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Forum for ex-members of Revival Churches
Title: Parked cars.
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From: Australia
Registered: 04/02/2011

(Date Posted:09/03/2011 4:46 AM)
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I remember the day's of being left in the car to sleep,especially on a Wednesday night.It was around the1970's.   I used to hate those nights,waiting for mum and dad to come out so we could go home.We used to muck up and peer out the car window's,looking out for any other children that would peer back to pull faces at them.I remember one night R. Primrose squashing his bum against the car window,how funny was that.If we got caught even looking out the window,we used to cop it.
      Sometimes I used to freak out if I heard a noise.Didn't they ever worry something might happen one day.Sure the times have changed,but even back then things happen.                                                
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Parked cars and bare bums
(Date Posted:09/03/2011 4:29 PM)

 There have been many stories of kiddies being left in cars and in the tents at camp and in homes with only one care taker. It seems to be how kids in general are treated in the grcc

It might have something to do with that bible quotes:

"He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. (Proverbs 13:24)

"Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying." (Proverbs 19:18)

I know of family members who have been treated poorly because of the total "kids are property along with wifes attitude." And if the mothers don't crack down even harder on the kids they get it from the dad. I remember some very lovely people who when the kids did something kids do like spill the milk or break something they go ape.

No one wants to be the bad parent in the eyes of their brothers and sisters and loose their children to the devil and his world. But from what I read there are a good number leaving the place when they get old enough. It sad that some of them get kicked out when they are not and this is where we can help them.

But this treatment goes on in many religions. That bible tell people things that they blindly follow. And when you question something it might be pointed out in a in one of his Wednesday night meetings. It happened to me a few time before I stopped asking questions.  Give in and give up and shut up and you'll fight right in.

And times haven't changed that much and more kids are not being kidnapped...etc. It's just that you hear about them from all over the world. Odd that blond haired cute (angel faced) kids get more news coverage.

 And now and it's a great way to keep people afraid and easier for the government to control this fear.  Herbie also works off of fear. And the parents pass this along from the time kids are young.

"Don't leave the grcc of you will go to hell and have seven time more devils or what ever will happen to you. BOOOOOOO!!!

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Re:Parked cars.
(Date Posted:10/04/2011 8:46 PM)

 the parents left you in the car while they went into church?? thats horrible.
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Rank:Poster Grande I

From: Australia

Re:Parked cars.
(Date Posted:12/04/2011 5:13 AM)

Well, I'm afraid that's the way it was done. You were more self-interested in getting into the hall, to be seen that you "love the Lord" by attending so often. One did not like to be noticed by your absence.

(Message edited by motmot On 13/04/2011 5:19 AM)
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" Those are my principles and if you don"t like them, I do have others"

Come-On !

always tell the truth

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Re:Parked cars.
(Date Posted:12/04/2011 6:12 AM)

 Wow =\

I guess the same wouldn't be for "playstation" and his siblings. they wouldnt be locked in the car
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