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Forum for ex-members of Revival Churches
Title: Russia /China /Korea...Noel's Answer?
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Glad-to be out

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From: Faroe_islands
Registered: 07/04/2006

(Date Posted:23/11/2010 5:36 PM)
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Can anyone tell me what Noel's slant on the Last Days/End Times is nowadays???
Is it still Russia, depicted by the ravenous bear slumped over the top of the Globe with blood running from its horrible teeth or has he chosen another theory to match his 'other doctrine' that he preaches?

Has he swapped to include China... the country positioning itself in the Pacific Region; the country that we owe BILLIONS of dollars to and the level of debt is growing daily; the country that is buying up vast tracts of OUR arable land to ensure a reliable, continuing source of food for ITS huge population?  

I guess with the trouble on the Korean Peninsula it has stirred the talk of 'End Times' yet again, bolstered by the seismic activity that has been happening as well of late and not to forget the Labor Govt.

Remember many years ago when Labor got in, the End was predicted purely because Labor did get in!

Is NHH spinning confusing lines about End Times?

Has he changed the slant on the prediction about Russia?

OR Is Russia STILL the Great Bear, which is going to be the catalyst to bring about Armageddon? (when the Armies encircle Jerusalem) 

Just interested to hear what the 'spin doctor' is saying now.

I do miss the slide nights.  smiley6


"Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out."

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RE:Russia /China /Korea...Noel's Answer?
(Date Posted:24/11/2010 1:42 AM)

  I know I know. He's going green.  He's going to use Global Warming no it's Climate Change no no they now call it Global Climate Disruption  to scare his sheep into giving him money to help them dial-up god to save them from the end of the world. Maybe Dec 21 2012.

Those that don't follow the science about this and only listen to al gore are they in a CULT!?
You know, not thinking for themselves and just going along to get along. Don't want to stand out from the group.    

I don't think it matters what the scare is but that those that like to control others need to scare them to do it. Or at least it helps.

"Sorry about that dead people for being wrong about the corn thing. I'll see you in heaven" Regards Al Gore
P.S. "I wish I were there it must be soooo much better than starving to death here on earth." 
  We wish you were there also gore.
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RE:Russia /China /Korea...Noel's Answer?
(Date Posted:26/11/2010 2:17 AM)

Hello there glad, trust you are well.
With the Labor Party in Power and the end is nigh scenario, i don`t get it.
Jesus was a socialist who advocated a fair go for all, regardless of Class and Status.
Redemption has never come from the silver tail ,born with a silver spoon in my mouth Liberal Dictatorship Party.
Oh, now i get it. Hollins is a dictatorial Cult thug !
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RE:Russia /China /Korea...Noel's Answer?
(Date Posted:20/08/2011 4:01 AM)

 something for u to look at God bless to u all
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who would jesus kill?
(Date Posted:02/09/2011 12:14 AM)

As an American Atheist, I am disgusted by the 9/11 coloring book

The Christian Science Monitor has just posted an article titled. It’s hard to believe someone considered this pile of violent jingo to be an appropriate subject for a kid’s coloring book.

“We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom,” was just released by Wayne Bell, publisher of Really Big Coloring Books Inc. in St. Louis. It begins with big graphic black-and-white drawings of bin Laden plotting the 9/11 attacks, then shows the burning towers, the hunt for bin Laden, and ends with a Navy SEAL shooting bin Laden as he hides behind a woman in Islamic garb.

Being the elusive character that he was, and after hiding out with his terrorist buddies in Pakistan and Afghanistan, American soldiers finally locate the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. Children, the truth is, these terrorist acts were done by freedom-hating radical Islamic Muslim extremists. These crazy people hate the American way of life because we are FREE and our society is FREE.

Remember, kids, if you draw the effect of those bullets hitting the bad man, use your Scarlet crayola if you think there should be arterial spray!

You know, I think I’m disgusted by this as a human being; it doesn’t matter what your beliefs about religion are, this is simply the glorification of bloody violence.

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