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Title: Exegesis, the use of logic and Longfieldianism
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(Date Posted:03/10/2015 9:41 PM)
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Hello, all.

Anyone who has had the "pleasure" of reading my material, speaking with or debating me, will appreciate that for many years I've banged on long and hard about the importance of exegesis and logic when approaching Scripture in the hope of hearing what God has said to us therein. Obviously I've been a trenchant critic of the wilfully ignorant interpretative approach universally taken by Revivalist / Longfieldian leaders and laity; the approach taken by men and women who seem more interested in reading into Scripture their own fancies and fictions than they are the reading out of the facts presented for our spiritual growth and edification.

I found the following YouTube conversation between R.C. Sproul and Don Carson sums up the issues admirably.




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RE:Exegesis, the use of logic and Longfieldianism
(Date Posted:03/11/2015 5:29 AM)

More from D A Carson.

Here he talks about that which I have experienced personally of people in the last two years of my walk.
One just about has to have a weekly two hour session for a year, for people to realize, at least the 'foundation' message, what the gospel  is.

More and more don't seem to be interested anymore.



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