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Forum for ex-members of Revival Churches
Title: national anthem
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(Date Posted:21/07/2011 6:35 PM)
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I read somewhere on this forum that they sing the national anthem at a weddingwhat is that for?
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Re:national anthem
(Date Posted:21/07/2011 11:24 PM)

 Because they all believe the British Israel theory put about by an English madman years ago and the Queen as the direct descendant of the Davidic Line (according to them) is the person that they pay homage to------hence, "God Save The Queen."

Google it or look in different threads on this Forum for British Israel theory.

Just remember that British Israelism equals BS to those who have looked into the theory and found it lacking in every way.

Still there are a lot of crazies out there who are happy to believe it and all the tripe that Revivalists are happy to say is Gospel. 
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From: United Kingdom

Re:national anthem
(Date Posted:22/07/2011 8:23 AM)

 Actually the British Monarchy is (was in 'reformation history' and predeeding it) not entirely un-involved in bringing this politically orientated teaching into the churches. There were attempts in America to get this teaching to bring people 'spiritually' back under rulership of the British Crown. There are official documents were concerned US congress members raised the issue for debate - feeling it imposed a treason danger of a globalist agenda under the UK. Please google around if you are interested.

I for my part am more interested in the Gospel and the eternal Kingdom of God. I could get upset about a number of things going on in global politics these days - but a) as a christian I am not neessarily called to speak evil or go against the present powers and b) why wasting energy? The Lord will deal with it all in due season and I am afraid we are pretty powerless - fleshly speaking.

Greetings, Torben

(Message edited by ThePilgrim On 22/07/2011 8:25 AM)
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Re:national anthem
(Date Posted:25/07/2011 4:58 PM)

 But why do they sing it at a wedding? Is this not the couples special day?

Do they also insist that the marriage be performed twice - in the church and also in a Registration Office? And if people join the church who were not married in the church then are they then not really married ( according to their doctrine that is?)

Do they allow people to remarry also? I mean, if someone got divorced then join the church - are they allowed to remarry in the church?
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From: United Kingdom

Re:national anthem
(Date Posted:25/07/2011 6:31 PM)

We had to sing God save the queen at our wedding ... in germany :) Absolute crazy thought in hindsight... our poor family. We thought it was the most normal thing in the world.

In CAI there was generally great linency towards things that happened prior to conversion. Yes - it had to be registration office as well as church wedding. Is that wrong? I find little 'official' teaching about wedding ceremonies in the bible in the first place. If you know something I would actually be quiet interested - I thought about the subject a few times ...

People who got married outside the church were not required to marry again.

Re-marrying was generally only condoned once the divorced partner had died or committed adultery (entered into another relationship) - but I believe they were just about to change that teaching when we 'left'.

Greetings, Pilgrim

(Message edited by ThePilgrim On 25/07/2011 6:32 PM)
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