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From: Canada
Registered: 11/06/2008

(Date Posted:01/08/2011 06:52)
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My dear friends... both old & new... Please read this carefully...

First, a morsel of background for our new friends.  This group was previously one of the oldest MSN groups in existence at the time that MSN decided to close all of their groups.  Prior to MSN actually closing the groups, their services were slowly degraded one at a time causing groups to become more work and far less fun.  Many people never got a chance to see how wonderful a chat group like ours could be.  As MSN slowly and painfully withdrew group features, one at a time, it became harder and harder to keep members enchanted and groups started to close out of sheer frustration.  When we moved to Aimoo, again, group managers struggled to assist their members with the tremendous adjustment involved in mastering a new website.

Silken Fire's Fireplace came to Aimoo strongly in November of 2008 but I was then facing some sizable challenges in my personal life that grabbed my free time and spun it beyond recognition.  After almost 7 years of being quite devoted to the group on MSN, I was tired... Well, Hell, we all were.  MSN had put us through the paces for a long time and both members and managers were deeply frustrated.  Feeling that I had no other choice, I put the group into hiatus of the indefinite kind and here we remain.

In the interim, many of us have stayed in touch on Facebook, Messenger and by private e-mail.  I have watched as people are now starting to lose interest in the superficiality of Facebook (SOOOO hard to actually get to know anyone on there or to "play")...  I believe that groups will have another day and the Fireplace will be here when they do. 

I check the Fireplace each and every day and new members ARE being accepted, even though we are not actively chatting or posting.  Since I am just now recovering from 3 recent surgeries, I cannot offer to activate the room at this time but I hope to do so in the very near future.  In the interim, please feel free to use the Chat room or to post your thoughts to the forum. 

You may contact me privately by sending a message to my inbox here on Aimoo or by sending an e-mail to me at  I will ALWAYS respond.

Thank you for being the best part of "US"!!!

With love and appreciation,

Silken Fire

~ Live STRONGLY, Love WISELY, Be TRUE, Play HARD & Laff LOTS ~

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We are on temporary (monitored) hiatus. Please check back and thank you for your interest in our group!
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