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Forum for ex-members of Revival Churches
Title: intense stupid Dream ! ... weird - does this happen to you
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Posts: 9
Registered: 12/02/2008

(Date Posted:07/01/2016 2:14 AM)
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so it's  5-in-the-morning,  I am totally awake, and just  came out of a  very vivid  dream about being in the Assembly, rather at a meeting.

some points

I didn't recognise the property at which the meeting was on - not too dissimilar or the EHQ in Dollar Scotland, but somewhere warmer.  Weirdly I had been summoned to an area-meeting. Some new trendy 'chorus'  being sung    I (as a recognised back slider/ex-member) weirdly was to give a speech '(talk) !! In an outhouse (partly constructed .... could have easily been a sauna) I was being chastised-directed by leaders .... about the message... 

Then there was a what looked like a tri-athlon  passing by( running stage) on the road outside when members were arriving

There was a  deafening beat of drums and banjos!! ?

Some people I  recognised -  al be it  older / grey-er  and more -earnest/intense in their CAI-conviction.  Some I didn't.

My dream  ended just after the start of a meeting -  1/2 way through a 'song/chorus'  a quite beautiful and sincere women (say early-mid 20's)  jumps up and starts dancing and banging a drum/tambourine !  I was quite astonished  - and woke up at this point.  Hind sight it sounds a little too 'Charismatic' to be the CAI ... that possibly why I woke up !


more to to the point :-)   ......  did you have the to same dream ! :-) ...  if so can you  tell me what happened  next ! !! ...  was  genuinely curious.  can you tell me where it was - it felt like Europe ! :-)  


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Re:intense stupid Dream ! ... weird - does this happen to you
(Date Posted:09/01/2016 8:14 AM)

note to self:   mmm  -  stupid post !   :-)    
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