack issued his own challenge for the Titan Title, so Tina decided to add the steel city warrior to the main event and put both the Titan Title and Mack's World Title on the line. After the main event we witnessed the new Majority Owner, Mr G, make his debut, however he was not at the arena and stated he would only show up in a emergency. Bill McLane was named Network Manager to run SEF in Mr G's place and decided to throw Mack and Jordan into a impromptu match that saw another mockery take place, so Bill made a steel cage match for the first show of the new year between Jordan Brooks and Ruemash. For more of this action packed show, CLICK HERE

AoW 200 on 1/6/16 is the first show of the new year and is kicking off with a IXR exclusive match in a treat for the fans to see the Marijuana Man and his brothers face three men we have yet to see in the ring, Snot Ranose, Chuck, and Jimmy Joe. We also have three title matches with the AoW World Title defended in the main event, plus a grudge match between Marcus Dollars and Jordan Cut. Don't miss the unified brand of Anarchy and WAR which makes this the two hundredth episode in all under the name Anarchy of WAR. To see who all is in action on AoW in just five nights from now, CLICK HERE

01-01-2016 9:14 PM

Topic :   King of SEF PPV TONIGHT, Plus More News

Carnage 43 on 10/15 saw a solid show with Jake Voss beating the Icon Champ and Ruemash defending his Titan Title in a triple threat match. The main event fetaured a tag team match with Hick Janes and Tina facing Jordan Brooks and Hiroku Shinobi that turned brutal when the Bayou Brothers would intefere in what was llooking like a great match. Marijuana Man with a cryptic message to end the show after debuting a new finishing move. To see it all, CLICK HERE

Carnage 44 on 10/22 was cancelled.

SNS 7 & Wildside 7 on 10/24 went on with a successful edition of this show merger that would actually see thirteen episodes between the two events that would go on to be called Specialside. It was indeed a special night that got wild as we saw Barry show how determined he is to be here. Tina got crazy in and after the main event, plus more and you can see it all by CLICKING HERE

WAR 178 on 11/2 saw a huge shift in management when the show opened after The Mack decided to form a super stable of allies. We saw a new World Champion crowned and the near demise or takeover of the Renegades of Peace. Instead, the Renegades would grow in numbers after a merger with another group, plus we would see Mack replaced as minority Owner of SEF by a real BOMBSHELL, a golden one at that. All that and more happened on the return of WAR, so check it all out by CLICKING HERE

Carnage 45 on 11/5 was cancelled.

WAR 179 on 11/9 saw The Mack open the show against Bill Roberts in a classic match, then our new minority Owner of SEF would get involved in the Titan Title match and that isn't the only match they would get involved in. To see it all, CLICK HERE

Carnage 46 on 11/19 was cancelled.

WAR 180 on 11/30 kicked off with a message from the minority Owner of SEF who won't be back with us live until the night after the King of SEF pay per view where a huge announcement will be made. On this night we saw King of SEF qualifying matches with a crazy championship scramble for the Icon Title, so check it all out by CLICKING HERE

WAR 181 on 12/7 kicked off withmore King of SEF qualifying matches and ended with another crazy championship scramble, this week for the Titan Title. To see it all, CLICK HERE

Today is the King of SEF 2 PPV on 12/13 and we have all quarter finalists revealed and ready to fight their way into the semi finals which will be held tonight along with the final match to determine who the King of SEF will be. 7 matches in total and all for the King of SEF, so don't miss it live tonight right HERE

WAR 182 on 12/14 is going to set the stage for the Fallout of the King of SEF pay per view in the Rupp Arena in Lexington Kentucky.

SLUMS IS SEF 188 on 12/15 will feature a SEF World Title match and more, so check it all out by CLICKING HERE

SEF EXCES 366 on 12/23 will also feature a SEF World Title match, so will The Mack be able to retain his title on both EXCES and the SLUMS IS SEF, let alone just tonight!?!?!? To find out if he can and to see what else is set to happen tonight, CLICK HERE

12-13-2015 12:43 PM


Even though AoW is on Aimoo, it will also be on the SEF network, so therefore Character Role-plays will be allowed to be posted in two different sites. So for anyone r/ping here, you need to check the role-playing board for WAR at, if your opponent r-p's there, and the link can be found below at...

SEF Network Live Character Promotional Events

12-04-2015 6:46 PM

Topic :   Mr. G

Character Name
Mr. G
October 28th

New Mexico
Theme Music

Mr G became a top level executive with a base of operations out of New Mexico where he also resides in his house. He takes over businesses, but also spends time trying to develop new ideas and incorporate his own touch to the companies under his command. Mr G is coming to SEF to do the same and is known to be successful as he has made a lot of money from businesses that are prospering across the globe. He is a billionaire with most of his money coming from computer hardware, but also develops some software, mostly to operate his machines. Very into the space race as well with a business involved in rockets to carry out missions in deep space, Mr G hopes to extend beyond anyone's imagination as to what lies in the universe. But as for the SEF universe, we will have to wait and see what he is bringing to this wrestling business!?!

Always seen behind a desk wearing a suit and tie as the executive he is and conducts many different types of business with SEF being one of them.

11-26-2015 11:09 PM

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