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Announcement: WAR Returns to the Aimoo Network!!!!!! (11-21-2015)   
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  Backstage Events
No New TopicThe Roster Sign Ups
The place to post your character stats for those wanting to be booked on of our shows, so find the Character Stats Form at the top of this board and fill it out in a new topic. You can find a roster lineup at
Topics: Taylor's stats
Posted by:
06-28-2013 6:42 PM
  Arena Events
New TopicLive Character Promotional Events
The place to post any non match promos whether to introduce your character, hype them up, or tell a whole different story than wrestling. This is also the place to post all promos for each new card that will be posted here. For all inquiries, contact management in the Off Camera Area, or you could use this board if its a public matter.
Topics: King of SEF Qualifye...
Posted by:
11-22-2015 6:40 PM
  MSN Group Archive
Stephanies Entertainment Fed

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Sit down and Relax. It's the right place to recall the happy days on our MSN Group before moving here.

What's going on here
Founded: 10-21-2008
Total members:50 | Total threads:1728 | Total replies:979
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Let's wish Happy Birthday to ThaRebel

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