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Silken Fire's Fireplace is On Temporary (Monitored) Hiatus
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Topic :   Staying Alive

This is the hopeless romantic posting to keep this sleeping beauty of mine from completely dying.  I am still saddened at the thought.





05/01/2014 01:16

Topic :   Signing in September, 2013

Signing in to preserve group... I don't really know why

09/29/2013 01:23

Topic :   Our Ever-Changing Fireplace...

Thank you for your visit with us today.  As you can see, the Fireplace has been quiet for some time now and it's been a struggle for me to decide whether or not to close it... The source of my struggle has been primarily that I feel that this group may need to continue for the sake of helping others to get through the more challenging times in life where coping strategies and good friends are all that sometimes keep us going.

I am a lady who has faced some very real challenges in life and I feel that there may be some value in making some subtle changes to the group and re-activating it to create the same strong bond that kept this group together for so many years.  As you may have read elsewhere, this group was one of the longest-running groups on MSN until MSN shuttered their groups.  The transfer to Aimoo took place at a time when MSN had slowly shut down one feature after another, defeating our members ability to access the group, taking our chat room right out of the group (which was a BIG hurt for us) and gradually forcing people to just give up.  The change to Aimoo was simply the straw that broke the camel's back for many...

I am going to re-organize the group to offer people a place of comfort and privacy as we offer one another the best of our own experiences and in the very near future, will come off "hiatus" to find out if our group can revive with new and old coming together to laugh and cry together while we face the realities of life.

I encourage you to stick around... You might just like what you find here in the next weeks...


07/12/2012 14:26

We are on temporary (monitored) hiatus. Please check back and thank you for your interest in our group!
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