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Forum for ex-members of Revival Churches
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(Date Posted:27/02/2011 6:51 PM)
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I have to had it to Herbie for his ball and business sense. He's suckered people into believing in some old man in the clouds who's watching you at all time doing everything you do and hears everything you say and will judge you when you die to see if you go to heaven or hell. And the only way that you can help yourself is to give him (I guess Herbie or is it god's money that he lets Herbie spend as he sees fit to help him(god)?) money to keep the lights on and spread the word of god to save others in the world from HELL FIRE!!! It's a good story and it's working for he's a millionaire several time over. So this makes him smarter than us and more cunning than us suckers and (how we as a collective look at the world) this makes him better than us. We all seem to admire rich people don't we? And I'm guessing that most of us want to be richer...yes? Of course we do. I know some of you will think that your smarter but are you the one running this million dollar corporation? Are you running any god fearing million dollar corporation? Didn't think so. Just think about the Pope and his money!!!But is his game all about he money or is there some else that people want? Maybe it's about POWER!Herbie likes to play god. He likes having the power over life and death and he likes to lord over his flock. He likes to fleece them and every so often skins one to feed upon and keep the others in line Herbie likes watching people cow down to him. You know that feeling you got when he would come by for a visit. You were in ah......or fear. You thought you were something when the prophet was sitting in your kitchen. Keeping up with the Hendersons and all. So I have to hand it to him for his conviction and dogmatism and determination to keep on with the same old story for all these years with out any hint of disbelief in his actions or words. And he's old. And he looks like he could go on for several more years for you know he's not letting the lies tear him up inside. He's doing nothing that many others in this world are not doing to us. It's just that we woke up to him but are still asleep to the rest of the powers in the world. Waking up and getting out of bed on a cold day takes will power. And the understanding that we made a mistake and were wrong to believe his stories and in order to save face we might try to lie to ourselves. But don't do that. Don't try and convince yourself that he was wrong to preach to you and not you were wrong to believe him But you have to get over it and get on with the only life that you know you have. Good luck. a nice day
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(Date Posted:01/03/2011 2:45 PM)

Why do we believe what we do? Why do we think what we think?

Who do we trust to tell us what to think. You think you are thinking your own thoughts but most of what you are thinking is programmed into you. And it starts from the day we are born.

And each day you are told what to think about. Don't think so? Observe yourself the next time you are chatting with your work mates around the water cooler. What do you think about? Is it what others are thinking or is what do you talk about be “Bob had some really bad breath today, should I offer him a mint or would he be offended?” OK thinking and what one talks about are not always the same thing but most of the time they are. So when you are talking to others being it about the news or the local sports team or your family members is this what you heard someone else think about or is it an original thought? If we all had original thought all the time we would not be sheep. Yes, yes I know it's not you who are the sheep it those around you. But really most of the time what you are thinking about it what you are programmed to think about. The things that you need to think about in order to do your job and to get to and from work and what to eat and what to do etc. Yes there are several levels of thinking but it's our deliberate thinking that is the most important for us. Reactionary thinking is great when trying to avoid the roo that hops in front of our car, but not for day to day living. But when we do think about it it seem to be what most people do. Action reaction.

Think about all that is happening in the world and all the you need to know about from day to day. How is it that most people end up thinking about what most other people think about?. Sure some things need to be thought about in a group think in order for us just to survive that second or day or the next day.,week etc. As in the case of a bush fire or flooding,earth quake or war or any other natural or man made disaster.

Did you think about what is going on in the Arab world or Queensland or Christchurch from the news last night? Is this what you wanted to think about and pass along or was is it programmed into you though the news? And why those stories out of the millions that are happening in the world each day? And is thinking about what is happening there the most important thing to think about at this time? You only have so much time to think about thing and then act upon these thoughts in order to benefit you and yours. So are you thinking about what you want to think about?

We are all taught from an early age to think about what powerful people want us to. Starting with out parents than siblings and onto our mates and later teachers and school mates next to our employer and work mates to our husbands and wifes. But filling in the down time between these interaction is the t.v. radio and news papers and now the internet. We are never with out a thought and opinion about something. Even when you are sleeping. But deliberate thinking happen in just a short period of time each day. You think you're thinking what you want to think all the time but your not so make the most out of the time you do have to think.

You might think that you are different and can know when you are being tricked to thinking a curtain way or to even act in a way that is contrary to your own beliefs and opinions but in order to do this you have to on guard against every little thought of others at all time. Be it a commercial or news clip, passing comment or a full conversation And you have to tear apart and annualized every thing for it's text and sub text. And no one is going to do this all the time and no one can. We are not even programmed to do this. We are programmed to get along with the group think. It might have worked well when we were wondering around in Africa in order to survive. But today it's far more dangerous to not think for yourself.
The power to destroy others or even the world in the hands of a few sociopaths is a very good reason to think and act for yourself. But there is nothing wrong with each person coming to the same conclusion after thinking for themselves. But is the conclusion the correct one at that time or not. But right and wrong I'll leave for another time.

Along with what we hear and experience through out our lives we have to find out where we want to fit in. Do we want to be with the crowed risking your life in the square trying for our freedom or are we the one in the window tossing out water to those those in the greatest danger? Or are you on there other side? You have to pick a side or one will be assigned to you. You might remember hearing this "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." If you didn't think that you were on either side you are wrong. And if you don't pick a side those on both side will treat you as if you are on the other side. And this can be bad for your health. So even when you are just sitting back and doing nothing there is always someone who will think that that is wrong in itself. And there is often more than two sides.

And from the time we are born we are taught about god by our parents. Or we are taught that there is no god or even if not directly taught we pick up our understanding of god or lack there of. A lot of what we think is not even talked about but felt or implied or hinted. But if we are talking about god where did you get your information from? And why do you think what you do? The same with this new religion “GLOBAL WARMING!!!”

To sum up Think for yourself as there are many people who are more than willing to think for you. And in doing so control you and control those around you and so on and so forth.

Our thinking that leads to actions or in actions better be what we want to think about or you are just a sheep. Baaaaa.


Don't think about this bit of information unless you think that it's something that needs to be thought about and if needed acted upon.

Good luck

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(Date Posted:01/03/2011 2:47 PM)

sorry... a bit large. Good for Bubbles and his cats.
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Here is an example of thinking for the masses
(Date Posted:02/03/2011 1:17 PM)

We should all know that the bible is just a story book that allows smart, powerful, cunning people to control the sheep.
And how one interprets the bible allows these people to differentiate them from other groups of powerful people. Wouldn't want to get them all mixed up and all.

So when the imperfect word of god is changed does this make god more human like than god like. Not to mention that he's just not that good at saving peoples lives when called upon. What a jerk!

Good luck
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